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People hang out with me in a series of podcasts on the web. Your ears/brain hang out with our words. Hence, "Hang Out With Me." Enjoy!
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Myq Kaplan

81 backers pledged $996 to help bring this project to life.

More Rewards Added! (Wasn't life good enough already? Now it's better!)


Thanks to everyone who has made this endeavor a rousing success so far... we've almost made it to 50,000% of our stated goal of $1. Your interest and support is meaningful and heart-warming.

As a reward, I've decided to add rewards. (That's a weird sentence. But I'm a weird sentence maker, so I think everything is normal. Ish.) 

There is now a $25 reward that results in your receiving an individualized Youtube minute-long video, and a $50 reward that results in a three-minute long one.

If you went for one of the lower donation options but want to switch, you can! If you want to tell all your friends and brag to all your enemies, you can! (I recommend maybe doing the former but probably not the latter.)

In any event, mainly thanks! And partially you're welcome.

I love you all unless that's weird, in which case I only love some of you (the ones for whom it's weird? or some unknown subset including both weird and not weird).

You're the best. Thanks again.


PS a bonus reward that everyone gets right now: a few anagrams of "Hang Out With Me"...
1) A win, methought.
2) Humane. Tight. Ow!
3) Taught one whim.
4) Awing the mouth.
5) Magneto wit, huh?


    1. Creator Myq Kaplan on August 30, 2012

      I don't know if the other backers are reading this, but I did, and I like it. I like it so much I am turning it into one of the FAQs, so feel free to go check out both my paraphrasing and answering of this question over there. And thanks for your support and thoughtful participation!

    2. Creator Hanj1203 on August 29, 2012

      Hey, not to be ungrateful for all the options, but would you be willing to put up other sorts of reward options? Let me spitball, so to speak.

      Personally, the differing thank you methods are not an incentive for me, because I don't like that kind of public attention. Is there any chance you could have like, say, a $5 (or any $) option with a reward like: You get to submit one word once the Kickstarter ends, which will be incorporated into one episode.

      So then I could submit, like, "narwhal" and look forward to hearing Myq riff on it. Just an idea. Are the other 40 backers reading this?