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Bringing back the non-scary ice cream truck!'s video poster

The nostalgia of the classic ice cream truck + local, organic, happy treats for kids and dogs of all ages + supporting many charities! Read more

Portland, OR Food
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This project was successfully funded on May 2, 2011.

The nostalgia of the classic ice cream truck + local, organic, happy treats for kids and dogs of all ages + supporting many charities!

Portland, OR Food
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About this project

Be sure to check out the 'Updates' tab above the video to see how the project is coming along!

The last time you saw an ice cream truck did it look something like this?

What happened to the days when the ice cream man had this image?

When was the last time you chased an ice cream truck? What did you buy? Who was the person selling it to you? What scary ingredients were in that yellow, cartoon shaped "ice cream" treat? Would you really call that ice cream?

Our project is simple:

  • Bring back the non-scary ice cream truck.
  • Serve quality products that we would give our own family.
  • Give back to our community.

The Truck:

Goodbye minivan with an ice chest thrown in the back! We will be rolling on a 1964 Chevy Stepvan, cleaned up to health department standards with a sink to wash our hands and everything. When do you think was the last time your local ice cream man washed his hands while working? The outside will be designed to reflect a simpler, happier time. Orange and white will adorn our truck, similar to a delicious orangesicle.

Sustainable. Our goal is to have the truck certified “Carbon Free®” by This program helps anyone offset their carbon footprint through support for renewable energy and conservation projects.

The Menu:

Our truck will be different. Part of the “non-scary” theme of our truck is also the ingredients. Every product that we sell on the truck will have an ingredient list available. There will be no mystery as to what we are selling or what you will be eating! We will be selling organic soft serve ice cream. Which means we will also be serving shakes, malts, sundaes, dipped cones and of course, banana splits.

Now as great as the above product is, we recognize that there are many people that either can’t have dairy or that choose to eat a vegan diet. So if everything goes according to plan, our second product will be a vegan soft serve ice cream. This delicious ice cream is cholesterol free, fat free, gluten free, 100% vegan, Kosher, peanut and tree-nut free, made with fair trade ingredients and made with non-GMO soy!

We are privileged to live in Portland, OR where there is a plentiful supply of companies making amazing ice cream novelty products such as bars and sandwiches. We will be selling many items ranging from traditional milk ice cream to vegan, soy free and organic.

One thing we are also dedicated to is providing a simple organic soft serve ice cream cone for $1.00. After researching this project for almost 10 years, I have rarely found someone selling soft serve for $1.00. But a kid should not have to throw down more than $1.00 to enjoy a simple ice cream cone. Don't you agree?

We can't forget our canine friends! We will also be serving dog friendly ice cream treats!

Our Community:

To add to the awesomeness of this project, the plan is to give back to our community in as many ways as we can. We are nothing without the community around us. We have many causes that are close to our heart. We decided to start with two: The environment and the fury four-legged friends we call family.

  • For every banana split sold, we will donate a % of the profits to Friends of Trees and a tree will be planted by American Forests. Friends of Trees' mission is to bring people in the Portland-Vancouver metro area together to plant and care for city trees and green spaces. Since 1989, they have planted more than 395,000 trees and native plants. American Forests work with individuals, communities and policy makers to protect and restore forests around the world, and raise awareness of how important these ecosystems are to all forms of life on the planet.
  • For every brownie sundae sold, we will donate 50% of the profit to the Oregon Humane Society. Established in 1868, OHS is the largest and oldest humane society in the Pacific Northwest. They are not affiliated with any other humane society and rely entirely on private donations for everything they do.
  • For each one of our dog friendly items sold, we will donate 50% of the profit to Project Pooch. This local organization pairs incarcerated youths with homeless shelter dogs. Youths learn to train the dogs, groom them, and find them new adoptive "forever homes." The dogs leave the program ready to be great pets, while their trainers re-enter the community with new job and personal skills, as well as increased compassion and respect for all life.
  • Do you have a charity close to your heart? Donate $1200 or more and not only do you get to name an item on the truck but you also get to choose a charity to receive a portion of the profits from that item for the next year!

The Funding:

The $15,000 we raise will help us pay for further restoration including some electrical modifications, the soft serve machine, chest freezer, a quiet propane generator, licensing, supplies and a larger serving window. We will also be doing a little paint job ourselves. :)

Please remember that funding on Kickstarter is always all or nothing. If our project doesn't reach its funding goal of $15,000, we won't receive any funds. BUT there's no limit to how much we can raise – projects continue to accept pledges for their entire funding duration. No backers will be charged until Saturday Apr 30, 11:59pm PDT. Oh yes, we will be up late that Saturday! :)

We will be getting married on April 23rd, 2010. Our funding duration will end on April 30th. We are hoping our project is funded by then so we can receive the best wedding present ever...Our Little Sweetcart!

The End:

Thank you for reading our proposal and thank you for your support!

Ice Cream Truck Music by Michael Hearst.


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    A coupon for one organic soft serve ice cream cone and an enthusiastic high five!

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    The above coupon PLUS two "any item free" coupons. Each coupon is good for one free item of your choice. Two banana splits anyone? Also a handwritten thank you card.

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    The above, but with a total of four "any item free" coupons. Sounds like a fun family trip to the ice cream man! Plus you will receive an awesome limited edition "Our Little Sweetcart" t-shirt. PLUS, you will get access to the blooper reel for our video! Who's ready to laugh?

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    The above, but with a total of ten "any item free" coupons.

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    The above, but you will also receive two tickets to a Portland Timbers MLS soccer game! The tickets are only available at this reward level. Not above. :)

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    The above, but with ONE YEAR of "any item free" coupons (52). This will be the best year of your life!

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    The above, plus we will come to an event of your choice (in the Portland, OR area only) and serve your guests for free (up to 20 guests).

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    The above, plus you get to name an item on the truck. It could even contain your name. Example could be "Joe's Chocolate Blast!" (name subject to owner approval).

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    The above, plus we will donate a portion of the profits of the item you name to the charity of your choice for a year. So it could be, "Pinnacle's Project Pooch Parfait". (name and charity subject to owner approval).

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    The above, plus free ice cream...FOR LIFE! You only, no sharing, except with your dog. :)

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