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ClockTHREE is a Open Source Hardware clock, that is Arduino compatible. It helps you explore time though color and language!

Welcome to the ClockTHREE Kickstarter project and thank you for your interest. We kick off this project with both excitement and trepidation. We've each poured more of our hearts and souls into this project than the $1111 we hope to raise. But this is a labor of love, and if we are successful, our labors will have been worth the effort and paid dividends far exceeding the monetary value of the project.

We propose to manufacture ClockTHREE, an open source Arduino compatible RGB LED array. The initial application is for a multi-color word clock (like QlockTWO, available for $1200 from and Doug Jackson's ever popular WordClock, but since the 192 (16x10 + 16x2) LEDs are individually addressable and programmable, this device will support several languages as well as any number of other applications. ClockTHREE is an awesome platform for anyone to explore time and color. Other applications in the works: a sun clock that displays where on the globe the sun is currently shining a la Qlock and a thermometer that tells the temperature with words and color. ClockTHREE can also be used for scrolling text, and maybe even low res color tv!

Our open source design was inspired by the awesome single color Peggy 2 LED array sold at the very cool EvilMadScience. We are excited to offer ClockTHREE as the first open source RGB array of this size!

This is a collaboration between two friends on different sides of the world, Anool in Mumbai, India, and Justin in the Washington, D.C., USA. We previously worked together on the award winning Bar End Brake Light BEBL and also the SharkFin helmet light.

So far we have already completed the initial design, laid out the board, and even fabricated our first ten prototype (ClockTWO) boards. Unfortunately, the holes are too small for the square leads on the LEDs (square pegs!) . We came up with a work-around so that we can still use these boards, but with this defect, they will be a pain for other makers. We still plan to build up a couple of these boards just to test the design, but we would like to modify the design files and do a much larger run so that everyone can make time beautiful.

That is where YOU come in! The funding raised through Kickstarter will allow us to create ClockTHREE and offer boards, kits and clocks to our backers. And, as a promise to our backers, we will update the Kickstarter Backer page on a weekly basis AT A MINIMUM.

We have chosen a one-month begathon, so if you think ClockTHREE is cool, spread the word and back us if you can.

Thanks again for your interest. We are looking forward to updating you on our progress! In the mean time you can find out more about ClockTHREE here.
Justin and Anool


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    BUCKAROO -- Backstage pass to our Kickstarter project. You'll be swimming in the weekly updates like Scrooge McDuck!

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    NAME IN LIGHTS-- YouTube video of your name scrolling over ClockTHREE. It's like getting your face on the Jumbotron at the ball game, only it's on the internet and we won't spill any beer on you by accident, no matter how excited we get.

  • Pledge $11 or more
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    JUST BOB -- rtcBOB unpopulated printed circuit board / keychain / lucky charm. We had some spare room on the rev0 board layout, so we added 7 real time clock Break Out Boards or rtcBOB for short. Put a DS3231 on here with a couple of resisters, and you have a temperature compensated realtime clock, accurate to about 1 minute every year. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    REALTIME BOB,--rtcBOB populated real time clock, ready for your next project. This clock is the ticking heart of ClockTHREE. You'll never be late to work again, after you integrate this into your next home brew alarm clock. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    HARDCORE -- The rev0 ClockTWO board, warts and all. You gotta be hardcore to build this alpha board up. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    GATEWAY -- Unpopulated (but destined to be popular) ClockTHREE bare board. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    BAREBONES -- ClockTHREE board and electrical components. Everything you need to get the board talking to the ARDUINO programming environment, but no LEDs. You don't need no stinkn' LEDs! (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    THE MATRIX -- Everything from BAREBONES plus all the LEDS you need to make an awesome RGB LED matrix. Take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    KIT AND CABOODDLE -- Everything from THE MATRIX + light shielding baffles, laser cut frame, and English faceplate. A complete ClockTHREE kit. Shovel-ready winter project. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    CLOCKTHREE -- You will receive the complete, assembled ClockTHREE. When you do hang this on your wall of your den or love nest, you'll become the envy of all who can tell time and know beauty when they see it. (Add $20 outside of US or India)

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    FULL MONTE -- Assembled ClockTHREE, but with a custom faceplate in your favorite language, alphabet, and custom software we will collaborate with you on. Want your clock to show the time in Bushman click language? No problem, with your help designing it, we will heat up the laser cutter and make it happen! This reward is just too big to fail!

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