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A 5th Edition supplement for building Strongholds and attracting Followers! And we're raising money to livestream my next campaign!
A 5th Edition supplement for building Strongholds and attracting Followers! And we're raising money to livestream my next campaign!
28,918 backers pledged $2,121,465 to help bring this project to life.

New Pledge Menu

Posted by Jerod Bennett (Collaborator)

We have updated the Pledge Menu in order to help with any confusion about what you get at the various pledge levels.

You will notice that there are two levels (#8 & #9) just for fans of minis. So if you just want the minis these are the levels for you.

The levels with the Discord Icon (little purple controller) get access to the playtest Discord channel and the playtest version of the book.  All backers will get access to the Kickstarter Discord channel.

We will have more details about how add-ons will work as we finalize it ourselves.  In general, if you want a second copy of the book or a second t-shirt there will be a way for that to happen.

Thanks again for all the amazing support.  We hope this clears up any questions about the pledge levels.

-Team MCDM

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jerod Bennett Collaborator on

      @Dan - The #12 is the only level you can get a signed book. That is what makes that level special.

    2. Dan Langford on

      so level #12 has the same rewards as level #7 + level #9 but level #12 costs more than those levels combined. i kind of hoped that up to level #12 i would be getting more of a "bundle deal" instead of paying MORE. So maybe ill get level #7 and then use campaign manager to add on the rewards from #9.

    3. AxeNshield - Elevating your Game! on

      Congrats so far guys....This is looking awesome and I am super excited for it... WOW!!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jerod Bennett Collaborator on

      David, the answer to your question is #7 + #9. We believe you will be able to do this via the pledge manager after the Kickstarter. Your other option would be to go with the Covillian level, but that is technically $25 more.

    5. Missing avatar

      David de Souza on

      I pledged the super stream supporter before the stretch goals were even met. Now they they have been met I’m interested in the dragon minis. What do I need to do to adjust my pledge? Is it #9+#7 or just an upgrade from #7 to #9?

    6. Missing avatar

      John Venner on

      How far along were the playtest-level rules before the kickstarter? Don't mean to rush you, I've just got a 5th level group at the minute and I'm wondering if I should start thinking about incorporating strongholds in a few months time :)

    7. Matt Colville Creator on

      @lucas You'll be able to use the pledge manager to create a custom pledge with one Dragon and a PDF should you so desire!

    8. Missing avatar

      Kendal Erickson on

      Thanks! This helps clear up a lot :)

    9. Ivan Conrad on

      Lucas Vander Wal, Matt said on the livestream last night that the pledge manager will allow choosing individual items, and multiples of each if desired once the Kickstarter ends.

    10. Lucas Vander Wal on

      Is there a way to get the red dragon and just the PDF?

    11. Matt Michalak on

      I would likely see an additional level similar to #12 but with a basic cover.

      I'm personally not a fan of special edition covers, I prefer to see and appreciate the art.

      Perhaps calling it: Dragons+

    12. Missing avatar

      Jerod Bennett Collaborator on

      @Geoff You should look at Rewards #5 & #7

    13. Missing avatar

      Geoff Hale on

      Is there an "All swag, no dragon, leatherette hardback" option?

    14. Joshua Barbeau on

      Ugh... I wish I had enough money to be a Colvillain. :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Jerod Bennett Collaborator on

      I think artists have trouble with math. ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris Lawson on

      I see that the "An Adventure" Stretch Goal is now marked as "Stretch Goal #4" (instead of "Stretch Goal #3"). Is it now called #4 to make up for the fact that it was previously called "Stretch Goal #2" :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Jerod Bennett Collaborator on

      @Christopher You will see that level as #9

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      i was part of the 350 bracket where i would have gotten 5 minis which now no longer exists so do this mean i have to change it one of the lower levels? or was it deleted by accident

    19. Missing avatar

      Lukas Presley on

      Awesome, totally wasn't expecting that. Bonus.

    20. Martyn Thomas on

      I understand you're locking down the stretch goals - however offering an audio/podcast version of the campaign stream would be awesome.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jerod Bennett Collaborator on

      @Lukas You are correct.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lukas Presley on

      Quick question. So reward #5 includes stickers and the shirt or am I reading the graphic wrong?

    23. Jayson Stanton on

      Appreciate all the hardwork of Team MCDM. This community is the bees knees

    24. Missing avatar

      Ethan Berry on

      Ha! I was in the middle of watching the first update when this notification graced my screen. Thanks for the graphic!