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Project Runway's Anthony Ryan Auld Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection presentation in conjunction with the RockOne1 Movement.

Anthony Ryan Auld is a clothing line based in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area. The goals of the brand are to build garments that are wearable yet use unconventional materials and to create pieces that are both forward yet anyone can purchase them & that empower the wearer to be different.  The Anthony Ryan Auld brand is innovative, forward & wearable. It prides itself on texture, pattern, print & the story behind his collections.  With the beginning of this brand, I have chosen to officially launch the birth of the RockOne1 Movement & coincide every event and collection with the movement.  

Who is Anthony Ryan: 

Since the dawn of modern families, children have painted or drawn pictures for their parents. In return, parents gladly present their creations for all to see on the family refrigerator. Some of those artistic children will go on to be doctors, others nurses, but few go on to pursue and succeed in a career in the design field. For those few, those first finger paintings and scribbled lines are just the beginning of a lifelong desire to become a true artist.

Such has been the path of Anthony Ryan Auld. Born in a small town in Linden, TX, no one would have ever thought this baseball-playing, dirt-eating, small town Texan boy would ever pursue a career in the fashion industry. His family knew he was a skilled sketcher and painter. He would bring home detailed drawings of airplanes and boats that were anything but standard from a typical 7-year-old. You could also find him taking apart old electronics to discover the mechanism inside, only to piece them back together to create new works of art. Not until a summer with his grandmother would he discover how to sew, a patchwork quilt.

His father’s job brought him to the shores of Louisiana his freshman year of high school. He has been there ever since. After graduating high school, Anthony Ryan decided to attend Louisiana State University to pursue a degree in graphic design. His goal was to attend Savannah College of Art and Design, but fate had other plans. Instead, he maintained two and a half successful years of graphic design courses at LSU, only to leave for two and a half years before returning again. In that time, he worked, painted, and found his true calling.

Anthony Ryan returned to Louisiana State University with new ideas and hopes of securing a degree in fashion design. Here, in the School of Human Ecology hidden away in the shadows, he found the apparel design program. It was small, but there it was. During his time in the design courses, he struggled and prevailed more than one person can count. He did, however, make his mark. Known for his unconventional use of fabrics, exceptional sketching talent, and raw outlook, he was noticed. His first break was an internship with BCBGeneration, in which he worked with Joyce Azria designing graphics for upcoming brand lines. He won numerous local awards and competitions, but his big break would be nabbing “Best In Show” at Fashion Group International’s Dallas Career Day in April of 2009, the first time in history that an LSU design student would triumph.

All this did not come without a price. Cancer would put a wrench in his plans along with other setbacks from this life-changing experience. While a tough road, he did not give up and maintained treatment without having to leave LSU again. After winning big in Dallas and graduating in May of 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Apparel Design, he set off to Paris, France, to study at the Paris American Academy on a full scholarship. While there, he worked numerous couture shows, some highlights including Vivienne Westwood, Basil Soda, Elie Saab, and Anne-Valerie Hash. He also studied under Jean-Paul Gaultier’s professional hat designer and Anne-Valerie Hash’s knitwear designer. Learning dyeing and felting techniques with Sharon Kilfoyle presented him with another facet of fashion, as did studying feather techniques with royal designer Jean-Louis Pinabel. In many ways, his studies in Paris completed a lifelong education, both self-taught and from instruction, that has formed the fashion designer Anthony Ryan Auld.

Anthony Ryan Auld is currently on Lifetime’s Project Runway season 9. This is the first time in Project Runway history that a designer has represented the state of Louisiana on the show. He placed in the top 3 for the first 3 episodes consecutively, a feat only accomplished by two other Project Runway designers, &maintained a position on the show that allowed him to show a 10 piece collection at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

Anthony Ryan Auld's collection shown at New York Fashion Week earned him amazing reviews by major publications including the New York Times & Entertainment Weekly. He currently still resides in Baton Rouge, LA, awaiting his next big move. Through fashion, Anthony Ryan has founded the RockOne1 Movement that was originally geared toward those affected by testicular cancer but has now evolved to encompass those affected by all types of cancer.

Through fashion, Anthony Ryan wishes to change lives and give back because of the second chance he was given. He will always be amazed at the overwhelming support he has experienced before and after his time on Project Runway & will always be proud of his infamous "Bird Seed Cocktail Dress."

THE Project:

Anthony Ryan Auld is currently working on his Fall/Winter 2012/2013 collection & launching the RockOne1 Movement. 

The RockOne1 Movement is a cancer-driven cause initially started to create awareness for those affected by testicular cancer. Recently, it has evolved to encompass all types of cancer patients of all ages. The purpose of the movement is to empower these patients through fashion with various projects including shopping trips, pieces custom made for the individual, fashion shows, beauty treatments including wigs, etc. Anthony Ryan Auld will attend & play a major part in every patient chosen to benefit from the movement. It is a movement created to touch lives & inspire others to follow in its footsteps. 

The money funded through my Kickstarter project will help with: 

A. STUDIO SPACE: In order to get the Anthony Ryan Auld brand & the RockOne1 Movement in motion, we need to have the proper space to work & build both projects.

BINSPIRATION: The funding will allow me the proper time & research needed to formulate the collection as well as reaching out to others on behalf of both projects.

C. TOOLS: You can't build a house without wood! Much of the money will go towards various tools, fabrics, custom printing & dying & notions to begin the preliminaries of the collection. It will also be used to purchase fabrics to make custom pieces for deserving cancer patients.

D. MEDIA: In order to promote both projects, the proper marketing will need to be procured. Photographers, look-books, a website, etc. will be needed to communicate to the rest of the world what we are doing, the products we are selling & how to purchase them.

E. OTHERS: Your contributions will allow me to fund the RockOne1 Movement & help others on my journey. Various items will need to be purchased including wigs, accessories, possibly airfare, etc. for these very deserving individuals. 

F. THE SHOW: Finally, we will need a space to present the Fall/Winer 2012/2013 collection. This will hopefully be a two day event with the RockOne1 Movement launch party happening on a Friday & followed by the Anthony Ryan Auld Collection presentation on a Saturday.

A final collection of 15 to 20 looks will be presented in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area coinciding with New York Fashion Week & YOU can have a hand in the beginnings of the Anthony Ryan Auld brand & be apart of the RockOne1 Movement.

No donation is too small. It doesn't matter if you donate a dollar or a thousand dollars. EVERY CONTRIBUTION COUNTS! 

For more information on me & my work, please visit 

Shipping & airfare is NOT included in the pledge.



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