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An uplifting story of how four lifelong friends from the same neighborhood reacted at ground zero. A unique 9/11 story of community.

Real American History

This is an important American History story of four of my friends, who I've known since grammar school and each of their experiences at ground zero on 9/11.  I have funded the entire project myself and need just a little more help to finish the post production and marketing of this unique, uplifting story.  The world needs to see how just regular guys from a Bronx neighborhood reacted on a day that changed New York forever. 

Almost There

We need to "Online" and "Colorize"  the video and "Sweeten" the audio to make it the best quality possible for viewing.  Then we need to send it out to film festivals and distributors to get it to the widest audience

Incredible Stories

The filmmaker paints an intimate portrait of his four lifelong friends as they tell of their near death experiences, at the World Trade Center, on September 11, 2001. The sense of community, and individual responsibility, from growing up in a tight knit, Irish Catholic, Bronx neighborhood, influences the decisions each of them made on that historic day. The viewer is drawn into the early life of these men as we see how their fundamental character development is influenced by an association with the local church, their hard working immigrant parents and the neighborhood at large.

The filmmaker’s longtime personal relationship with each of the storytellers facilitates a unique vulnerability in the interviews. Reflections on growing up in Kingsbridge are highlighted with 8mm film footage of the neighborhood, shot by the filmmaker’s father, who recorded important moments in the life of the neighborhood.

The film is also enhanced by the appearance of the storytellers in early neighborhood movies by the filmmaker. Once the background and relationships are explained, we hear how each friend got into the profession that brought them to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

We are then taken through the beginning of a beautiful, crystal clear morning. Brendan Carroll was a staff engineer for building seven and arrived early for work on the IRT 1 subway. Mike Hussey, a local 3 electrician, carpooled in from New Jersey and took the A train down from 59th street to his jobsite at 40 Rector, just south of the World Trade Center. Eddie O’Mahoney was an FDNY veteran assigned to Ladder 22 on 100th Street. He was on a 24 shift from 6pm, September 10th to 6pm, September 11th. Danny McNally, an NYPD Bomb Squad detective, was just starting one of his days off, from the comfort of his apartment, on 16th street, when he heard an explosion downtown.

Brendan was on duty in building seven, when the first plane hit. He stayed in the building until all civilians where evacuated and then tells of being across the plaza when the second plane hit with a description of the sound and the feel of massive steel girders falling 75 stories to the ground. Mike was installing new wiring in an investment company’s office. He was looking at the first plane’s impact point from the top floor of a building, just two blocks away from the south tower, when he turned to see the approach and impact of the second plane. He helped evacuate everyone in his office and then ran up to the World Trade Center, to see if he could help, just as the first tower began to fall in front of him. Eddie was prepared to walk up 75 flights to save at least one civilian from a horrible death. He was blown off his feet and across the lobby of tower 1, when tower 2 came down. From the impact and subsequent darkness, he believed he had died. Danny, despite the eminent danger, was sweeping through building 6 when the second tower fell on it. He survived the initial impact but almost suffocated from the toxic dust cloud. His partner was just ten feet behind him but his body wasn’t found for months. 

 Each of these stories are intertwined and presented over the course of that fateful day. All the stories, and friends, merge to the point that they are all on the same block at the World Trade Center when the South tower collapses. Mike ends up working at the Ground Zero site for six months providing electricity to the pit. Danny, as an Air Force reservist, is activated for full time duty. Eddie continues at Ladder 22 and Brendan is reassigned to other building in Manhattan. Then share how their lives have been changed by their experiences. 


Now ten years after 9/11, the filmmaker follows up with his friends. They tell of the lasting injuries, the affect on their relationships and where they are now. Brendan is back at the new World Trade Center complex. Mike is a foreman for local 3 electricians, Eddie is retired and living in Salt Lake City, and Danny is also retired and has moved back into the neighborhood.

The film ends, in the present, with the filmmaker and all four friends around a picnic table having a good time together. In a voice over, the filmmaker reflects on his Irish Catholic guilt for not being in NY when it needed him most and trying to work out how he could have helped. He then tells of his revelation that he not only could do something, but must do something he had learned from his father. He could record the important moments of his friend’s lives, to take note and show the world, the character and humanity of these four Boys of Kingsbridge when New York needed them the most.

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I am a veteran producer with professional post production individuals ready to finish the project. Once the funding comes in, I can book time with them. Also, I have joined "Withoutabox" and they have a support team that helps filmmakers get their films to film festivals. With my experience and the professional team of people on board, I have a clear path to completion of my goal.


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