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$5,351 pledged of $6,500 goal
$5,351 pledged of $6,500 goal

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    1. Mikeysmiling on

      Disappointing!!! Hopefully you can attempt this again. Great product design!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Fernando Robert on

      damnit, not reached ! :(

    3. Isaac Porras 24-time creator on

      Here is a design that I did for multiple batteries called Power Stacker:
      It is possible to combine panels with a USB Y-cable, or maybe even build those connection in to the connector. Depending on how successful this campaign is, I may be able to incorporate these features in to the current design, but right now I'm focusing on keeping it simple at this funding level.

    4. Missing avatar

      Fernando Robert on

      As far I had seen on the descriptions, panels and batteries are serial. So to bring them parallel a simple USB hub should do the job I guess. Or we must
      make some custom wiring.

    5. ShadowCub

      I too would be interested in the possibility of combining multiple panels and batteries, especially if they could be on separate packs while hiking and then combined while in camp, if that makes sense....

    6. Missing avatar

      Fernando Robert on

      I have a question: Can I charge one battery with two panels ?Can I put these two panels in parallel for charging faster this battery, is there a plug-in trick to allow this in the design of the Solarpad ?Or the only way is to charge only one battery at a time ?Can the design allow to put two batteries in parallel and charge them with the two Solarpads put in parallel two and have all charged at the same time ?Is these configuration modular ?

    7. Isaac Porras 24-time creator on

      Yes, $4019 and climbing! Hopefully this momentum can help us reach the funding goal!

    8. Missing avatar

      Fernando Robert on

      Yes 4000 $ reached !Keep it up guys !

    9. Missing avatar

      Carlos on

      That makes sense. I meant more as an add-on. I like the rewards as they are, but wanted to know if we could add additional items as add-one.

    10. Isaac Porras 24-time creator on

      The Early Bird-Two Solarpad and Two Power Core reward is almost the same price as regular Two Solarpad reward, so I recommend that reward for two Solarpads. I don't want to add too many confusing rewards for each combination and add confusion for the shipping process.

    11. Missing avatar

      Carlos on

      Is it possible to add a second solarpad to the solarpad kit?

    12. Mikeysmiling on

      Is it possible to order two Solarpads w/o batteries? Thanks

    13. Isaac Porras 24-time creator on

      Yes, the shipping is the same because it is a flat rate package, which means it's not priced by weight, it's priced by the box or envelope and you can fit as much as you want inside.

    14. Missing avatar


      @alex v it is really $34 for a $78 product, you are getting a discount as a early bird backer. I believe the shipping is the same if you pledge at the 2 Solarpad kit level.

    15. Isaac Porras 24-time creator on

      I don't have an account with a large low rate shipper or distributor because these are all small quantities. If I had lots of orders I could ship oversees at a low cost, but unfortunately the lowest cost and most reliable service for such a small order would be the US Post Office at $35 each package.

    16. alex v on

      Hi... Shipping is really prohibitive... $34 for a $58 product is a lot.
      Also, no early bird duo pack?