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A unified website for old school D&D, with searchable links to the old school community's locations, plus content from Matt and others.
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A Challenge for those Interested: Matt running/recording an online game


First off, I'd like to thank all the new backers who have brought us forward during the time since the last update. Mostly we have focused on the website aspect of Old School Gamer Radio as an index to all the people producing OSR content. 

I'd like to take a moment to focus on a piece of original content I'd like to produce as part of the Uncle Matt's D&D studio, which is the youtube channel where I'm creating original content for the website as we move forward.

I have always been a bit nervous about using a virtual tabletop to record a game session, because I'm pretty sure that monitoring a computer would interfere with my ability to run the actual D&D side of the game. However, I've had an idea about how to do it in a way that would actually be pretty cool.

To do it, though, I would definitely need a small, separate webcam. Since the Kickstarter looks like it may fall short of the "ideal" website functionality, such a webcam (and a couple of other features I won't go into while this is still in a concept phase), there's a minor funding issue on this unless the second webcam is really, really inexpensive. They might be; I don't know exactly what I'd need.

However, I'll issue a bit of a challenge here, if anyone wants to run with it.

Two things, and these are more psychological than substantive, but if we can reach these objectives it would make me a very happy camper: 

I'd like to bring my youtube channel's subscriptions up to 200 in the next couple of days (about 75 new people), and bring the pledge total on the Kickstarter up to $3500 so we can be assured that we've got the functionality on the website that I'd consider optimal for the website's starting point.

So, if we can reach both those objectives in the next, say, 5 days (by 9/27), I'll focus a lot harder on running and recording an online game -- which would be a much lower-level objective otherwise due to money and a larger amount of work involved in inputting contents into the site's list of OSR sites (that's one of the differences between the "basic" and the "more advanced" versions of the website).

In terms of how to achieve that, if you're already a backer, it's just a matter of letting people know about the channel, at

And in terms of the Kickstarter, from the practical standpoint, it's probably a matter of getting some people to sponsor a video. That makes long-term sense for a publisher, at the very least, since the video will effectively be permanent once it's on youtube. It will have a very, very, long hang-time on that sponsorship. The $5 pledges are great, but it takes a lot of them to raise money at the level of funding a website.

I know this sounds odd as a pseudo stretch-goal, and it's not a normal approach, but I'm mentally conflating, "Eureka! I just thought of a new way to run an online game that would work for me" with, "Gosh, I wish this project were moving forward a bit more solidly."

Here's a video with a bit more detail:

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    1. Larry Hamilton on

      You can get a Logitech 920 webcam for under $100. It is one of the most common used by many on You Tube.

    2. Eric Mills on

      Post Kickstarter campaign, a Patreon page might serve your needs as far as funding website content and improvements.