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ClockTHREE is a Open Source Hardware clock, that is Arduino compatible. It helps you explore time though color and language!
Created by

Justin Shaw

25 backers pledged $3,656 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Justin Shaw on May 8, 2011 is open for business! Have a look!

      WyoLum just got Kickstarted in the pants.

    2. Creator Justin Shaw on April 28, 2011

      I have a few ClockTHREE kits for sale. Same price list.


    3. Creator Justin Shaw on March 26, 2011

      @Robert Powell. I will contact you directly to get your shipping address.

    4. Creator Robert Powell on March 26, 2011

      Have the rtcBOB boards gone out yet? I'm still waiting for mine. ;-)

    5. Creator Justin Shaw on December 17, 2010

      Soochon, the fianl dimensions of the board are 12 inches by 9 inches.

    6. Creator Soochon Radee on December 17, 2010

      What are the physical dimensions of the final product?

    7. Creator Justin Shaw on December 11, 2010

      M A,

      The FULL MONTE is simply too big to fail. We will be happy to hear your request and assemble a custom clock for you whenever you are ready.

      Thanks for your kind words about the project!

    8. Creator M A on December 11, 2010

      I never realized how awesome this project is until the (near)end of its funding cycle and when I'm strapped for cash XD

      Will you offer the complete assembled clock for sale after the project is over?
      (If the answer to the above question is yes):
      Will you offer the 999$ reward[At a higher more premium price to cover your rising expenses ;) ] later?

    9. Creator Christoph Berwing on December 11, 2010

      Dear all,

      I'm writing my diploma thesis regarding crowdfunding and I'm urgently looking for interviewpartners which financed or funded a project.
      Please write me at Facebook or if you would have time for a skype interview.

      ...Many thanks in advance,

    10. Creator Paul Mazzuca on December 4, 2010

      Kewl! And cool video too!

    11. Creator Justin Shaw on November 16, 2010

      Thanks Klown. You are correct. In all the fuss of launching this project I forgot to mention Doug Jackson's awesome word clock! I have added a link in the description.

      Thanks for checking out ClockTHREE!

    12. Creator Klown on November 16, 2010

      Haven't I seen a previous version of this as an instructable?