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I want to publish my kids book online-eventually hardcover.  I'm just shorthanded a little.  But I know this book will be worth it!
I want to publish my kids book online-eventually hardcover. I'm just shorthanded a little. But I know this book will be worth it!
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This is basically a reiteration of the video but as I writer I understand reading something over watching it.  Anyway, if you don't know me already my name is Peter Helm, I'm 23 years old.  I am a philanthropist, artist and writer and I want to write kids books for a living. 

Ever since I was young my big dream was to write meaningful picture books that would be able to positively impact children and adults alike.  With that dream in mind and the encouragement of friends, family and teachers alike I've created two kids books I am really proud of and want to share with the world!

And after many revisions, getting my BFA, and paying off school I finally feel like the books are complete and I am ready to publish them!  Unfortunately, publishers right now don't feel the same.  The reason comes down to is there aren't any willing to take chances with new picture book writers right now.

There hasn't been that many successful picture books recently so justifiably publishers aren't looking for anyone.  They're not looking period.  "It's not you- it's me" attitude.  But I've never been one to give up just because someone tells me so (in this case at least 15 times).  I have good stories that I want to share with the world and I'm not going to give up!  I know they'll do well and I am determined to make it happen.  And with your help I hope I can afford to.  So without further ramblings I should introduce the very thing I'm working at:  The books.

The first is the Lonely Lonely Chameleon.  The story -without spoiling too much- is about a chameleon who lives in a forest with all sorts of animals that don't look anything like it and so they all avoid it leaving the Lonely Lonely Chameleon sad and-well lonely  But The Lonely Lonely Chameleon is not without any friends, it has one- The Dear Dear Turtle who loves it despite its odd odd shapes.  Unfortunately the Dear Dear Turtle is so popular among all the other animals that it often doesn't have enough time to play with the Lonely Lonely Chameleon. 

With that the Lonely Lonely Chameleon goes off on a quest to find a place that it can home and venture on a perilous journey to discover what true friendship is about, understanding who you are and caring for others for who they are.  The book has a lot of double word play (ie Lonely Lonely Chameleon, Dear Dear Turtle etc), and few tongue twisters and silly phrases here and there that I think both adults and children alike can enjoy.  The drawings are a contrast of straight lines right next to natural lines going with theme of the book and the coloring was done with the same themes in mind and I don't want to get too into it so as to take away from the storyline but my point is is that all of the book is done intentionally to create a story that I think many would enjoy.

The second book is Sometimes Life Can Be Scary which shifts gears toward a little more serious of a subject that I feel isn't touched on very often with picture books and that is: Being sad and scared.  And that is what this book confronts: dealing with those scared and sad feelings and knowing what to do with them.  Because I think that children should know that life can be scary at times.  I also think sadly a lot of children know that far more than they should and they need a book that understands the pain that comes along with that and more importantly tells you are special, you are wonderful and life is worth fighting for because life can also be great! 

This book is completely different from The Lonely Lonely Chameleon in both art style and message and I think that's appropriate considering that the subject matter is completely different.  Sometimes Life Can Be Scary has a rhyme scheme throughout the entire books.    I wrote this book at the time for someone very dear to me to help them with their struggles and I want share this book with the world now for everyone that is going through rough times, has gone through rough times or will go through rough times and know there is light at the end of the tunnel!

And now that I have given you what the books are I want to tell you what I will do to make this vision a reality. 

1. I want to get these books cataloged with ISBN #'s.  That way they are official books that can be universally looked up

2. Once given numbers, I will publish them online electronically via ebooks, kindle, nook and whatever other means I can distributing it to as many places as I can justify. I would love to go physical format but I think starting here will be best (And with the profit of the books online I will pursue hard covers).

3. I will market the books with reviewers, ads, blogs and things of that matter to get them noticed and seen by many.  Ultimately people have to know about the books to buy them.

4. Reward those who helped me make my dream a reality.  I will email everyone who donated an electronic copy of the book via whichever option is most accessible to the donor and whatever else I promised to go with it based on the amount donated.

5. I will move forward and keep making kids books, maybe even make these animated books so people can watch them.  Maybe even sell them in physical book form so people can buy them at bookstores.  But it has to start here, and I know will eventually get to there with your help.  So with that I apologize for being long winded, and I thank you for your time and whatever you can allocate will be appreciated and used wisely for the pursuit of my dream and ultimately for good use.  Thank you.

PS - If you're interested in any of my other artwork I have an etsy website located here:

PSS- is the community from where I was permitted to use the music in the video.  If you liked it or have interest in videogame remixed music it is a wonderful site with a lot of cool music and people that I would suggest stopping at.  Also they too have a kickstarter project going on so if you're interested in that here is their link.

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