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$39,983 pledged of $50,000 goal
Missing avatar By Vak Sambath
$39,983 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      Most of our staff were still traveling back from the holidays over the last few days, below is the information requested :

      The majority of rock R&D funds and time were not directed towards hardware, but innovative software apps, lifestyle technology and patents, costing almost $500,000.

      The average costs for patents, software development for apps, and testing. That's the majority of our R&D.

      We have several OEM private-label partners in China and the United States, but our patented technology is proprietary only to The Rock which cannot be obtained with any other smart watch in the market. We work with our partners to create a product provides us a platform for software development.

      We are not a $300 high end smart watch with generic apps that goes 50 ft under water. We are actually a $300 smart watch with high end apps, patents and lifestyle features for the mass market with good functional hardware.

      The hardware was carefully chosen by are engineers, below are the responses to the comments:

      - CPU is a ARM as communicated in video.

      - Operating system is Android, as communicated in video.

      - Our manufacturing partners indicated that metal body will affect Wifi signal, but the rock metal unit has been designed to eliminate that problem.

      - Our memory is 4 GB Rom and 4 GB Ram

      - The Rock does not have 1080p HD.

      - We are water resistant for the mass market, not water proof for specialty sports

      - Battery is 300 - 400 mAH

      If you would like more clarification of our features, hardware and patents, please send us your phone number, name and contact info to:

      We'll have our patents and business counsel reply.


      The Rock Team.

    2. Missing avatar

      LiLo on

      And.. Regarding update 6:

      And.. Another BS update. Non real hardware info (ARM is an architecture, what kind of ARM processor?), 4GB RAM is as ridiculous as ever, battery capacity of 300-400mah is a joke (half the capacity of Pine or Gear), metal body which has no way of getting proper wifi/bluetooth signal (so your crappy Z3 manufacturer solved a problem no other electronics giant ever managed to solve? Aha). and greatest of all - You finally admityou developed no watch and have no clue about hardware - You just buy cheap crappy chinese watches and add some mystery apps to them (never really shown in this campaign). In other words - All you do in this campaigb is marketing, and shady marketing at that.
      Amazed KS allows this project to stay here.

    3. Missing avatar

      LiLo on

      Regarding update 6:

      processor?), 4GB RAM is as ridiculous as ever, battery capacity of 300-400mah is a joke (half the capacity of Pine or Gear), metal body which has no way of getting proper wifi/bluetooth signal (so your crappy Z3 manufacturer solved a problem no other electronics giant ever managed to solve? Aha). and greatest of all - You finally admityou developed no watch and have no clue about hardware - You just buy cheap crappy chinese watches and add some mystery apps to them (never really shown in this campaign). In other words - All you do in this campaigb is marketing, and shady marketing at that.
      Amazed KS allows this project to stay here.

    4. overlord14 on

      Nicolas, ce projet est une arnaque, il vend juste une montre chinoise en faisant une grosse marge!

    5. Nicolas Masson on

      hy, will the rock be displayed in other languages: like french?

    6. Anurag on

      You can spread the word at their official FB page as well:

    7. Anurag on

      You can raise your Voice and comment on Facebook Page of KS as well..…

    8. Salvador Briggman on

      Dear backers, we are attempting to encourage creator transparency and prevent "frauds" and "scams" on Kickstarter with this portion of our forum (not affiliated with the Kickstarter website). If you have anything to report or research to document, please add it here:

      Once we get enough responses on a topic, we then start contacting publications like Crowdfundinsider, Crowdfundbeat, and CrowdCrux (disclosure: my blog) to spread the word.

    9. Alon Walter on

      I'm very disappointed with KS at this point...
      P.S. If anyone is thinking on getting the metal version, search the web for "Faraday cage". it explains why it will make the watch a dud...

    10. Benedict Huang on

      For those wanting to know what a GOOD KickStarter watch project looks like, take a look at the CST-01.

      It's not a smart watch but nevertheless, every single detail is well documented and every update well thought out and the creators openly share technical details.

      I'm glad I backed that project and even though the delivery date has slipped like most KS projects that are popular it has really pushed the standard for what KS projects should be.

    11. overlord14 on

      I have two answers.
      1. No
      2. No

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kalisperis on

      I have two questions.
      1. Are the apps comparable with apple iphone?
      2. Is it water proof?


    13. overlord14 on

      Here are some of the lies that are STILL on this project homepage:
      "1080p HD"= LIE (what a joke!)
      "powered by Android 4.2"= LIE (4.0)
      "We wanted to design and develop the best looking and smartest smartwatch on the market"= LIE, you didn't design anything
      "a smartwatch that was designed from scratch"= LIE
      "The Rock team has worked hard to develop the custom, non-generic, lifestyle apps"= LIE (3 lines below: the Rock apps were artistically engineered and designed by Pyntail)
      "The best news is that The Rock Sports smartwatch unit can be shipped in time to get before Christmas!"= LIE
      "No smartphone is required because your music is already on The Rock"= LIE (how are we supposed to listen?)
      "We decided to build a durable and smarter smart watch"= LIE (you didn't build it)
      "No one has ever done this on Kickstarter"= THIS ONE IS TRUE!

    14. Anurag on

      I have posted about all this on KS facebook page as well..

    15. Anurag on

      All, I backed out of this project hoping that by now it would have been closed or Vak would have come up with something but this is f***ing unbelievable.

      I have reported multiple times to KS but no action, I just sent a mail to websites like Verge, CNET, etc..lets see.

      I can see many backers are NEW, if they really genuine I would like you to take the right decision and quit this and Save your money !!

      TO ALL OTHER BACKERS who reported this, could you please change your pledge level to 1 dollar please !!!
      353 Backers & 39k+ Amount
      Lets Bring It Down !!

      Out of this 353 i know atleast 250guys are technical and can understand whats going on here !!

      Lets show Vak his real position !!

      PS: ohhh, somebody hacked my account, m NOT in front of my computer/tablet/mobile right now ;-)

    16. overlord14 on

      For me, this project is gonna change the way I see kickstarter, if they don't stop Vak, I'll never back a project again. I got scammed once and it was not KS fault as we only found out it was a scam when the project was funded. It was the same kind of thing as the guy sold a product built in china pretending it was his invention:
      in the end, I was able to get my money back.
      What is different this time is that project is not funded yet. KS has all the evidences and they should act to defend their reputation.

    17. Anurag on

      It seems all NEW BACKERS only defending Vak so I am sure these are NOT real users, created by Vak and team only !!

    18. Eyeis on


      I have done everything I can and so have so many others but Vak is getting money.

      Good luck to you all

    19. Missing avatar

      Dianne Barrymore on

      I'm very excited about this product! This is the best smartwatch I've found for the money. I love the beautiful design as well. Thank you for developing an affordable watch that has all the functions and apps I need. Looking forward to sharing this with my friends and family!

    20. Benedict Huang on

      It's been a great run and thank you for assisting all the backers here in digging up information. All the best bro.

      For those still defending the backers against this con man, please continue posting new information :)

    21. Jonny Retro on


    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    23. ThaWulf on

      ikr... Obviously either Vak or a friend or someone he met and somehow convinced to trust him.
      Well it's been fun guys, but I'm out for good now. I've made my point, I've saved some people from wasting their money, and I've got better things to do.

    24. Jonny Retro on

      yet again, marco, only backed THIS project, and has his location in the same general vicinity as the campaign.... try a little harder next time

    25. Jonny Retro on

      There's one born every minute.....

    26. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      I read the update and it's great to get the additional information. I didn't get swayed by some people, I believe in the campaign from the very beginning. I will stand by my beliefs and if it wasn't legitimate.. Kickstarter would've never approved them.

    27. ThaWulf on

      @benedict - holy shit bro. Thanks for sharing that. He's such a scam artist... I feel sorry for anyone that trusts the guy at this point.

    28. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    29. Asterix on

      Guys I did some digging. In the full bio sectio there is someone called Bill Suman who heads design. This is his website.

      Then there is Kamran Qamar, Michael Montenegro and Nick Farrell from pyntail

      Then there is Dan Nguyen of Kyliptix

      They all have address and contact information listed. May be one of these could be reached.

    30. Trogdor

      Well folks, you've got all he's going to tell you and it's still pretty vague.

      The front page has changed again with some corrections [at least 1080 is gone] but I'm not going to bother to do a DIF on it.

      Still a lot of unanswered questions though and if you want more you've apparently got to give up your privacy and drag in lawyers. Way to respect your backers Vak....

      Make your choices folks, peace out.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mitchell

      And the pledge total keeps rising.....are you kidding me?

    32. ThaWulf on

      @johnny - haha IKR. And the Z3 does not have anywhere near 4GB RAM. It says that on one resellers site, but it is wrong.
      They took the Z3, added QI charging for a steep upgrade price, and developed a couple apps they won't shows to us. Yup, sounds legit...

    33. Jonny Retro on

      Yet another deceptive update.... "We have partners in china" and "most funds were not directed towards the hardware" THEN JUST ADMIT ITS THE Z3

    34. ThaWulf on

      Dat update... I commented on it, pointing out that besides battery nothing was really answered. I love the "OS is Android" and "processor is ARM". Obviously they have 0 engineers working on this watch.

    35. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      i did misspell it, whoops. acionna. two nn's, one c. trogdor's suggestion works too.

    36. Eyeis on

      @vak your company is so deceptive.

      Even with that new update You lied about the 1080p screen!!! Straight up to your supporters!!!

      How do you fit 4gb of ram into a watch?

      Because of this, I still fully believe this project is a scam.

    37. Trogdor


      Search KS for Huey and you'll find it.

    38. ThaWulf on

      Yeaaah, I've been lucky and only one of mine has burned me. Out 50 bucks on a great band that has only ever released 2 songs and after 3 months of updates they just disappeared from online. But one small pledge out of 140 some aint bad.

      btw @vexiss did you misspell acciona? not showing up in the search for me

    39. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      and thanks for talking about the pine, i hadn't looked into it yet

      also, if you guys are into watches, check out the acciona on here.

    40. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      yes, i will definitely take my dollar with me, but i have (presumably) forty days to watch the madness

      getting burnt on kickstarter projects sucks, especially if it's obvious from the start

    41. Missing avatar

      Roma on

      I had a dream about a Kickstarter campaign. Gadget called Hard Place gunna change the world. The creator asks for $50000. Looks great and many backers get on board. But questions get hard and it all gets ugly. Active backers get out but many passive or pollyanna ones leave $20000 in there by the time the campaign closes. The creator engineers (clears throat) $30000 of pledges. The project gets funded; KS and Amazon get their $5000 cut; the creator nets $15000 giving a 50% return on investment. The gadget? What gadget?

      I wake up in a cold sweat. What's that thing about a Rock and a Hard Place? Time to take my $1 out of here.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rumen Matanov on

      Hi guys, the Pine does look very interesting indeed, just a bit too big for my taste. I snatched an Omate October edition, but they still haven't delivered and the waiting is driving me crazy. Still I will eventually get it, and don't need another standalone. Wanted a nice simple companion only, and this one had the design I wanted. Too bad it turned out to be a dud.

    43. ThaWulf on

      Just make sure to take your dollar out before it ends. It's just a dollar yeah, but the creator gets your KS email if the project succeeds. I've gotten emails from projects before when they never sent out surveys asking for info. So unless you want to get spam emails with viruses remember to gtfo on time.

    44. Missing avatar

      Vexiss on

      pledged a dollar to watch this train wreck

    45. Alon Walter on

      I have a feeling that all the reports that claimed that Vak is spamming just caused KS to ask Vak to stop it...
      i.e. instead of taking the project down. If that's the case, then that was a mistake on our part...
      Not sure what they need in order to stop this farce...

    46. Missing avatar

      A on

      @ Vak, you should provide us with spec as requested from the backers, i believe we have given you enough time, since you requested you needed more time to meet up with your team. All I have to say is man up, no more excuses and bs

    47. Missing avatar

      A on

      @ ThaWulf, just change my pledge for the Neptune Pine, got the 199, lol

    48. ThaWulf on

      I feel a little bit sorry for people that falling for this scam, but at the same time if you think that a smartwatch can have more RAM than a smartphone and you fall for the obvious lies and marketing BS without at least checking comments once, you kind of deserve to lose that 100 bucks... Hopefully most of the smarter backers will look on here before the fund date and have the chance to back out.

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