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I want to publish my kids book online-eventually hardcover.  I'm just shorthanded a little.  But I know this book will be worth it!
I want to publish my kids book online-eventually hardcover. I'm just shorthanded a little. But I know this book will be worth it!
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Thank and Good Night!

To everyone. This is the final chapter of my kickstarter. It was an awesome ride and I will never forget it (and in case I do I saved and documented the entire thing on my hard drive. So it's fail safed.). But this is my final update. It's the end of this chapter and the beginning of a new one!

First let me start off by saying I have now sent out everyone rewards. I've even sent out some of them twice for those I mixed up, who I want to publicly apologize for the switcharoo. So with that being said you should have either long since received your rewards or be getting them extremely soon (if you don't please email me).

Secondly, I'm resending out a copy of both books! I have since the first version revised some small things to make it a more professional eBook (even more so than even the most professional ones too!) I also included the coloring book pictures from The Lonely Lonely Chameleon as an added bonus. You should be receiving those by the end of the night from my now new email address

Which bring me to my third big bit of news. I have finally done it. I finally built from the ground up ! What was once originally the goal to simply publish two picture books has now grown into a full blown website where I have put up both eBooks for sale, artwork for sale and much much more! Two of those things are reviews written by the one and only Lonely Lonely Chameleon on videogames and movies that come out! The other is small silly comics that kids can read and enjoy (adults alike)! .I have had an idea in the back of my head for a "Lonely Lonely Chameleon Answers" section for people (kids mostly) to ask Lonely Lonely Chameleon anything they want. I thought it be a fun idea but it hasn't fully formed. That's something for the future and not the present! The point is the website is up! To break that information down:

The Lonely Lonely Chameleon + Sometimes Life Can Be Scary are officially for sale! Mission accomplished!!!

So at this point I guess you can say we've done it. I couldn't ask anymore from you guys, from here on out I'll do everything in my power to make this once dream into a full blown business. However if you want to go the extra mile there are a few things that would really help me out:

1. Like the facebook fan page and tell everyone you (who would be interested or would like to help) you know about the page. The more people know about us the better. A link can be found here to the fan page:

2. Check out the website! Tell me what you like, what you don't, what's working what isn't, that sort of thing would go a long way! I want to make the website as awesome as possible. If you can think of products you'd like to see on the website for sale, I'd be all about that too! Or reviews for movies and games, that be awesome too! Anything and everything is all great.

3. Promote the website! Link to the website via facebook or twitter or whatever you use. Getting the word out would mean everything to me. I think I have a good product, it's just a matter of telling people about it!

4. Whatever else you can think of. A simple email just saying what you think or leaving a positive comment will go a long for me. When I hear someone likes my stuff, it really makes my day worthwhile.

But other than that, I guess this is it. This is the final announcement. For some of you this might be sad to not hear my long winded emails. For some of you this is the greatest relief to your inbox. But know that however it was to you, it was great for me and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Thanks everyone, I'll make you proud because you made me proud.


Peter Hans Helm

Did I say Monday?

I meant Thursday.  Today is the day I send out the first wave of kids books to everyone!  Expect to see your rewards in the mail next week as I'm sending them out on Saturday!  That being said I'm happy to say I'm ahead of schedule by half a month and that bitter sweetly means I'm going to soon stop sending updates.  Good for you, bad for me.  In a strange way, I enjoy posting updates with everything going on but all things come to an end.  But not this!  This story has just opened up and this is just the prologue.  I'm sure that these books will grow over the year and who knows.  Maybe it'll be hard copy by then!  Maybe there will be more books!  Maybe this is just the beginning!  

And you made it happen!  So thanks all, if you dont get your book please tell me so I can fix that mistake.  If you want it in a format other than .Epub I'd be happy to oblidge.  Also if no one gets there rewards by the end of the month please inform me as well.  If anyone has anything else to add I'm sure I'll be making at least one more update and thatll be it....It's been fun everyone!  I'm going to make you all proud! : )

Going forward

Hey everyone!  Everything is done!  I'm going to start emailing everyone their copy of The Lonely Lonely Chameleon and Sometimes Life Can Be Scary tomorrow morning!  To be honest- It's been done for a week.  The only reason I haven't sent it out?  I wanted to make sure I gave everyone a chance to choose how they wanted their name to appear in the 'thank you' page in the book.  That may seem insignificant to some but I think it's the most important page in the whole book.  To me that's the page that shows who showed their trust in me at the most vulnerable stage.  And now that things are looking great, things are looking up and things might get bigger and bigger I want everyone to know who was there for me in the beginning. : )

Anywayyyyy some of you didn't send in your addresses or your names.  So for now those who didn't send it in, I'll write your names as they appear on kickstarter but I still need a lot of your guys addresses to send out your thank you gifts!  (which I have finished too!  I'm sending those out next Saturday!)

This is a big week!  I've got a few people already on board to review both books and I've got all the kinks out.  This week it begins!  That being said please send in your addresses!  I want to send my appreciation gifts your way!

And you thought I ran <tsk> <tsk>

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