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The Appleseed Collective is a four-piece psych folk gypsy jazz Americana ensemble trying to tour sustainably. Read more

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The Appleseed Collective is a four-piece psych folk gypsy jazz Americana ensemble trying to tour sustainably.

About this project

          The Appleseed Collective is a four-piece psych folk gypsy jazz Americana ensemble from Ann Arbor, MI. We formed somewhat randomly and with surprising inertia, quickly gaining a dedicated local following. We’ve recently been hearing more and more from fans all over the country that want us to play shows in their town. So this Spring, by popular demand, The Appleseed Collective is hitting the road to spread the love!

          Touring is a necessary component of success in the music industry, and will allow us to continue to grow and expand as a band. Unfortunately we will be embarking on this upcoming tour in a gas guzzling van, making it hardly the cheapest or greenest undertaking. Beyond the great toll conventional vehicles have on the environment, the financial realities of fuel cost versus band revenue makes touring an impractical financial and environmental endeavor.

  But we’re not going to let that slow us down! We want to spread our music across the Continental Americas in a way that is both fiscally and environmentally responsible. We want to perform everywhere from East Coast to West Coast, from Canada to Mexico and beyond, and we want to do it all in a bus modified to run on Waste Vegetable Oil!

  A setup like this entails a diesel bus with an extra fuel tank beyond the standard diesel tank. For the first half hour the bus is running on regular diesel, and the engine heats up the vegetable oil. Once the oil is hot and thin enough the diesel line is shut off and the vegetable oil is pushed through a series of filters into the engine, where it burns just as effectively as diesel. The environmental advantage to the this process is that we will be reusing waste oil. Instead of burning fossil fuels that continue to be harvested from a dwindling source we will join the ranks of the clean and green.

          We have already met with someone specializing in diesel conversion, and the estimated cost of a veggie oil bus will be $5,000 for conversion, and between $2,000 to $5,000 for the bus itself. We've set our goal at $8,000, hoping to surpass it but knowing that if we just raise our goal we'll be able to make the difference. This is where you come in! With the support of our existing fans, along with the many fans and friends we will make on the road, we are confident that we will be able to make this dream a reality.

          The Appleseed Collective is committed to an environmentally sustainable mode of transport for our tours, and above all, committed to bringing our music to the many fans across the country that have expressed a desire to see us in their home town, as well as the many people who have yet to hear us. With all of your help we will be touring sustainably to your hometown in 2012!

Video shot and edited by Adam Funk from Doctor Funk Productions


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    A digital download of our newest recording, Live on WCBN!

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    A Screaming Apple sticker + digi download.

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    A hand-printed copy of our new 9-track album + sticker and poster.

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    VIP ticket for you +1 to a show (most shows applicable) + previous level.

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    Hand-drawn portrait by Andrew Brown (our resident artist) + previous level.

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    "Get on the Bus!" Your name gets painted on our bus under "Fueled By". You MUST select this reward level if you want this reward, (no other level includes it) and the larger your donation, the larger your name will appear on the bus. A great way for small businesses to get a little cross-country promotion!

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    We'll book a show in your town + previous level (include 2 VIP tickets!).

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    We will play a show for you anywhere within the United States! Outside of the US additional fees for travel may apply + everything from $200 level.(!!)

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