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Focusing on high schools of varying demographics, we will ask teenagers simple questions about rape. What do our youth really think?

What is Rape and Consent: A Simple Study?

In 2005, I, along with a partner shot a small project in which we asked 20 high school students simple questions about rape. We then explained the circumstances surrounding two local instances of rape that were heavily debated amongst the community. With their prior answers in mind we asked them the questions again, simply stated, yet in regards to the two situations discussed.

We hypothesized that the students would easily understand the definitions of both rape and consent. What we did not expect however, were the responses we would receive regarding consent when linked to actual cases. It was in these instances that the students often misunderstood consent, and shifted most blame to the victim, suggesting that a lack of defying words, or violence meant sexual activity was desired.

Why are we making this?

With all the recent instances of rape among adolescents making the nightly news, and the controversial political opinions on the matter causing a national debate. I thought I should explore this topic again. This time with a more focused goal of analyzing the opinions of varying demographics of at least four high school in the Los Angeles area.

In the year 2013, we shouldn't have cases like that of Rehtaeh Parsons or Audrie Pott. This project will explore the honest, unedited opinion of teens themselves, with a goal of noting where we as parents, teachers and counselors have failed in educating our youth in the topic of sex, relationships and respect.

That is the project at its most basic. If we can reach $6,000 dollars, the project would be expanded to encompass the United States, with a focus on two schools in each region. If $20,000 dollars can be met, the project will be adjusted to include schools from across the globe.

Where's the money going?

Not to the purchase or rental of film making equipment as I have all the gear necessary to shoot and edit this project. Mainly, your contributions will go towards travel, licensing and filming permits. We also have to pay for festival submission fees. The remaining will be used to enhance the film in anyway possible.

How can you help?

While meeting our base funding goal of $3,000 is important, we would love the opportunity to ask these questions across the country and if possible, the world. So, the best way you can help us?

Spread the word!

Tell your parents, friends, classmates! Post on your blog, Tweet about this, link to this on your Facebook! We need all the help we can get in helping us complete Rape and Consent.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The actual risks of completing this project are minimal. If the secondary goals are met, then the time to completion would be pushed back due to travel, scheduling and translating. Yet I am very much certain that this is a project that will face very little if no delays.


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