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Update #10

Happy New Year!


I took the week off work to make steady progress on ClockTHREE. I've had to overcome a few snags but have managed to make progress every day. Here is the current state of the software.

The base code works really well. All the features you'd expect from a basic clock are there: setting the date and time, setting the alarm, display seconds (and temperature too). On top of that you can select the color mode (choose a fixed color or temperature based color).

Today I've been working on the serial interface for communication with a desktop computer. The clock recognises time-setting/getting requests, alarm-setting/getting requests and data setting/getting requests.

Next up, a countdown alarm (think new years) that will display a countdown to a specified event and scroll a message with the time arrives. For birthdays, I think you should be able to scroll "Happy Birthday Bob!" every five minutes for the whole day.

On the hardware side, Anool has sent off rtcBOB and rowBOB to be fabricated. Those boards should be back by the middle of January. The schematic for the main board has been finalized. But since we've re-purposed some pins on the MEGA, Anool has had to vigorously attack the rats-nest of traces that need to be sorted out before we can finalize the PCB design.

We've been experimenting with faceplate designs and have found a few that look great. We are going to let the ClockTHREE owners choose their own faceplate font, so look for some font selection choices to arrive by Kickstarter poll soon.

I've attached some faceplate and baffle images to hold your enthusiasm while we continue work on ClockTHREE.

It was a pleasent surprise today to find ClockTHREE listed as one of The 10 Coolest Kickstarter Projects of 2010. Thanks Courtney!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Happy New Year from the ClockTHREE Team!

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