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The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
The Legends Of Fabled Realms is a tabletop skirmish game set in the fantasy world of The Fabled Realms
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    1. K Harrison on December 4

      Curses missed the Livestream again......but keep em up (I can always watch after the fact). However be careful Cad/Ben, cus should I catch one I got LOADS of questions.......

      BTW the KS "disk" I name "The curious coaster of SECRETS" :D

    2. sander van Beek on November 30

      Today I did finish the last of my Mordanburg houses from the Kickstarter.
      They are so great and it is so relaxing to build them.

      The wait is on my Sleevigal fort I bought in the Black Friday sale.
      Keep following the sneek peaks with great enthousiasm.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mac V on November 29

      Should we be seeing the terrain in the US at this point?

    4. Cad Jeal Creator on November 23

      Hi Grim,

      We'll try and look into this, but you may also want to contact Fantasywelt in Germany as they are able to offer pre-orders on kickstarter items.

    5. Grim on November 14

      Seeing all the nice new renders of miniatures I'm wondering if there's a chance that you unlock the pledge manager so that we can add some more stuff?

    6. Catlion
      on November 13

      Got a big box of buildings today in Germany :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Warren Mockett on November 9

      £150 of terrain goodness is now on the project bench (well actually the trees are already joining the Walking Dead setup - with all the rest of my 4G gear) Schweet!

    8. JonnyG77 on November 2

      @K.Harrison oh I Know. I just want the mat!

    9. K Harrison on November 2

      During the livestream they said they are shipping existing 4Ground products ONLY (as the mat is from Deepcut, I'd assume no).

    10. JonnyG77 on November 2

      Any chance that we can get the game mat with the terrain? :)

    11. K Harrison on October 31

      AAAAAARGH missed the live stream again :(

    12. Paboook on October 31

      Ouch, just missed the new live stream :/

    13. Stijn Callant on October 31

      Ok. Because I already received the Karag-Haim add-on and some magnets. But nothing of the other terrain, including the £150 set. But I was guessing that it would come with the rest of the pledge until I saw the update. By the way the Karag-Hain buildings are beautiful, love putting them together.

    14. Cad Jeal Creator on October 31

      Hi Stijn Callant,

      At that moment nothing at all. We intended for all of the terrain to go out within a few weeks of the first dispatch. All the terrain we currently make should be shipped to people within the next few weeks. All the new stuff from the Kickstarter (eg. the Windmill) will be shipped with the miniatures.

    15. Stijn Callant on October 30

      Hello Cad a little question about the shipping of the terrain. Was it meant that the add-on terrain would have been shipped or nothing att all?

    16. Paboook on October 30

      Hi Cad, thank you for the clarification. Great news.

    17. Cad Jeal Creator on October 30

      Hi All,

      There was some confusion in our dispatch department and some of the terrain items have already been shipped. We are currently working to get all £150 worth of terrain sets and all pledges that included current terrain dispatched and with you by the end of November so that you can have your terrain well in advance of the delivery dates.

      We are sorry for any confusion this caused and you will receive an email to notify you when your terrain is dispatched.


    18. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on October 30

      I got one pice of terrain, a building as an add on, so not part of the kicksarter campaign. I guess all those 150 pound terrain selections will be sent when they send it all.

    19. Paboook on October 28

      Could anyone help me with my answer below? Thanks :)

    20. james on October 23

      Thank you Cad and Ben for the terrain piece that you have sent

    21. Paboook on October 23

      Which items have been already shipped? The £150 worth of terrain bundles?

    22. Alexis Anglada on October 21

      I hot m'y dalddor ruin bundle by DHL.
      Tanks for sending tous in advanced.

    23. Kristian
      on October 20

      Yeah, I also got home to find a mystery parcel with my terrain waiting for me.
      Maybe I missed an update where they mentioned sending the terrain early, but in any event it was a wonderful surprise.

    24. Stijn Callant on October 20

      @Cad I received a little package from 4Ground to day. Great stuff, love the buildings. I am going to start as soon as I can building them.

    25. Alexis Anglada on October 18

      @CAd: do you start shipment of some part of this kikcstarter?

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Penberthy on October 11

      Cad - any news on when we are likely to get the next instalment of the Alpha rules?
      nearly three weeks since the last.

    27. K Harrison on October 9

      Any late Backers, don't forget to subscribe to the 4Ground forums for extra updates and sneak peaks. You'll also need to provide your user name and backer name for Lurkio to give you permission to see the "Alpha" rules (these are hidden from non backers). Also check back here for the "Live" updates (which are a hoot) :)

    28. Angelic Despot
      on October 8

      Never mind - I've just found the bit where it says the pledge includes each paid add on.

    29. Angelic Despot
      on October 8

      I hope this is an easy question for someone...

      I've backed at the 3rd Incursion level. Are the elven great swords, halgar warsmith, erica oft helstat, dragoul beasts and johan siggurnson stretch goals included?

      The pledge description says everything is included but they're not in the photo breakdown.


    30. Paboook on October 6

      Cad, you are spoiling us with all those stalkers! :) Great models. The poor (ex)gnome model particularly.

    31. Cad Jeal Creator on October 5

      HI Joey Mordecae Dimmock,

      You get 4 in a pack now.

    32. Cad Jeal Creator on October 5

      Hi Antony Little,

      The terrain add-ons will start dispatching from the 11th of This month.

    33. Cad Jeal Creator on October 5

      Hi Guys,

      All the KS lives can be found in the forum in this thread….

    34. Joey Mordecae Dimmock
      on October 4


      the stalkers are great stuff :D

      Btw, do we get all 4 in the pack now, or just a random 3 from the selection?
      (I ask as there's 4 sculpts shown, but the addon shown in both backerkit and the campaign was for a 3 pack)

    35. JonnyG77 on October 2

      Did the LS go down already? Can someone post a link or sum up what was said?

    36. K Harrison on September 28

      Can't see the live stream?

    37. Antony Little on September 28

      Any idea when the terrain add ons will be shipped?

    38. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on September 26

      Hi really looking forward to this game, any news on the next live event?

    39. sander van Beek on September 24

      The wait.....
      Going to get the stables for my birthday, as a present to myself ;)
      Should be out in December, so good timing.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daan on September 23

      Wonderfull models those Stalkers! Good job guys!

    41. Dean Burling on September 20

      @Paul, thanks for that. I went to see the Polish Winged Hussars reenactment team a few weeks ago. I have just ordered a box set of the Pike and Shotte Hussars and was hoping that I could incorporate them in to one of the KS factions.
      Maybe some northern kingdom has heard of the Dragoul and has sent some of their knights south to find out what they can. Obviously while they're there they will provide their services.

    42. Paul Richardson
      on September 20


      They've said that one of the next factions after the kickstarter is fulfilled a mounted faction and the other factions will then have mounted characters. So the rules will come but it maybe after this kickstarter is fulfilled.

    43. Dean Burling on September 15

      Does/will the rule book contain rules for mounted characters/soldiers?

    44. Dean Burling on September 14

      Cheers Cad. Went for the ruins since they all link together. I'll just sit here and wait for a big box now.

    45. Cad Jeal Creator on September 14

      Hi Dean,

      The Lonely Tower and Broggenbridge can join with the Daldorr Ruins. The undamaged Mordanburg set is the one shown on the individual pledges. The damaged one and the ruins are all shown in their updates.(30 and 35).

    46. Cad Jeal Creator on September 14

      Hi JonnyG77,

      There is no set date but it will be in the next week or two.

    47. Dean Burling on September 13

      What I meant to say(after going back to check) is the Lonely tower and broggenbridge buildings.

    48. Dean Burling on September 13

      So, I've upgraded to the £400 pledge level. I'm stuck on which terrain pack to go with. Has anyone (Cad) got any images of what comes in each set, built up and together? Also do the watch tower and bradonburgh, or whatever they're called buildings link in to the ruins? Love to see some images on an update to help me choose.

    49. JonnyG77 on September 7

      Any update on the next live stream?

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