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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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Chapter 7 Notice

Posted by OSSIC (Creator)
Chapter 7 Notice (Page 1)
Chapter 7 Notice (Page 1)
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    1. Michael
      about 9 hours ago

      When am I receiving refund? Help please

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Funsch on

      Thanks Brett Madigan for some insight into this that most of us are missing and very sorry to hear you got shafted on this worse than most of us... As for the product, he's right - Nuraphone was advertising a finished product on Facebook before Ossic even pulled the plug and while I haven't given them a test drive yet, the reviews have been great at a price commensurate with a pair of Bose cans. So, the hard lesson here is Kickstarter et al is still the rodeo of the investment world and one shouldn't 'invest' money they can't afford to lose.

    3. Mak Calixte on


      They got us good, while they live off of our money.

    4. Martin Eliasen on

      I never agreed for the shipping payment to be used on anything else than shipping, not returning them is pure theft!

    5. Missing avatar

      Preston Wilson on

      To DEMAND Ossic Corporation refund at least part of backers' credits to the company, we MUST call the BANKRUPTCY CLERK'S OFFICE, which is listed in the Chapter 7 Notice.

      Case #: 19-00327-LA7

      Bankruptcy Clerk's Office

      Phone Number: 619-557-5620

      Hours of Operation: 9:00am-4:00pm (PST)

      Proof of Claim: "No property appears to be available to pay creditors (BACKERS!!)" ... "If it later appears that ASSETS (such as I.P.) are available to pay creditors, the CLERK will send you another notice telling you that you may file a proof of claim and stating the deadline."


      "If you have information regarding any bankruptcy fraud or abuse, please contact the United States Trustee in writing at 880 Front Street, 3rd Floor, Ste. 3230, San Diego, CA 92101 and/or by calling 619-557-5013."


    6. Rich Kohler on

      I’ll make this simple—Kickstarter and Ossic can go to hell. I will never again do business with Kickstarter and I’ll will make it a point to spread the word that they will take your money, but supervise and deliver what is promised not so much.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brett Madigan on

      I was a developer backer and put around $1000US in to Ossic X as The highest level backer available in the early stages of the kickstarter release. I truly believe that they did get plenty of head sets made as they had previously shown them lined up and ready for shipment but pulled the plug after realising that other manufacturers had caught up and had even taken over them in the developmental stages of the drivers needed to deploy something special in this niche market of 3D Audio. After realising that they had taken way too long after delay after delay in getting these ready market. They were left with a clunky, heavy inferior product that just doesn’t work they way that it is meant too. OSSIC X would have been a dud and warranty claims through the roof. They didn’t work with iOS and the cables and drivers to do so were never made. So when realising this was not working out they spent the cash and drained any remaining funding out of the business. Including taking all the remaining ‘development’ stage stock and rebranded them and sold them off under a different name. They wouldn’t have just thrown all that stock away, would they?
      I know this about the product and have taken a pretty educated guess at the rest as I actually received a ‘development headset’ from Ossic shortly before they pulled the pin. This was the first set of two headsets that I was meant to receive as part of the $1000us backer reward. Although I think they only sent it to me as I was constantly asking for my refund under kickstarter refund policy as they had well and truly exceeded the timeframe in for filing their part of the deal and to shut me up from smashing them on social media they sent me a unit. Now that my hard drive has crashed on my old laptop I no longer have the Ossic X software to make these headphones do what they were designed for and I have no way of getting a copy of it now the developer porthole is gone with their website so now I’m left with a heavy and average set of cans that look pretty on a stand at best. They could have left this software available at an alternative open source website for the few people that do have these paper weights. At least now my laptop won’t be freeze and become slow every time I deploy their software. I know people will say at least you have something for your money and in someway they are right I just want those people to think about the difference in their sub $200US contribution that they are upset about (and they have every right to be) and in comparison to the fact they would have received the same item as I did for one fifth of the price I paid. Well I still got shafted harder than most. To be honest I was so excited to receive them and once I used them the disappointment set in at how bad they actually are and in comparison to what they promised to deliver they were worlds apart. Then after realising how far the ‘developer’ set needed to go before meeting what they had promised I actually felt sick at the reality that I had be duded out of a thousand bucks and I wished that I never had received the units and pushed for my money back earlier. Thank you for taking the time to read my view of the situation.

    8. Manythings on

      Can you break down the parts where you wasted money? Cause the whole Abbey Roads studio stuff? The world is full of places where you can get the same work and expertise without a logo adding a mark up. That's like buying an Alienware PC when you can build better computers for as little as 10% of the price.

    9. Jim Medcraft on

      It would be a good show of faith if they released all the research and data funded as open source on GitHub so someone else can pick up where Ossic left off, maybe in better circumstances.

    10. Jim Medcraft on

      Backers should be considered unsecured backers, if there is anything left for unsecured backers, it seems fair that backers should get a cut of it, it would be good to know if there is likely hood of unsecured debt getting anything. At end of the day, they had a shot and it failed, yes we all lost some money but it's taking risks that move things forward, think of all the things that wouldn'thave happened with out people taking risks.

    11. christian axten on

      It doesn't help for backers to fight with each other, regardless of reason. I would like to have Ossic Make all their full financial records available to us without redaction if they are truly bankrupt at this point. I want to see the numbers for myself. If they ran out of money in development then, oh well, it happens sometimes. However, if its true that they spent large portions of the investment money recklessly and lied to us, then that is a whole different conversation that should be had.

    12. Buddy

      So, when can we expect a spreadsheet detailing how all the funds were spent?

    13. Kai Chinn on

      My last comments was towards @Dan Wions and not towards @Dylan Chau just to clarify as Kickstarter does not allow to edit comments here.

      Also taking the copy/paste method, this is worth knowing and doing:

      “If you have information regarding any bankruptcy fraud or abuse please contact the United States Trustee in writing and/or by calling.”

      I will also be doing this as all of us should if we know of anything,

    14. Kai Chinn on

      @Dylan Chau and all others that think Kickstarter is a store... it is NOT!

      While i am unhappy with the over $500 lost on this it is a good reminder that these campaigns are just us helping someone fund their ideas to hopefully come to reality and there is always a chance and unfortunately that did not work out for most of us as some payed even more than we did and actually go to be "testers" of prototypes and even they got shafted.

      At this point, suing seems to be something that some are looking at both towards Kickstarter as well as Ossic so we will see what happens in this.

    15. Missing avatar

      leigh hempsall on

      This is complete bullshit. Like I have always said, had they spent the money on developing the product rather than travelling around the world promoting and marketing a product that wasn't finished we would all have our headphones. We funded these guys to travel all over the world, probably first class, and we have all been taken for mugs. Someone needs to answer for this, I bet they all have really nices houses on us as well.

    16. Dylan Chau on

      I’ve given up on getting anything out of this. At this point, I have my Audeze Mobius which is a much better product than I think this could have ever turned out to be.

    17. Dan Wions on

      I will never again buy anything on kickstarter

    18. Dave on

      Nobody will see anything from this.

    19. Tyler Poelstra on

      Thank you for the additional updates. Please let us know if there is a step in the process where any of us can receive any amount of the product value back as per the Kickstarter rules for an undelivered product. I hope a larger company can somehow buy the work that went into this and bring OSSIC X to market. I’d be willing to double dip if it were ever a real product I could purchase.

    20. wdk on

      So what can a backer from Europe do…?!

    21. Trogdor ☠ ➽#BoycottKS #KSfraud ☠ on

      Understand folks that you are less than an unsecured debtor. Is what it is.

    22. Michael Hsu

      Give us back our money!! That's why I won't do another crowdfunding project! I have supported over 100 projects and this was the biggest one, but it failed!! So like again, give us back our money!!

    23. Conrad Yonosenada

      Well, at least SOMEONE is getting "relief".... just not us backers.

    24. John on

      “If you have information regarding any bankruptcy fraud or abuse please contact the United States Trustee in writing and/or by calling.”

      I’ll be doing this. You guys are so full of crap it’s amazing.