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The day I met Mohammed Atta, what he told me, and how my life effected our world.

This book will be called:  Antipathy

     We all remember the United and American Airline planes being crashed into the World Trade Center buildings on the morning of September 11, 2001, and soon thereafter people running desperately through the streets of downtown Manhattan trying to escape the inescapable plum rapidly moving to engulf them. We also remember the destruction in the aftermath of the attack...buildings obliterated ...others barely standing, people covered with smoke and ash, scared, crying, bewildered, not knowing what to do or where to go; and the accompanying stories of how Mr. Big Boss,  Mrs. Female Worker, Mr. Manager, and Mr. Nobody Important had worked on the whatever floor for ABC Corp for x number of years, and left behind a spouse, and young children - some even unborn and who would never know their parent. I remember these stories and images clearly. At that time I was a young stock broker working for a discount brokerage I will call Low Class Securities. My office was located right across the Hudson River in New Jersey. We watched the whole ordeal in bemusement; and actually had offices in one of the trade center buildings and others on Wall Street just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. Some of my colleagues knew people who worked in the trade center buildings. Years earlier I often had lunch between the trade center buildings with coworkers when I worked in the Wall Street District, and had even applied for a job with a well known stock brokerage on one of the floors that was hit! I'd be dead right now, if I didn't walk out before the job interview for reasons I will explain in the book. 

     But what I'd like to impress upon you is that the attack may have been avoided. Two years before the attack, in September of 1999 Mohammed Atta became one of my clients at Low Class Securities. He was just someone who walked off the street one day and wanted to open a stock brokerage account. He was a serious man, and at 6'2, approximately 220lbs of muscle and deep middle eastern voice, - he was a very imposing figure, with a commanding presence. You did not want to mess with him. To me he was the image of a brown skin Incredible Hulk. 

     As a stock broker my job required that "I know my customer". It is an industry rule encouraging stock brokers to know what their clients do for a living, how much they earn, other sources of income, their experience in investing, etc. all in an effort to know what investments may or may not make suitable recommendations. And in my effort to do my job, I got to know Mr. Atta. That meant attempting to bond. This book will reveal how I did that, what I learned, and what I did with the information. Ultimately this book will shock you, and explain how capitalism and our nations ongoing societal problems played a role in the attack. If my book is successful, the reader will be forced to reflect and understand that the roots of all evil is fear, greed, jealousy, and worse - Antipathy.

Proceeds will be used to market and publish the book. Help my story get published. 

I ask that you make your pledge now.  


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