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By Peter Maguire
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Jazz Clubs Worldwide was created in 1997. It rapidly became established as the most comprehensive source of information about the global jazz club scene.

Used by jazz lovers worldwide it became widely used by jazz aficionados. Particularly too by musician, groups, and agents to plan future gigs and tours. Jazz Clubs Worldwide was page one and number one on Google until March 2012 

Regrettably its position as the premier font of information about jazz clubs worldwide was usurped by Google who started listing their own jazz club lists on page one. Since March 2012 I have made every effort to innovate and redesign but have reached to the conclusion - with much personal angst - that I could not win against Google 

However - jazz-clubs-worldwide.com contains a large amount of information and data about the global jazz scene. Invaluable for jazz lovers, musician, booking agents, and other interested organisations and individuals. I propose extracting all the jazz club information and presenting it in a PDF. This would be indexed and interactive with clickable links to club websites. 

  • Please check out the sample presentation. 
  •  The digital file would be made available on subscription 
  •  The digital file would be sent by email to subscribers 
  • Updates would be incorporated and the new version/s sent by email to subscribers 

The cost of a subscription would be £24 per annum ($30 US) You will appreciate that a great deal of time, effort, and expertise, will be required to extract all the data and compile into a different media.

I am looking to sign up a minimum of fifty initial subscribers This represents £1200  ($1500 US) in total The minimum pledge is £24 ($30 US) If the total proposed is reached I will commence work on the project immediately and would expect to email the initial publication within one month. All individuals supporting this proposed project will receive the digital file/s by email for a period of twelve months without having to make any additional subscription payment.

Download a Sample PDF: http://jazz-clubs-worldwide.com/pdf/jcw.pdf

If you have any questions please

 email me at pmaguire@jazz-clubs-worlwide.com

Risks and challenges

The complete Jazz Clubs Worldwide lisitng will be compliled and sent to subscibers within one month.

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