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A 5th Edition supplement for building Strongholds and attracting Followers! And we're raising money to livestream my next campaign!
A 5th Edition supplement for building Strongholds and attracting Followers! And we're raising money to livestream my next campaign!
28,918 backers pledged $2,121,465 to help bring this project to life.

Update 04, We Raised A Million Bucks!! Holy carp. Also, I had an idea

Posted by Matt Colville (Creator)

Hey everybody, Matt Colville here!  

We hit a million dollars today which is…I’m beyond all capacity for rational thought at this point. The faith you folks have shown in me, the support of the channel and this product is LITERALLY unprecedented.  

And it frankly freaks me out a little, lotta pressure, but rather than worry I figured lets have some fun? Folks have been asking for Stretch Goals for a while, they want to see new cool stuff but thusfar no one has come up with a stretch goal or add on I actually think is a good idea and haven’t we already promised a lot?? Also, technically thusfar isn’t a word but it should be.  

I wondered…hey what ah…what is the record for most-funded Kickstarter in the Tabletop RPG category?? Something I hadn’t really considered before and it turns out its $1,316,813 dollery-doos.  

So I thought…if we raise $1,316,814 dollars I will add a new type of stronghold to the book! I figured why not have, just completely at random…a PIRATE SHIP!  

That’s the next and maybe last stretch goal folks! Raise $1,316,814 and I’ll write up some rules for a Pirate Ship Stronghold! Basically a kind of mobile keep with some elements of an Establishment!  

That number seems insane to me but ALL NUMBERS SEEM INSANE TO ME NOW. So what do I know?  

We’ll update the graphic soon folks! Stay tuned!  




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    1. Missing avatar

      Kelsey Bentley on

      Woooo pirate ships!
      I feel like not saying "Now, bring me that horizon" was somewhat of a missed opportunity.

    2. Rico - Editor extraordinaire

      Only $14,075 to go.

    3. Erich L. on

      Does it have to be a pirate ship? Could it be used to create any kind of ship? Or will those fall in the options list for Keeps built on coasts?

    4. Brent on

      I like this idea a lot, so I just backed :)

    5. Chris on

      Just a notation, since you're talking about the pressure of this million dollars.

      Speaking as someone who back a million dollar project and then saw a... "mixed community response" to the production time, here is my way of looking at it. I didn't back a product worth 1 million dollars. I spent 30 plus tax on a book. If your book is worth those $30 dollars, then I am happy.

      Don't let anyone convince you that you are now responsible for making a product worth a million dollars. A hundred, sure, I'm greedy and want an amazing book, but you are a man (from what I've seen) who takes great pride in doing things well, so you were already planning on doing the absolute best you can with this. No one reasonable will ask for anything more.

    6. Andrew James on

      @Tim Hunt - I love the idea of moving strongholds. A flying ship base would be amazing! Reminds me of Howls Moving Castle, Mortal Engines, Stardust, and many more.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt Dillingham on

      A pirate ship stronghold!! Curse you Colville! I was on the fence as to wether or not to back the following project but now it seems I'm going to have to.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Owens on

      I have to admit that I have watched the first few seconds of this update video way too many times and giggle every time the "Eeep!" comes around.

    9. Leon on

      Great stuff! Absolutely crazy response from the community, clearly you struck a gold mine with your ideas ;)
      Can't wait for update 05 (but remember even God took sunday off)

    10. Andy Fundinger

      Congratulations Matt! For my part I suggest you take this as a vote of confidence in your work past, present, and future. Perhaps instead of stretch goals that are stretches talk about what you will spend the extra money on in terms of streaming.

      Some things I expect you might be planning:
      * time off your day job to work on streaming--had you considered this already?
      * improved equipment and software?
      * a second printing for those not backing?
      * a streaming intro?
      * store products?

      These aren't stretch goals, but you never promised us those and some of the best Kickstarter creators have done the same as you are and for the same reasons.

    11. Mike Olson on

      My God, you're gonna break that record.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Hunt on

      This may get lost in all these comments, but what about expanding pirate ship idea to making rules for movable strongholds? That could cover not only pirate ships, but also floating islands, flying castles, teleporting towers, dirigibles, nomadic tent cities, all sorts of things. Not knowing what's actually in the book yet, I don't know if this makes sense or is useful. Just a thought.

    13. Richard Lee Hurst on

      "Hitherto" and "heretofore" are fun options instead of "thusfar [sic]."

    14. Missing avatar

      Jan Veenendaal on

      Since the first version of my homebrew world map I have an undeveloped area marked only with 'Here be Pirates'....I guess I know where the campaign will go!

      (upped my pledge !)

    15. Albert Nakano on

      Sweet! YAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

    16. Rae Redford on

      Woot woot! Congrats sir! You deserve all the things!

    17. Missing avatar

      Anthony Bartram on

      Yaaaa well done Matt. We really respect you for all the stuff you have already done for us with your YouTube channel. I love the stretch goal.

    18. Missing avatar

      John DiFrancesco on

      A pirate ship is a great addition - how about including an airship variant? Kill two dragons with one arrow!

    19. Vincent DiCello

      +1 to DoomedPaladin’s suggestion to have outside fantasy artists do some of the artwork.

      Mitch Foust does awesome fantasy themed people, with great detail on the face, clothes and backgrounds. And they look like real people, not like cartoons. He would be perfect for creating your artwork of a Castle Lord, Pirate princess, or Sorceress!

      Mr. Foust has had a number of Kickstarters, so he will be easy to contact.

    20. Guy Rainey on

      Awesome idea Matt. I'm excited to run my first D&D campaign with the ideas from this book.

      Hey, here's something you'd like:…

    21. AxeNshield - Elevating your Game! on

      Simply Brilliant Idea!!!!! Once again.

    22. Spencer Green on

      Oh man, that would be SICK!!

    23. ToThePoint

      This. Is. Awesome!!!

      Thank you Matt

    24. Missing avatar

      illenbjc on

      My current game the players have taken a pirate ship as their new base of operations, so I love the new stretch goal!

    25. Josh Chunick

      In Canadian funds (as it shows me) you've already reached $1,316,814 :-)

    26. Missing avatar

      A. L. Williamson

      Thank you :)

    27. David Henry on

      Mobile stronghold -- another fantastic idea from you, Evil Matt. Perhaps the deluxe (or highest level) version of this would be an airship...

    28. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      You mentioned artwork, with this much money (and time to generate more), you could always recruit some Big Names to do some art for you. Get Todd Lockwood to do your Gem Dragons for example. Then use them for posters, computer background files, cover art for expansion books, etc.

      Also, be sure to take unfulfilled pledges into account when calculating your total at the end of your campaign. I'm actually sure you'll blow this stretch goal out of the water, but that drop off of money is always an unpleasant experience at the end of a crowdfunding project.

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt Pool on

      For clarity - The top funded for "Tabletop" "RPG" on Kickstarter that is actually a full rule-set (not just mini's or add-on's) was funded at the dollar amount Matt said:…

    30. Missing avatar

      David de Souza on

      Congratulations guys! What an awesome job. Pirate ship would be awesome. Now let’s go beat that record.

    31. Missing avatar

      Gregory Helding on

      Just upped my pledge to help with the Pirate Ship stretch goal. ARRRRR

    32. Erik Everson on

      Considering the popularity of "High Seas" campaigns, I think a ship is a great idea.

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Sellers on

      Props for hitting this, and for the Ghostbusters reference. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Ben Throm on

      I like the idea of the a pirate ship, but after reading the comments I think a great approach to this would be to write a ruleset for "mobile strongholds" in general with the pirate ship as an example. It is a subtle distinction but I think it would better empower DMs to tailor their players' stronghold to what makes the best sense for the campaign setting, be that an airship or alchemical moving fortress. I would like to see the reasoning behind how you adjust the rules from a stationary stronghold to a mobile stronghold, and what elements to watch out for to keep things from getting broken as a result.

    35. Jason Riffle on

      This is the stretch goal I didn't even know I wanted until it was announced. Bloody Brilliant!

    36. Steven Carroll on

      A Pirate Ship Stronghold is a bloody awesome idea!

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Sherier on

      I love the idea of stretch goals being new completely separate types of strongholds. I bet you'll need to come up with more than just the pirate ship cause that stretch goal isn't too far away. Another stronghold that I think might be different enough would be a mine. Like a Dwarven Mine, or a drow(or other underdark creature) stronghold tunnel system in the underdark.

      Also Web DM just did a show yesterday on pirates. Any connection there?

    38. Christina Pepper on

      We're with you, Matt. Do the thing.

    39. Devin Brown

      I'm all about this. I'd love for my party to have a mobile fortress like a pirate ship. As a DM, I like the relative vulnerability of such a fortress. All kinds of exciting boons and banes come to mind.

    40. CMYKMatter on

      Loving the direction so far Matt. As another Matt named DM (there's a lot of us) I approve of your efforts to further the cause of all Matt named DMs. Seriously though I'm loving what's happening here. I would say don't get overly bogged down in stretch goals. People are going to happily hand over money because you have great ideas and produce wonderful content. We don't all want a carrot on a string to chase.

      That being said, the pirate ship for breaking the previous record sounds like a fun and faithful addon that won't be too crazy. I say go for it on that front.

    41. Missing avatar

      PsiD on


    42. Missing avatar

      Joshua Kerrigan on

      Great idea Matt. I can see all the wheels turning in these player's heads. The Dm could turn it into an Airship that the BBEG rides around the Continent on. Cool stuff

    43. Andrew MacLeod

      I made one for my group of seven right now as a GM. I based mine off of Odin's folding boat. I gave it a few upgrades and a fourth opening to be a galleon ship. Also giving it a storehold of holding as a galleon because cargo would be very difficult if it all just ejected when it folded up, OTOH, that might be really funny. Also I found some awesome rules for ship to ship fighting because that is complicated. I am using this conversion:

      Would you come up with rules for Naval combat or just the ship design?

    44. Churchill

      For those that are excited as i am for a
      Mobile pirate base and have a 3d printer here is an openlock compatible PIRATE SHIP perfect for building :

    45. Andrew Goode on

      Please please do not let the amount of money and/or people push you to make stretch goals that are beyond the scope of your original plan.

      That is where Kickstarter campaigns go to die. I have seen (and have backed) many campaigns crash and burn because they reached too far beyond the original scope of the project.

    46. David Rice on

      Excellent job organizing this campaign. This provides much needed `structure`for higher level PCs. Um, could a gnome-ish style airship be considered for the mix of mobile keeps? All the best moving forward!

    47. Mark Markham on

      Wow! Up over a million that quick. I have every confidence a pirate ship will be on the way. You know I'll bet if anyone ever came up with a whole game about pirates and stuff like that they'd probably make a killing on Kickstarter too.

    48. Dan Medeiros on

      Agreeing with other people. If you wanna make future stretch goals: airship and spelljammer ship would be cool. But idk how your book will be structured and those might just be things easy to do for the reader by just modifying the pirate ship rules.