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ClockTHREE is a Open Source Hardware clock, that is Arduino compatible. It helps you explore time though color and language!
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Justin Shaw

25 backers pledged $3,656 to help bring this project to life.

BoB's have arrived!

Just after last week's update, the Break out Boards (rtcBOB and rowBOB) return from the manufacturer. Anool has been up to his ears soldering the SMD components. The rtcBOBs are going together nicely and work as planned. Some of you may be familiar with the ChonoDot realtime clock used in some other Arduino clocks. These are very cool little boards with one big drawback: the battery gets soldered in. Anool and I have designed a break out board for the same chip, the Maxim DS3231 with the same pinout as the ChronoDot but with an easily replaceable battery. The breakthrough came when we discovered the surface mounted female headers that will not foul the battery holder. You will be thanking us seven years from now, when you need to replace the battery.

Another one of the several custom ClockTHREE parts have been ordered. The LED isolating baffle (see image below) went through a couple of design iterations this week and I think we ended up with a very elegant part. Too bad it will most likely be hidden from view! They should arrive late next week (perhaps by the next update).

On the software side, we've made a rudimentary computer interface to ClockTHREE. This interface allows you to set persistent alarms and reminders. This computer component could easily become a whole-n-other project. I decided to take a minimalist approach for this first release.

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