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The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
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    1. K Harrison just now

      Hasty Defences should have a sheet of wooden boards/doors and bits to fit in the windows. You should have 1 small grey sheet (stone walls), 1 small brown sheet (palisade walls), 1 medium brown sheet (stairs), and 1 brown sheet (boards and shutters) in the bag.

    2. Missing avatar

      Amanda Blair about 10 hours ago

      Can someone clarify something for me please. I'm just putting together the second box of bits. The hasty defences seem to be missing the items from page 1 of the instructions. Are you only meant to get two little defences and some stairs?

    3. Grim 3 days ago

      Got my Dwarf today. The printing is very good in my opinion, however I also had the sticky liquid on it. I drilled a hole in the body (from the bottom) and the liquid seems definitely come from the inside. I also had a small misprint on the shield, looks like if something broke away.

    4. K Harrison 3 days ago

      You should have had the £150 bundle of terrain last year. You better email 4Ground (can't remember if that shipment was by tracked courier or not, if so they should either have a record or the package returned).

    5. Missing avatar

      William Keyser 3 days ago

      I got the shipment in Nov. The mat and all third party product will ship with final rules etc probably in March.

    6. Byung-ju Kim
      3 days ago

      Only thing I recieve is stretch goal terrain.:(

    7. Byung-ju Kim
      3 days ago

      Anyone know where can I ask a question about this project? I backed 3rd incurison pledge via pledge manager and I didn't get 150£ worth terrain. Looks like they send it november, right?
      And anyone know when deep cut mat will shipped?

    8. Adam Dodge
      6 days ago

      @William. Cheers bud, I’ll go find them

    9. Missing avatar

      William Keyser 6 days ago

      Hi Adam
      Me to with the directions, I found the pdf on their forums.

    10. Big Pommie Dave
      6 days ago

      I finally got my parcel (it was sent to the wrong address again) and us usual the MDF buildings are excellent but I'm really not impressed with the gooey mess of a miniature. I'm still interested in getting all the game components but at this stage I'd much rather swap my undelivered miniatures for 4Ground store credit and I'll just use other figures to proxy for the game - it's not like there's a shortage of decent fantasy miniatures out there.

    11. Adam Dodge
      6 days ago

      I think I’m missing a page of the instructions for the windmill. Only got two pieces of paper, pages 1-4 which doesn’t finish the building. Is there anyway to download the missing page?

    12. Daniel Smith 6 days ago

      @ K Harrison.

      I did exactly that, a response told me to send an email and gave a different address to the one in the recent update. I emailed both that and the one in the update a 7&5 days ago respectively. I have heard nothing back

    13. Missing avatar

      William Keyser 6 days ago

      Hey guys what about the token, one time 15% discount or multiple use code???

    14. Missing avatar

      Jess Hodges 6 days ago

      Is there a particular email they want us to write to about the leaky dwarf?

    15. K Harrison 6 days ago

      @Daniel The only other thing I can think off is to use KS here (just click on Cad Jeal's name above (just below the blue "Find Out More" button), that take you to another page with a "contact me" button).

      It might take a while for the chaps to respond as I think there are over at Historicon in the USA at the moment.

    16. Daniel Smith 7 days ago

      So two emails to two different addresses to tell 4ground about the issues with the recent package and no acknowledgment or response. Fantastic!

      With that level of contact and communication I am now 100% sure that the best models I will be receiving with my pledge will be the gripping beasts plastics that are a freebie!

    17. Alexis Anglada 7 days ago

      I got my package today.
      I love the building.
      My dwarf's box open in the delivery. So his axe is broken.

      I hope that for the final delivery the box will not open and the security of small bitz will be better.

    18. Missing avatar

      William Keyser 7 days ago

      On a quick aside, any one intrested in helping run a game of Fabled Realms at Tactica in Hamburg Germany, Feb 16th 2019 ???? AM thinking about doing it but would love some help.

    19. Missing avatar

      William Keyser 7 days ago

      Got my package this weekend and spent too much time putting together buildings. Every time I put one of the 4ground buildings it strikes me how really good they are. Fit is perfect, creativity is fantastic. i put together the lonely tower then the little walls that go with it then I put together the stable from the Broggenbridge buildings and hey presto they fit to the walls too. Great stuff.

      But the down side is my dwarf, he was not leaking or miss printed but someone put him in a really nice little mdf box and did not tape the box so the dwarf escaped and the mdf buildings smashed all the parts too little bits, I just have the dwarf with no hands no, shield no axe etc. oh well I will contact 4ground and get a replacement.

      Does anyone know the official policy on the discount token? I have heard that it is 15% discount is this correct, is it one order only or as I seem to have heard it is good until the final shipping of the rules, minis etc??? So good for multiple orders. Now I need more of the Broggenbridge ruins etc, and the stoic arms is just getting more and more tempting.

      And yes I am still for the custom d10 d8 and d6. Please go back to it. I really love the idea of when you get a critical or super critical it takes the same to cancel. Which leads to some really interesting options for those lowly henchmen, if they are only rolling the d6 and they fight someone who rolls a supper critical they are not going to be able to stop it. A great idea and one that is much more interesting than just adding up hits to cancel. Because it leaves you with the knowledge that some fighters might just not be able to stand up to the big guys. A concept I love, sometimes you just dont have a chance but have to throw guys in any way.

      So go back to the good die system.

    20. K Harrison on

      @Dean the idea of a drainage channel is a brilliant one (never would have thought of it myself). Not sure how messy it would make things in the production area tho (remember these things sit in a cup like base of the caddy when printed). BUT it's probably for wiser minds than I to ponder (ie Cad), but good lateral thinking. :)

    21. K Harrison on

      @Dean Not sure where the voids are in the mini, I'm going to try drilling up between the legs into the main body cavity (I suppose if it's printed "hollow" that's the biggest area), Not sure if the backpack forms a separate void or not (but hey it's an free/extra mini, so time to experiment). Although mine hasn't suffered from the "sweating", it might in the future if temps get too high (although it's been fairly hot here in the UK, but then I used to live in Texas for seven years (and then I learned what hot really means :D ).

      From my understanding of 3D prints (although mine is with the melted filaments rather than the fancy UV one that Ben and Cad use). You layer down a level, then step up, then put down another (you then have to build things like the frame if the object has an undercut (or extends out from the previous layer) to support the object being constructed. With a larger object it's quite often that you print it hollow to save on the filament (and speed up the print) if its not going to be visible to anyone. I'm assuming that's what happened here, and just like a chocolate liquor each mini has a liquid centre that's was formed from the original bath of resin and enclosed when the print is finished. By casting the minis solid, then this void is no longer there (although it means its going to take longer to print). Still this is all a GOOD thing (imagine if this hadn't been realised and the game had shipped with all the minis having this sweating problem in high heat).

      We've got to remember that this is the first time anyone has tried to 3D print production minis (usually they are only done for a master for making a mold), so some experimentation is going to be needed to try and speed things up and keeps costs as low as possible.

      I've noticed a few things that you would normally see on a 28mm mini (for example the arm bangle on the arm holding the axe, is very crisp in detail (on a metal or plastic mini this detail would just be rounded out), and the very fine edges to the lid of the backpack. I've also seen the 8FP Crossbowmen of the BoW video I linked earlier where the feathers in the hat is detailed to two different levels of "fronds" (usually you only see 1 level of grooving), and the leather tongues on the boots are of a structure you could never get of a mold (be it for metal or normal drop cast resin) as the detail is so fine, and the boots look like they've been hurriedly pulled on and not laced up

    22. Dean Burling on

      Maybe that is an alternative option. Rather than maki g then solid and incurring the cost of extra resin, create a channel and a hole in the base of the foot (or somewhere that will be covered) to allow any moisture to escape. Just drilled his foot and stood him on some kitchen roll. We’ll see what happens.

    23. Dean Burling on

      @K, I was wondering where the liquid came from in the first place. Is it seeping from the resin? If so a solid mini could make it worse of lengthen the time for it to stop. My concern was also on the cost of printing all the mins solid. As I’m sure it would soon add up. Might have to go drill a foot to see if it helps. Although saying that mine isn’t too bad now. Just a slight “sweating” on the bag and arm.

    24. K Harrison on

      @Dean If the miniatures are printed "solid" that means there's no liquid in the first place to "osmose out" (if that's even a phrase). I presume the "hollow" printing is done to speed up the time taken to print each mini. So a solid print should mean this issue never occurs again :)

    25. K Harrison on

      @Stephen Good job on the "experimentation", looks like your findings support the theory as to what happened. Sounds like they might need to remaster the bigger models (as that a lot of solid £200 a litre resin to use (as they can't print them "hollow"). As the chaps are in the US this week, it might be a while before we hear back from them about it. For some reason I keep thinking of Chocolate liquors now when I look at the dwarf (I think I'll be needing therapy soon :( )

    26. K Harrison on

      @Grim think this is the one (they also link them on the Fabled Realms Facebook page

    27. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Update on my dwarf. I took a 1mm drill to the bottom of the mini and the lower arm socket. After doing so there was a lot of excess liquid that seeped out of the mini over the course of the evening. Looking over the mini this afternoon it is now dry with no further sign of leaking. Lets hope the solid minis avoid this and don't add too much to the production times and costs.

    28. Dean Burling on

      @Cad, I washed my dwarf last night (that is not a euphemism) with soapy warm water. Dried it off and there is still an little amount of oily residue in the deeper grooves on the back pack and near the shield arm. Are these the thicker parts of the mini or is it an even thickness throughout the mini? I have no previous knowledge of 3D printed minis. Could this be excess liquid seeping out of the mini? Would making the mini solid prevent this or would it mean the liquid has no where to go but out and make the matter worse? What about making them in two parts? I don’t know how much more work this would involve if it is even what you would want.

    29. Grim on

      Is there any replay for the last livestream?

    30. Cad Jeal Creator on

      Hi all,

      Just to confirm the only items coming out are the MDF and the Dwarf, not any products made by 3rd parties.

      With regards to the dwarfs with issues we have received a fair number of emails with pictures and it appears that in the heat the dwarfs are leaking. We think this is due to the fact that they are hollow and that some of the liquid resin must be inside and due to the heat the pressure is changing and forcing any remaining resin out (this is a guess not scientific fact). Now you could cure it in direct sunlight but we as a company consider these fails as cured the resin will just harden in its current state (melty wax like). If any one that has this issue and hasn't already contacted us could please contact us and we will get a non hollow dwarf sent out.

      Thank you so far for all your feedback, if we aren't commenting on here do not worry we are reading all the comments. Although in the case of the Dwarf we are guessing at the issue, we think with the production models it will be easier to just make them filled in the center.

      As of this weekend Ben and I will be in America for Historicon, at the show we will have the PVCs with us to show any one that wants to see them. But please be aware we will not be able to communicate on here or by email. If you would like any information in the meantime please email to get hold of Luke.


    31. K Harrison on

      @ William. Pretty sure they stated during the Livestream that the 3rd Party materials will be shipping in March with the rest of the game. The only stuff being shipped beforehand is the special Fabled Realms MDF buildings funded via the KS, A token (which give you a code for a discount in the 4Ground webstore, and finally one 3D printed dwarf. Yes I have the all in pledge, and that's all you will receive (at least that was what in my shipment).

    32. Catlion

      All the KS mdf and a dwarf arrived today in Germany. (Nothing else...)
      Since I backed the KS for the mdf, I am happy! :)

    33. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      Any one who had the 3rd Incursion pledge get their package yet? If so what did you get, are the Gripping beast figures in the package or is it just MDF with the dwarf???

    34. Paboook on

      Shipping announcements from both 4ground and Mantic delivered today! Who will arrive firts: bunch of LOFR buildings or Terraincrate? :)

    35. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      Sorry just saw the update about shipping, great thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      Could we get an update on how many of the supporters packages have been sent out????

    37. K Harrison on

      it was the email I got they survey confirmation from

    38. K Harrison on

      @Richard You could try this one (I got a prompt reply)

    39. Richard Parnell on

      I have sent 4 messages to you via kickstarter over the campaign and not had a single reply
      Please contact me

    40. Richard Parnell on

      Also missing is the Eightfold path war wagon

    41. Richard Parnell on

      Just had a delivery and I seem to be missing several items
      Items missing
      Mordenburg Baggage train
      Hasty Defences

      Please contact me

    42. Ian James on

      Anyone know what terrain is supposed to be in the shipment with dwarf?

    43. K Harrison on

      …..well thinking of the current heatwave maybe direct sunlight might be a bit too warm. Perhaps somewhere where there is refracted daylight?

    44. K Harrison on

      Hmmmm, my dwarf had none of these problems. However (if I remember correctly) Ben and Cad did say that they use UV to "cure" the minis, and that you can leave them out in daylight to harden the resin (warning, also make them more brittle). It could be they aren't cured properly (but backers should report back so 4Ground know of any issues), so as it's a free/extra mini you could try leaving them in direct sunlight for an hour at a time to experiment a bit with them (see if that gets rid of the "sticky" problem).

    45. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      received my wave 1 (mdf freebies and dwarf freebie) this morning too.
      on the dwarf, detail is quite nice, as is the durability. I too had the 'sticky' gunk on it, mostly on his backpack. I soaked whole thing in soapy water for couple hours, and gave it a scrub with a medium toothbrush... which seemed to get it off, for a while. now looking at it again, it seems to have come back. My first assumption was that it was a mold release (although that makes no sense being a 3d printed mini), and seeing comments about the heat, I too am wondering if the model is actually melting in this god-awful heatwave we're having atm?

      Also, surprisingly, I have 2 sections (1 on the axe shoulder, 1 on a massive chunk of the shield) that are 'misprinted'... they just flat don't exist. if it were molded, i'd say it was a large air bubble or something... so not sure what happened there.

      Think you guys may need to take this idea back to the drawing board tbh. detail is very nice, but we can't be having melting minis and major defects being printed like that, not for something that takes hours to print and should in theory be printed perfectly every time...

    46. carl owen on

      If anyone is interested in seeing the dwarf upclose i did a video of what i recieved here

    47. Missing avatar

      Phil O'Donnell on

      Picked up my parcel today and have had a similar oily/greasy substance and looks like half the mini has detail the other has none.

    48. Dean Burling on

      So two questions.
      1) Do we get bases with the minis? I saw that clear bases were a add on. I thought the minis came with clear bases. Also what size.
      And B) what sort of temp does the 3D printed mini start to become soft? We’re having a bit of a heat wave at the moment. The Dwarf is covered in an oily/greasy substance and feels a little bit soft.

    49. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Received my box of stuff yesterday. Unfortunately the box containing my dwarf had opened and there was scaffold everywhere when I opened the package. The model itself shows no damage, a testament to the durability of the material, and bar a potential printing issue with the shoulder on the axe arm looks great. The chain mail is nicely detailed and the pattern work on the pauldron is fine and crisp. If we still had to choose materials I would be voting for the 3D prints.

    50. Dean Burling on

      Got a big box of goodies today. The dwarf looks great. I expected to see some sort of print line from the 3D print but it is nice and smooth. Next to no marks where the frame was attached. Couldn’t find a base for him in the box. Does he come with one? If not what bases will come with the starter sets? Just so I can match them up. Will it be the clear bases?
      What it the liquid residue on the dwarf? Initially thought of a release agent but, it wasn’t released from a mould.

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