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$39,983 pledged of $50,000 goal
Missing avatar By Vak Sambath
$39,983 pledged of $50,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      I have been on the phone with our manufacturer and I am as disappointed as everyone else if not more. My team and I have been working on this project for years. I will post screenshots of our communications in the past year. This is a disaster and whoever wants to back out please do. And I apologize. But as a team we would not have spent money on patents and development of software to deceive people. Please give us time as now it has become a legal matter so we have to discuss things with our attorney to see how we proceed. Once again please give us sometime to gather all the information as we will release information and be transparent with our watch and the process of development and the manufacturing aspects. But if you're a backer and want to back out we completely understand. Thank you.

    2. Core 46 Lab on

      I'm a regular consumer who cares more about a team's capability to deliver more than some random people trying to discredit a product because they have too much time in the world to spend.

      And personally I would rather save money by backing The Rock than be persuaded by doubters.

      The product design and app features are very promising. I'll give Vak and his team the benefit of the doubt. I also think that this watch is a game changer.. very affordable and promising features.. If they don't deliver on their promises, kickstarter will always be there to protect its users.

      Good luck with this project Vak and hopefully you can update us with further developments.

    3. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      Negative comments aside. I think the real value on this watch is in the sophisticated design and app innovations. I sincerely believe that it's still a valuable piece. A lot of smartwatches have similar/close to similar hardware.

      The Rock's edge is mostly in the software development. As we've seen in the video.. They are partners with Pyntail and that itself is a valuable asset that a Smartwatch company.

      Plus if they have the capacity to develop a package alongside the hardware then they are actually doing as a favor by creating something affordable and at the same time luxurious enough to compare if not outdo the pre existing overpriced smartwatches.

      I won't back out just because some people think that they can do better. This product deserves a credit for being bold in offering a very friendly price point and building a team that is totally capable to create an app based Smartwatch.

      Just my two cents.

    4. Anurag on

      Current total is $40,005, it will certainly go down !!

    5. Missing avatar

      Pu Hwai Ching on

      @Tira thanks for your work. From the start this project has seemed to be more of a marketing than engineering page, glad that the root cause is discovered

    6. Trogdor


      True that :)
      It also makes a statement when funding moves down instead of up....just sayin

    7. Anurag on

      @Vishak you can anyways CANCEL it anytime before the target Funding dates :-)

    8. Asterix on

      Just reduced my pledge to 1 as well.

    9. Trogdor

      Actually, the more I think about it, the more I now understand why the non Qi watch is running an older Android OS and why Qi is directly tied to the battery.

      Makes it easier to rework existing product.

    10. Anurag on…

      As per this video, m backing off !!

    11. Spenser K on

      @Trogdor No worries, I'm just the weird one with two of the letter s

      @Tira Agreed, thank you for catching this early

    12. Trogdor

      @Tira - I appreciate the input. I do a fair amount of Chinese shopping and I missed this one. Even did a basic image google search and didn't catch this.

    13. Asterix on

      @Tira, I understand, thanks for letting us know.

    14. Trogdor

      @Spenser K

      Sorry mate. Most people spell it correctly :)

      I'm sure KS will get tags on it...but there have been quite a few projects that were scams that were not cancelled by KS [eyez, for one]. It's a dog eat dog world....

    15. Missing avatar

      Tira Rainer on

      @Vishak sorry to blow away your dreams but to protect every backers and myself for this kind of scams I was needed to report that immediately.
      Hope you can understand

    16. Spenser K on

      @Vishak I know what you mean! I'm glad that I was hesitant to pledge all the way on this

    17. Missing avatar

      Tira Rainer on

      I report it to Kickstarter hope they will do something.

    18. Asterix on

      Really disappointed!!! Was really hoping to get this watch.

    19. Trogdor

      See also

      zoom in on the pictures...looks very similar to this watch.

      I will still wait to hear from @Vak. I am suspecting they are reworking some existing designs. It is somewhat implied in the timelines as I review them.

    20. Spenser K on

      @Trogdor Oh crap, hadn't noticed the title underneath that before. Also s, not c, it's amazing how many can read my name and still type it wrong.

      With all that, this seems like it should really be brought up with Kickstarter.

    21. Asterix on

      @Anurag, yep!!! That looks familiar!!

    22. Anurag on

      Hi All,
      Check this video of Z3 Android 4 smartwatch n then comment:…

    23. Missing avatar

      Tira Rainer on

      I just want to alert all the backers and Kickstarter.
      That they even dont know the battery capacity or how much Ram or Rom are inside there watch?? Its a jock!!
      In the Note 3 Samsung succeed to add 3GB of Ram so you think a Team of 5 people will do that ?? They even dont know how to write 4GB of Ram!
      They just buy the Z3 from a trader Chinese company and buy some bands.

    24. Trogdor

      @Spencer K

      Look at this

      They look pretty close to me...[the former is the Z3, the latter is the Rock]

    25. Anurag on

      Great info @Tira, I am doubtful about this project from the very start, 4GB RAM, 1080p screen with 240x240 resolution - donno wat that means?
      Calling 4.2 as ICS, keyboard to reply, etc.

      Lets see wat Vak has to say..

    26. Spenser K on

      oops, *I suggest *think

    27. Spenser K on

      Not sure if it's just me, but that Z3 looks NOTHING like the Rock. Isuggest that people don't get freaked out and drop this based on one crazy post.

      @Tira if you really thing that this is the same thing, which I doubt, then take it up with Kickstarter.

    28. ThaWulf on

      Wow... Even if they have an explanation for this... They still basically taking a 30 buck watch and adding a Qi charger and upgrading the specs a bit. And thats if they didn't plan on just sending us all the 30 bucks watch, or nothing at all. The whole 200 dollars off MSRP did seem a little ridiculous.

      I am out.

    29. Trogdor

      @Tira - got to admit some of the pictures look very similar for both metal and plastic cases. Interesting that the Z3 runs Android 4.0.

      I await @Vak and his comments regarding this.
      I also have noted Zak has an interest in at least of the publications listed on the front page.

    30. Missing avatar

      Tira Rainer on

      Hi Vak and all Kickstarter backers sorry to blow away your dreams but to protect every backers and myself for this kind of scams I need to report that immediately.
      I am really disappointed to see a project like that (Scam) in Kickstarter!!
      I love Kickstarter and a big fan of it but sorry I feel that I need to alert all the backers here even that I was needed to pay to write this comment!!
      The smartwatch that you are presenting is a poor Chinese smartwatch that is calling the Z3, she came out in China one year ago with no success due to the Bluetooth connection problems with smartphones, the Z3 cost around 30$ on bulk quantities, the spec of this cheap smartwatch are far like you are pretending, very disappointing also to see that you lie to all of us and pretending for long years that your team develop it.
      Take good examples of Pebble, Agents, Omate this guys real work and develop a smartwatch!!!!
      Shame of you and your Team very frustrated that Kickstarter dont do anything and allow this types of projects!!
      Next time try to do your homework and be logical with the spec, 4GB of Ram ?? what you are joking on backers ? 4GB of memory ? For your record this poor Chinese smartwatch have 2GB of memory and 256mb of Ram it is Running on Android 4.1 and not 4.2!! Oled screen?? 1080P ?? What are you dreaming ?? Even you dont know how to explain what is a resolution so you want Oled screen and 1080P on it ?? Vak please stop jock on us, not everybody are dumb!! For your knowledge the Z3 screen is 1,54 poor lcd. Its not possible to add QI charger on the Z3 due to his construction, the charger is a clip like the first Omate charger.
      The App is also developed by the same Chinese company by the name of Appscomm dont confuse with the well known company Foxconn and they are far to finish the app for just receiving Text message.
      Notifications such as Facebook, Email can be receive only by wifi and not like you are pretending by your smartphone like the Gear!! Next time also dont jock on others and do comparisons with Omate and the Neptune Pines that are far far away advanced from the Z3 specifications and features even the old good Pebble are better!!
      For all the backers here is all the proof
      Link of the company that his developing the Z3 (Rock as you pretending) in China:
      Some pictures of my Z3 that I buy 4 month ago.
      Link of the original picture :
      Next time dont take us for idiots !!

    31. Michael on

      Does this work with iphone

    32. Missing avatar

      Stephen Mitchell

      I too am backing this project with a smaller pledge until a lot of the unanswered questions get answered. This is a really interesting watch that I would love to have, but I like many others here, have been burned too many times by other projects. Just being cautious, not negative.

    33. Asterix on

      Great! Thanks a lot @Vak

    34. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      Hi Vishak,

      As we had communicated a few hours ago, we require 24 hours to accumulate the questions and respond.


    35. Missing avatar

      Rumen Matanov on

      Ok, I just backed the Sports Metal version and you can count my vote too for a black casing.

      I'd like to expand further on Trogdor's question about the OS version. In particular would it be possible to root it and side load aps like on a normal Android?

      Also I'd like to know more about this app portal. The way I'm currently understanding it, I can use any app on my phone from the watch. Could you please shed more light on it's principle operation (a video demonstration would be even better)?

      Those two and the IP rating would be the deciders for me to stick to my pledge or back out.

      Thanks for your time!

    36. Asterix on

      @Vak, please provide technical specs for these questions asked by some?

      1. Water resistance, target IP rating,
      2. Battery capacity? MAH value
      3. Exact Android version?
      4. Battery type and can it be replaced?
      5. @trogdor's and other questions about display?
      6. IOS compatibility ? Version

      an update about answers to these and other questions

    37. Asterix on

      @Vak, please provide technical specs for these questions asked by some?

      1. Water resistance, target IP rating,
      2. Battery capacity? MAH value
      3. Exact Android version?
      4. Battery type and can it be replaced?
      5. @trogdor's and other questions about display?
      6. IOS compatibility ? Version

      an update about answers to these and other questions

    38. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      Hi Gabe,
      It has several display settings., to reduce power consumption, similar to smartphones.

      Thanks, vak

    39. Missing avatar

      Gabe on

      This might be an obvious question but I haven't seen it posted: is the Rock's display always on, ie. always displays the time or whatever screen you set? For reference, that's not the case with the Gear.

    40. ThaWulf on

      @LiLo - this watch does not use cellular networks. It uses wifi only for stuff like checking facebook etc using apps stored on watch when you're not connected to your phone. For being on the cellular network you need to connect to your phone via bluetooth. Metal casing is bad for wifi though, I too would like to see some data on testing as far as how much the metal case decreases wireless connectivity compared to plastic casing.

      Alon Walter makes a good point also about how well the Qi charger works with the metal case, although I didn't back for the Qi would be interested to see test data on if metal casing increases charge time over plastic.

    41. Trogdor

      To be more clear about the last question:

      >> Android 4.2.2 (Rock Qi units)
      >> Android 4.0 (Rock standard Units)

      Why is the non Qi running an older OS? What are your long term plans to upgrade OS [if any]?

    42. Trogdor


      Any more clarification on the 1080 statement? The 240x240 pixel resolution does not equate to 1080 resolution. I'm guessing you mean the GPU can support such an output but seek clarificaiton.

      Please also clarify the difference in the Android OS between the Qi unit and the standard unit. The differences between the two units appear to be increasing as you update the front page.

      Take care!

    43. Alvin Chackochan on

      Im just became a backer and the main thing I am interested about is the The Rock's ios capability? Like music controls, how apps would work, etc..If you are able to post on the about that it would be very very helpful

    44. Trogdor

      @Melissa Lee

      I don't share your read on the comments here. I think a few of the more technical backers [myself included] have legitimate questions that Vak has admitted his engineering team should answer.

      If he does not take offence, why should you?

      As much as I'd like to back this project on faith I've learned through experience that due diligence is required on my part.

      Of course, you're entitled to your opinion. And yes, I'm a 'backer' that didn't 'pretend' to back at the $199 level. As long as questions are answered in a best faith effort and I still feel the project is successful then I'll stay around for the ride.

      My 2c

    45. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      P.S. @Atul: Thank you for your comment. We truly appreciate this. This is our first Kickstarter project and we're really new to this community. It's just that we've been working on this for so long that somethings we're a bit protective about things. It's like being told that your baby is ugly. It's just a natural defense. At the same time, we're learning from this community and we'll continue to learn together. As you all will get to know us and the many things that we can do together with your support. It's cheesy but these comments means a lot to us. These questions help us identify what we need to clarify.

    46. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      We want to thank each and everyone of you who has posted a comment - especially the technology based ones. These comments are extremely valuable to us and we need you to continue to post them. The Kickstarter community blessed us with very helpful comments from some extraordinarily technologically savvy members (thank you John, Visak, [add a couple more]. We are using these comments to help us work with our engineers and designers to make the production models a product that all of us (especially our Kickstarter supporters) can be proud of. We are continuing to learn and with your help, we are continuing to grow!

      Thank you.

    47. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      Hi, Thank you very much Atul for your HELP

      We really like constructive advice, we have began FAQ yesterday. Many of our team members are back from the holiday, so it should be completed very soon.

      Really appreciate the support

    48. Missing avatar

      Vak Sambath Creator on

      The Rock Loves you Melissa

      We appreciate the positive support, we have been working 24/7 for the last two years and this is our first exposure to the smartwatch world, so we need all the support possible.

      Thanks Vak

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