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The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
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    1. Paboook on March 14

      First of all, we know 4ground guys are trying the best they can to deliver great game. I am sure it will be very hard and time consuming job. We really appreciate your effort!

      Now my opinion about the dice change. I also like the previous system better - althought I would be happy just with having nothing, success, and critical results (so eliminating super critical).

      1) The new dice seem to me less intuitive and they demand lot of counting. Every roll is much longer process now.

      2) Using dice with symbols instead of numbers would help, but I cannot see why the system needs so many dice that are just slightly different to each other. It seems to me as wrong desicion from the game designing perspective. When I tried to describe the LOFR system to my friend the other day, he immidiately loved the old dice system and criticed the new one.

      3) A secondery one. I hate using both blue and green dice, as they look very similar to each other and one can make a mistake very easy (as proved also in the beta-weekend videos). There is a good reason for that actually :)

    2. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on March 14

      Ok trying to be have a more coherent response to what I see as a disaster in the making for you.

      First your rules are quite interesting in the momentum and some of the other things are quite unique and bring a breath of fresh air into the Fantasy genre.

      Now the figures are fantastic a little old school but still I love them, the buildings are without question the best/most creative on the market.

      Now the change from the custom dice to the 5 different colored d6, I will try to take this step by set as I see it.
      First the idea of the five different colored dice each with a different critical success number does indeed create 5 levels of play but to what end? Is there need for this amount of nuance with the limited range of a d6 can this not be easier and more coherently shown with different die type as the originale game showed. You can assume that most people who try the game are not going to know or be willing to memorize the colors and what they mean, this will also apply to those of us who look at this is as just one of many games we play. Every time I come back to this game and it might be once a year for 5 to 6 games and I think that is pretty average for most gamers, I have to rethink the colors. It is just not going to happen most players will not be willing to jump into a game that has this complicated die resolution, in an area of the game that should not be that complicated. Your rules shine in other aspects the momentum rules and the mixture of abilities with the cards. You are making it too hard to get into the game.
      The alternative which you had and probably most us bought into. For example I waited until I saw a number of the videos showing the game being played until I committed to the kickstarter.
      So initially you just had to look at the ability/card and then roll that color/die type and then add together the success, critical success etc you had, not first separate the colors then remember what a success is for that color then add them up, too much work.

      You are trying to enter a market that is swamped by simple games that rely on d6 rolls, and not much original (I know there are some out there) content. You had an original game with lots of innovative ideas to handle different aspects of fantasy combat/magic etc and then you bog it down with multiple colored d6s each with a different success number. It is not going to fly, either you make a better simple game with simple d6 mechanics or you create something unique, this you had both in the mechanics of the game and the resolution of the combat/etc with die that made your fairly complicated system easy. The d6 just make it harder to get into the system, and I predict it will die as a commercial venture, and firmly believe that most of the 400+ backers you had where drawn to it due to the unique mechanics and the clever use of the different die.

      So go back to the white d6, blue d8 and red d10 simple, easy to see the result of the roll.

    3. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on March 14

      Ok just spent some time looking at the d6 option and do you really think the multiple colored d6 are easier, 5 colors to remember, each with a different critical roll, and each with a different value.

      Does anyone have the rules with the cards etc with the old die system, I will happily create print out the rules and make my own cards rather than the mess that the d6 system is.

      Three different die (d6, d8 and d10) with the custom symbols are a lot easier than trying to remember which color is what. i can even get the guy I met at Tactica in Hamburg to make my own custom die. I just need the stats.

      Or if the designers can give me the clue on how to change the system back from the d6s I would be happy.

    4. Missing avatar

      Carlos Fist on March 13

      If you do the poll you know which way my vote goes :)

      I am extremely disappointed and regret backing which leaves me conflicted. I can see the passion and love that has gone in to all of this from Cad et al so am loathe to criticise but at the same time feel the system has changed so much that it is no longer what I backed.


    5. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on March 13

      I am with you on that, I understand tweeking the rules based on feed back but when you have 437 backers buy into the system we see in the videos and the rules then you fundamentally change it seems really piss poor customer service, how about a poll by the backers to see what they would prefer if you can get over 50% then I will be quiet. I still am pissed and the more i go back to the old rules the more I am feel like just using those but now I see that the cards will also be tied into the d6 system. I think I would if I could go back and drop the entire project. Oh well I can still sell the rules and use the figures for other systems.

    6. JonnyG77 on March 13

      So do we have a date as to when the next terrain shipment etc will go out?

    7. Paboook on March 11

      Much appreciated, thank you :)

    8. Fire Broadside! on March 10

      Blargh, when google and kickstarter fails, just check the comments:

    9. Fire Broadside! on March 10

      Yes, please does anyone have a link to the kickstarter live videos? I had one but deleted it and now it seems impossible to find.

    10. Paboook on March 9

      Ouch, missed the yesterday live stream! Anyone has a link please?

    11. Missing avatar

      Carlos Fist on March 6

      The new dice system is not just a change from custom dice but a change from the system that sold some of us on this new game. No longer all combined normal hits are only 1 hit? No allocation of hit dice by the defender? No all henchman rolling combined? I may as well play Mordheim.

      Listening to feedback from casual passers by at conventions who will most likely never buy this and changing from a system that drew all us backers in seems laughable to me.

    12. Alexis Anglada on March 1

      Changing dice from multiple polyhedral to D6 is not what we must see in this change I think.
      We can focus on 5 level instead of 3 and removed super critical.
      For custom dice, if I have well followed the beta weekend, CAD and BEN have understand tha specific D6 simplifies the roll in game. And some beta tester can have prove it with their custom dice.

      I think we can have this new system with custom dice and it will be easy to use it.

    13. Haddck on March 1

      I just watched the BOW video where you explain the reasons behind the dice system change and I can not understand the logic behind it. In recent times, many games have introduced custom dice with remarkable success: X-wing, Runebound, Imperial Assault, Shadespire, many more. In my opinion, the main reason is that they make life easyer to the player because they show the result immediately without the need for mental calculations. In the video, you say that you did it because there were too many innovative changes in the game and, after receiving feedback from the backers, you decided to simplify. I think you did the opposite, you left aside the familiar mechanics and introduced a new and complicate one that is rarely seen: dice of different colors where, depending on the color, the player must calculate if the result is a success or a critical factor. Before, I needed to roll the dice and just add success and critical symbols. Easy. Now, I have to shoot, see the number of results and mentally calculate for each color if the result is a success or a critic ... I get tired just thinking about it. If you are going to take the trouble to send us a miniature to know our opinion, I propose something: why not do a survey to the backers to know our opinion about the change of the dice? Because I am convinced that most, like me, think it is a wrong decision.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Gear on February 28

      Sorry, my questions about dice. The danger of predictive text 🙄

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Gear on February 28

      Have only just started to watch through the Weekender video's and have just seen Justin unbox his warband and I have a question. Justin and to have a ton of five in that box, exactly how many d6 are included and will they be custom dice or standard d6 but just in different colours? Thanks in advance.

    16. Grim on February 27

      I did miss that we would get a 3D printed figure to get feedback until I saw the video on BoW. Was it talked about in the last KS live? Anyway, I hope I still get a test miniature t give feedback. Would appreciate if you write a KS update so that ones does not miss such important things in the future.

    17. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on February 26

      Ok just watched the news on the dice change and have to say I hate it, me saying that will probably make no difference but I have to say it.

      The idea of the different die types was brilliant with the d6 d8 and d10.

      Once again I feel the designers of a game are bending to the will of the majority which is usually to make the mechanic like other mechanics that they are used to. The designers should be true to their vision this is not rocket science with different die type. The idea that all things should be a d6 because we are more comfortable with that is a load of crap.

      If this would have been up front I would have thought twice about pledging 400 pounds to the game.

      Sorry if you guys are following what the crowd wants and not into some thing innovative and fresh.


    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Penberthy on February 25

      Cad - have watched the Beta weekend livestreams - and have a couple of questions on what I have pledged for.
      Firstly I have pledged for a Dice Bag with additional dice add-on - with you now going away from the custom dice how is this going to affect the add-ons?
      & secondly with 4-Ground now 3D printing models how does this affect those (myself included) who pledge the extra for the resin model upgrade.

      Thirdly - will you be putting out a Beta weekend errata sheet for the changes introduced over the weekend?

      Really looking forward to the game coming out.

    19. JonnyG77 on February 12

      Anyone care to reveal Ben's secret?

    20. Driesen paul on February 9

      Ben has told a secret on beastofwar . For a building for fabled realms where CAD is werking on. IT is a kind of magic :-).

    21. K Harrison on February 8

      little confused after the last livestream.. are all backers now getting the new resin 3D prints and the PVC ones gone the way of the dodo?

    22. Missing avatar

      Christian Jeppesen on February 2

      Nothing yet, I would hope they do an Update when the guys start shipping the dwarves and coins.

    23. JonnyG77 on February 1

      The token was to come with the dwarf and the rest of the terrain. Originally that was to ship out end of Jan. Anyone get a package?

    24. Ole Ingvar Stene
      on January 30

      I have not gotten a Token of passage, is this normal?

    25. KjelKen
      on January 26

      I did, but I couldn’t get the video to play (on multiple devices)

    26. Paboook on January 22

      @KjelKen: Check the link I have provided bellow on December 28.

    27. KjelKen
      on January 18

      I am unable to watch the replay of the liveshow. Anyone able to grab screenshots of the dwarfs they showed off (even tho the decision is already made)?

    28. Missing avatar

      Christian Jeppesen on January 15

      Have the dwarves been sent out yet?

    29. Andy Zeck on January 11

      Has anyone received a dwarf yet?

    30. JonnyG77 on January 4

      I forget is the KScoin coming with our next shipment?

    31. Martin Hammerich Lund on January 4

      Dwarf C for me please!

    32. Ole-Wilhelm
      on January 2

      Unable watch the stream, but I'm going wit dwarf A!

    33. Missing avatar

      Gareth Brierley on January 2

      Dwarf B from what I can see on the stream. I think is is a huge undertaking and cost to you guys to send us the minis and am happy to chip in somehow.

    34. Joe Watson on December 30

      Is it possible to inform someone about getting me verified on the forums?

    35. Driesen paul on December 30

      I love stronger beer and therefore i choose a more adult Dwarf with a bigger beard.(hopefully there is no puff dragon in the area otherwise i have to call him CAD �)


      And to every one of the Fabled Realms Kickstarter a HAPPY NEW YEAR(From Postcardpaul ) �

      No not received a token Yet!��

    36. Joe Watson on December 28

      Thanks, appreciate it @Paboook

    37. Paboook on December 28

      You can watch the last stream here. Some exciting news! Backers should not miss this one.

    38. Joe Watson on December 25

      Also has anyone received their tokens yet?

    39. Joe Watson on December 25

      Is there a link up for the most recent kickstarter live?

    40. Missing avatar

      Christian Jeppesen on December 24

      @Andy Zeck Is that confirmed? I thought is was still up in the air.

    41. Stuart Seydel on December 22

      Dwarf C would be my preference.

    42. Missing avatar

      Robert Peterson
      on December 22

      Dwarf B. Can't wait to see the upcoming docks and Merry Christmas guys!

    43. Kerry Adie on December 22

      Dwarf A would be my first choice.

    44. Andy Zeck on December 22

      By the look of things we will all be upgraded to this fabulous new resin! Resin backers will get extra reward to make up for it

    45. Simon on December 22

      I would like paint Dwarf A more :)

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