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Arrival: A Short Film by Alex Myung's video poster

One boy discovers that merely escaping into life's adventures isn't enough; eventually all stories end and choices must be made. Read more

New York, NY Animation
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This project was successfully funded on February 20, 2013.

One boy discovers that merely escaping into life's adventures isn't enough; eventually all stories end and choices must be made.

New York, NY Animation
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About this project

Arrival is about a boy, growing up with his mother in the countryside, who journeys into the big city to follow his dreams. All the while the two communicate by sending pictures back and forth to each other, sharing their now completely different lives.  Along the way he meets another boy with whom he is determined to share his life with. However, when tragedy strikes, the boy becomes stuck in a cycle of indifference rather than standing up and facing his problems. 

Though it is said (and certainly not disputed) that the "journey" is the real story, at some point we have to arrive at our destination. The decisions we make once we get there define us just as strongly as the decisions that brought us there in the first place.

Arrival will be a traditional 2D animated short film, approx 10-15 min in length.  It is written, directed, and will be animated by this guy---> Alex Myung (me! HEY!)  

All preproduction work has been completed and the film has begun moving into the background and animation process 

Regardless of how long it takes, a film needs money to be made!  As many of you probably know, being a young artist isn't always the most financially rewarding job- and while many of us work day to day, it still becomes very difficult to fund these passion projects;  Kickstarter is such a great way to help these projects get off their feet and gain awareness!

50% (except for the taxes taken out by Kickstarter and Amazon Payments) will go directly towards specific outside services or tech upgrades that the film desperately needs!   I don't know how to write music (at least not very well... at all) so I need to hire a musician. Therefore, because my film has sound, I need to hire sound editors; I'm a very barebones, basic kind of guy, so I need help with a lot of the technical aspects of the film- but help costs money!! Anything left over will see to it that the film is finished at the highest quality of animation and design.  ALL of the funds, however, speed along the production time; essentially no matter where the money is being distributed, money = time (and Time's a very valuable thing!)

Here's a "pretty" example of where your money will be put to use

To finish production in 2014 this film needs at least $20,000 but Kickstarter takes about 5% of that value and Amazon takes another 3-5%!

You may be wondering why I need to ask for such a high sum of money (and I don't blame you!) so hopefully right now I can break it down a little and explain  why this is!

Arrival will be traditionally animated by hand in the very same way that some of your favorite classical Disney films or old TV shows were done.  I will be drawing everything out on paper, frame by frame; It takes 24 frames of drawings to create 1 second of animation, and for a 10-15 minute film that's a whopping 21,600 drawings!!  Animation will not be the only task I have ahead of me- normally an animated film would have a team of people to complete the following:

  • Character and Art Desgin
  • Color Design
  • Story Boards
  • Layouts
  • Color Scripts
  • Creating Backgrounds
  • Rough Animation
  • Animation clean up
  • Coloring
  • "Inbetweening" (creating frames that are placed between "Key" drawings)
  • Scanning
  • Compositing and editing the film
  • Music and sound
  • Rending (turning the animation into a video file)

Right now, I am sitting in between "Creating the Backgrounds" and "Rough Animation."  It should be a straight shot from here but I need your help!  Large studios will charge upwards of $1million/min of animation, and other independent animators here on Kickstarter are averaging around $15k/min and while that's normal, I also understand how intimidating it can be to see such a large number up here (for you AND me!)  I believe I can finish this 15 minute film at $20,000 which will also help fund any outside services I need to hire.  At this length I'm essentially asking for $1,300 per minute of animation.  

My stretch goal is about $30,000 or more but I'll let all of you decide if we can make it there!

Just because we "reached our goal," doesn't mean the fun ends there!  If the kickstarter is successfully funded, I'll still be providing all of the backers with plenty of production updates.  I'll be sharing with you the highs and lows of the process including...

  • Various backgrounds
  • Select finished sequences
  • Storyboards
  • Production blog posts, 
  • Interviews and video updates 
*Final Images may vary **Adorable black cat not included in any purchase
*Final Images may vary **Adorable black cat not included in any purchase

I'm really excited to be offering this unique incentive to all of you: a custom made 3D Viewmaster!  The Viewmaster will be stocked with images from the film in glorious 3D, and will feature an Arrival unique design on the outside.  This item is available starting at the $250 level donation but I've decided to make it an add-on at any level donation for only $35! (limit of 2 per order)

(For instance, say you make a donation of $10 but also REALLY want the Viewmaster, all you have to do is add on $35 and it's yours!  Just make sure you write me a message telling me you added on this item when you placed your order!)  **Please keep in mind that in this situation, you would not receive any other rewards from the other tiers; you would only receive the $10 tier and the $35 viewmaster, and not the $45 tier.  

Feel free to message me with any questions!

While shipping will be covered as part of the reward, please feel free to pitch in a little extra to help out with those costs!  Any money saved on shipping will go back into animation and production!

Please help spread the word about the film! Tell your friends, family, bloggers, co-workers, or anyone you can think of who might be interested:

If you like fashion, this film will appeal to you

If you are queer, this film will appeal to you

If you are asian, this film will appeal to you

If you have ever been in love, this film will appeal to you

Or if you simply like film, art, or animation, this film will appeal to you!

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk and challenge you face is something that I face as well; patience. Unfortunately any type of animation, 2D or 3D, takes a lot of time, and this project is no exception. There is a very real possibility that the film could take longer than expected to be completed due to things such as: collaboration problems with the musicians, editing or computer issues, time spent on completing the rewards orders, or simply because it may take more time to finish a certain scene than I had originally thought. Right now, I am only one person so it's quite a big feat to be taking on such a large project alone while also trying to finish it before the end of next year.

I had recently come to realize that without support this film could take a lifetime to finish, which is why I decided to make a Kickstarter! I know 20,000 is a scary number, but it is the least amount I need to get you the most of what you deserve!

Thank you SO much for looking at my page! I cannot wait to share this film with you- any support you are able to lend is appreciated more than you can even imagine!



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  • Unfortunately due to a lot of different rules and regulations for different film festivals and Oscar Award opportunities, the film will not be fully available to the general public until after it's limited theatrical run. I know this will mean more time you all have to wait, but I promise I will have plenty of stuff for you in the mean time. <3

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    Downloadable wallpaper formatted for your phone! Also love. LOTS and lots of love :)

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    Phone background, +Downloadable HD wallpaper for your computer desktop, +1 limited edition character postcard

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    Phone Background, HD Computer Wallpaper, 1 Postcard, +Downloadable HD copy of the final film! Huzzah!

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    Phone Background, +HD Wallpaper Bundle of 3 images. +3 different limited edition character postcards, downloadable HD film copy. ***An 11x17 Original Film Poster (For hanging! On walls!)

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    +Executive producer credit! +special handmade padlock necklace that appears in the film +limited DVD run of my first film "Juxtaposed" +personal invite to the private premier party in NYC!

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