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In-flight weather, traffic, and GPS navigation for the price of a tank of avgas.
In-flight weather, traffic, and GPS navigation for the price of a tank of avgas.
In-flight weather, traffic, and GPS navigation for the price of a tank of avgas.
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    1. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Folks, we no longer monitor this comment thread. Please contact us at our website:



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      Leslie on

      Dear Sir:
      I funded this back in February 2016 and never received my hardware. I emailed you directly a few times. I'm receiving your email updates so apparently you have my contact information? Please let me know if there is something else that is required for me to receive what I paid for?

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      Kraig Hayner on

      Problem Resolved ! Thanks.

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      Kraig Hayner on

      I have ordered two units, and received neither ?? I answered the Kickstarter Survey. I sent you a note. And still no response ? Please respond ! Backer 103.

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      Tried it out during my last flight. Worked like a charm. I flew for about 1.5 hours, the anker battery pack was still indicating a full charge. Took a little time in the air to find a UAT tower, but the GPS and traffic were near instant. Wish more GA aircraft were on ADS-B, I saw a lot of heavies at high altitudes, but not much around me.

      Definitely a useful tool - very much looking forward to future enhancements.

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      severebluesky on

      I am more then happy as I got the unit picked up at S'nF :-)
      Looking forward to play with it when back in europe.
      Big thanks to all people involved in this project.

    7. Jim Wreyford on

      Arrived yesterday. Assembled in 30 minutes while watching NCIS. Smoke tested. All good. Looking forward to testing in the airplane soon. As other posters said. Restored my faith in Kickstarter projects.

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      Received yesterday. Thanks for restoring my faith in kickstarter technology projects!!! Setup was a breeze, updating was simple. some advice for people putting theirs together - make sure you don't pop the sd card out when mounting the pi to the case. Can't wait to try it out in the air. Looking forward to future expansions and updates.

    9. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      @Robert - I will try to get a video put together shortly (we're a bit under the gun at the moment). The basic idea is to first download the update file while your computer is connected to the internet. Then, using the wifi configuration tools that come with your operating system, disconnect from your home router and connect to the wifi network created by the FlightBox. Once you've don that, THEN point your browser to The status page will load and you can navigate to the Settings page to do the update.

    10. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      @Daniel - You should have a shipping notice in your inbox as of last evening. Let me know if you didn't get it and I will find your tracking number.

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      @Daniel - I just received my shipment notification, you should see something pretty soon I would think.

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      Robert Morrison on

      Hello Sir, I just notice the update section on your open flight solutions site. When you have time, can you be more specific ( maybe a YouTube video) demonstrating how to "connect to computer and point the browser to for the update? Not able to pull up the requested site?

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Morrison on

      Hello Sir, Flightbox and Foreflight logged on as requested. However, the second time I tried I could not receive a signal on Foreflight? WIFI dongle is blinking, red and green lights come on but eventually go off? Any help is appreciated.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Dawson on

      I haven't received a email or my receiver yet?

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      Bruce Wood on

      First rate project. Arrived in a timely fashion and I could not be any happier with the resulting product.

    16. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Joshua - you will receive an email. We're working on the next batch over the weekend and hope to get all of the Kickstarter backers taken care of over the next week. I can't make any promises on the delivery, but we will get your FlightBox out this month.

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      Joshua Boyle on

      Can I expect a shipment email or will this just arrive? I've got a trip coming up on March 30th and I'm hoping to have this by then. I got in on this in the last couple hours of the Kickstarter campaign so I understand I'm about last in line. Best quess if I'll receive it before the 30th? Thanks.

    18. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Robert - we will be posting FlightBox-specific updates on the Support page ( Please don't try to use stock Stratux updates - they don't account for the read only filesystem on the FlightBox version. I'll post an update in the next day or so.

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      Robert Morrison on

      I received my flight box....what about updates? I notice the Reddit site keeps updating? You answered me previously about having software setup?

    20. Tom Baker on

      That worked, thanks!!

    21. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Tom: First question: are you seeing the "FreeFlight" device in the "Devices" list on ForeFlight? If so, then you might have traffic turned off on the map. You need to enable it in the menu. If you don't see "FreeFlight" then it might be an odd connection issue that I've seen once in awhile. I tried restarting ForeFlight with no luck - I had to restart the iPhone. After it rebooted everything worked properly.

      Sorry to give you the old, "have you tried rebooting it?" line, but sometimes the classics are the best.



    22. Tom Baker on

      Received my Dual Band today. It went together easily, and connected just fine. While on the ground I receive gps, and occasional 1090 traffic, in the status screen on my browser, but it won't display on Foreflight. Any ideas? I do have "hide distant traffic" off.

    23. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Robert: The Pi 3 is certainly interesting for several reasons. I hope that at some point in the near future we can move to the Pi 3. All current orders will include the Pi 2. It's likely to take some time to test out the 3, port the software to the new hardware, and wait for the suppliers to have a steady stream of stock - it's still hard to get ahold of the Pi Zero and that's been out for several months.

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Morrison on

      Will you be updating to the new Raspberry PI board just recently released?

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      Paul Curs on

      Will the FlightBox ADS-B IN receiver transmit to, or connect to, a Garmin GPSMAP 696 to show traffic on the 696?

    26. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Sorry for the delay in responding - things have been a bit busy over the past few days.

      Erik: We're shipping the units with velcro for attachment to the glareshield. We're also working on a follow-on product that will give you several mounting options. Please stay tuned.

      John: there is not a dedicated data out port, but there are two options for connecting your EFIS to FlightBox. One is to use the Raspberry Pi's onboard serial port with a converter that adapts it to standard RS232. Another is to remove the Wifi module from the USB port and use a USB-to-RS232 adapter. There are several people working on adding serial output for Chelton and that should become available in the Stratux software in the next few releases.

      Robert: We've worked out an update system that will allow you to update to the latest software relatively painlessly. You download the update onto your computer, then connect the computer to the Wifi network created by the FlightBox. Once connected you use the "Update" option of the "Settings" tab to upload the new files. We will have a video demonstrating this by the time the units launch.

      Charles: I've sent you an email directly. I am not sure how charges from Kickstarter appear on the credit card statement. Please contact me directly and we can help figure out what's going on.

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      charles pierce on

      I received a fraud warning from my credit card and want to cancel my pledge. seems the charges are by a toy store

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      Robert Morrison on

      Yeah, keep thinking out of the box.....The only thing I am concerned about reading the Reddit site, it seems like they are consistently working out more issues with continuous updates?

    29. Missing avatar

      John on

      Will there be a data out port for connecting to other avionics like the Chelton EFIS?

    30. Erik Namtvedt on

      How about some holes in the bottom of case or some kind of mounting option that supports ram mount suction (like stratu$), or other options?

    31. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Thomas, I haven't tested beyond 5 devices (3 iPads, 2 computers), but I suspect it could easily handle more.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Based upon the fact you are using Wi-Fi for connectivity how many devices can connect to the unit at a time?

    33. Open Flight Solutions Creator on

      Peter, the actual costs will largely depend on how the Kickstarter turns out. I'll hopefully have a better idea in a few weeks.

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Downie on

      How about an option for people who already have a suitable raspberry pi? How much do you think the single to dual band upgrade kit would cost when available? Thanks!

    35. Open Flight Solutions Creator on


      Thanks very much for backing us! In answer to your questions, the dual-band configuration we've put together draws approximately 1.1 amps when connected and processing UAT data. Under idea conditions that should work out to 9 hours of run time with a fully charged E3. In the real world it comes out closer to 8. I've run a bunch of tests on one unit and even after a couple of months of abuse I get more 6 hours. YMMV, but I've had very good luck with Anker.



    36. Missing avatar

      Andrew Koehler on

      I am already a backer with the dual band receiver but I have a couple questions.
      1. Do you have an estimate for battery life using the recommended Anker E3?
      2. Is there a max recommend operating temp with your case/fan?
      Thanks for putting this solution together.