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ClockTHREE Jr. is an 9"x9" Open Hardware word clock. Currently we support 4 languages: English, German, Dutch and French. Add yours!
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Justin Shaw

209 backers pledged $36,365 to help bring this project to life.

Fonts and more fonts

We've posted a pdf file with several font choices: some standards like Helvetica, and some not so standard like "The Girl Next Door" (really, that is what its called).  Get the latest here:

If you've already made a font choice it is not too late to change, so have a look.

Also in the news: After picking away at the WyoLum forum for several weeks, David has finally uncovered the bug having to do with browser cookies.  It appears to work fine now.  We appreciate all of you who have help beta test it!  It is ready for another beating.  Logging in and out seems flawless now.

If you were one of the users having trouble, you may have to clear out your wyolum cookies and log back in.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Justin :: DC

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