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A single mother begins to entertain dangerous fantasies while "staging" a model home in an empty development.


Buzz has been building for MODEL HOME with features in Variety, Chicago Tribune, and several influential film sites. A major reason for all the excitement can be found in the all-star creative team we have assembled. You may recognize several of our collaborators from their fine work on- and off-screen.


Jarod Einsohn (co-producer) has been intimately involved with MODEL HOME from its inception. Throughout the industry, Jarod enjoys an excellent reputation both as an actor and as a producer with a keen understanding of the business. Jarod is a hands-on producer, visiting sets, sitting-in on casting sessions and making sure every decision meets his famously high standards.  


In a short time, Monique Gabriela Curnen (Camila)has established a reputation for acting with rare intelligence and honesty. Maybe that's why Steven Soderbergh used her twice (Che, Contagion) and Christopher Nolan insisted on Curnen for The Dark Knight.

Winner of three Emmys and a Golden Globe, Kathy Baker (Brenda) has transformed every film lucky enough to include her. To name a few: Edward Scissorhands, Cider House Rules, Cold Mountain, Take Shelter, etc.

Before he was even in the double digits, Luke Ganalon (Jaime) was already noticed by Hollywood. A frequent presence on sitcoms and commercials, Luke was selected by legendary director Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress, High Crimes) to star in his latest feature, Bless Me, Ultima.


Before the crash, selling vacant houses was straightforward. Paint the walls, truck in some furniture and make the place look homey. But today, with more than 2 million properties clogging the market, many in half-built, rapidly deteriorating subdivisions, “homey” isn’t cutting it. Desperate to sell, banks have resorted to more extreme measures. When renting furniture stopped working, they started renting people.

MODEL HOME is about a mom, her kid, and the strange, little-known practice of “live-in staging.” Like many of the recently evicted families recruited to participate, Camila (27) and Jaime (8) are initially ecstatic to live in a McMansion in exchange for decorating the house and maintaining the property. But gradually, the strain of living alone in the desert, surrounded by the ruins of a “ghost subdivision,” begins to wear on Camila. Totally isolated and under enormous pressures—from the local realtor and her own unrealistic expectations—Camila descends into a nightmare far more powerful, and more real, than any American Dream.  

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The path to independent film glory is no cakewalk. Our most important goal will be to attain distribution in 2013 – a challenge that is far from a sure thing. Upon completion, we will be submitting to major festivals in the hope of gaining acceptance (a daunting task in and of itself). If we are lucky enough to be accepted, the film must then stand out in order to attract distributors. We have the utmost faith in our product; MODEL HOME is a unique and thrilling narrative. That said, we cannot guarantee the film will ever make it to theaters—or even home video. This is a risk the donor must be willing to face alongside us.

Of course this is also our first Kickstarter campaign. We have never delivered rewards before…that alone might pose a logistical challenge. But we will strive to remain organized in order to meet our deadlines.

Now on to specifics:

Principal photography wrapped on MODEL HOME in late summer. We are terrifically proud of the footage that has been assembled so far...

Your support will go towards:

a) Pick-up shoot days that will greatly enhance the quality of the film.

There are several challenges inherent in these pickups. We face the difficult task of recreating many sets from principal photography, restoring our actors to the identical condition as they previously appeared, and maintaining the same mood and tone. If the illusion is not pulled off, the new scenes will not mesh with the old ones.

Despite these obstacles, we have a detailed plan of attack for the additional shooting days.

b) Post-production costs including color correction, sound mixing, and score.

Ours is a suspenseful thriller in the vein of THE SHINING. In order to present the best film possible, we depend on crafty sound design to intensify the already creepy atmosphere of the film. If we fail to meet our fundraising goal, these aspects of the film will greatly suffer.

* * *

Thank you so much for your help! The journey has been long and rewarding. With a few finishing touches, Model Home will be a film to make us all proud.


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    Your own Hinky-Pink. For those familiar with the script, they know that Hinky-Pink, the headless, life-size doll Jaime befriends, is a prop on par with the ET puppet and the Maltese Falcon. You will be mailed an authentic, custom-designed Hinky-Pink that was used in the film (only five were made), signed by the members of the cast and crew.

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