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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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10,263 backers pledged $2,708,472 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Mark Taylor on

      This is the fourth failed Kickstarter project that I have had the misfortune of throwing my money at. Kickstarter, your research and ability to define are appalling. You should rightly be hounded off Facebook and the net, as your bloodsucking method of crowdfunding should be recognised for what it is. Theft. Fraud at the highest level, and I feel sure that you will shortly get your well deserved come-uppance.

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      Quang N. Tran on

      John the Facebook page guys, they betrayed us. At least we must get what we were stolen.

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      Mark Kosman on

      Make an offer to Neil Young and the Pono player - great sound needs great headphones.
      I'm sorry I never received my headphones, I've been waiting ... and waiting.

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      JH Peter Parker on

      U should your house and cat refund+interest U fraud!

    5. Sam Posten

      Keep me posted for the class action

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      Luhrion on

      So after countless delays, suddenly it's just "good bye" (to Ossic X as well as our money)... This is definitely the last time I spent serious Money on a Kickstarter project. Sad, just sad...

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      Doddoli on

      I ask for join the « class action lawsuit group »

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      Winston on

      There should have been more communication between this project and the backers. Honesty goes a long way.

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      Mirko Schwehr on

      okay, that's pathetic

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      Doddoli on

      WTF !!!!!
      Encore une arnaque !!!!
      Plus jamais je ne contribuerai sur kickstarter !!!!
      Je veux être remboursé !!!
      This is bullshit I will never contribute on Kickstarter !!!
      I want my money back !!!
      If there is law suits please let me know

    11. Luciano Mendes on

      PQP!!! Sou que tenho muito azar ou esse modelo do Kickstarter é a maior furada do século XXI? Não sei... dois projetos que arrecadaram milhões de dólares naufragando vergonhosamente e com explicações nebulosas e desculpas mal formuladas. Penso que o Kickstarter tem que pensar em modelos de arrecadação com mais lastro e em formas de dar mais segurança a seus usuários. Com certeza a parte deles foi garfada a muito tempo atrás e sem prejuízo nenhum.

      A OSSIC X, em seus textos e vídeos do inicio da campanha, assegurou que tinha uma equipe experiente e com muita vivência no mercado de áudio. Todas promessas falsas que a meu ver se configuram fortemente como propaganda enganosa. Fora todas as cartinhas descoladas, relatando parcerias incríveis e marcos de desenvolvimento maravilhosos.

      Mais de 500 dólares em prejuízo nos últimos anos. Devo ser muito trouxa mesmo... no momento estou financiando dois projetos e acabo de perder todas as esperanças em ver qualquer tralha oferecida aqui nas minhas mãos.

      Isso é um grande e laboratório de testes de demanda. Bota uma ideia "inovadora" na roda, sente qual a acolhida do público e depois as tecnologias desenvolvidas com a nossa grana devem acabar nas mãos de grandes empresas. Ou vocês acham que eles não desenvolveram nada vendável... vão fechar, não vão precisar pagar e nem entregar nada a ninguém e ainda vão ficar com um ativo super valioso para vender a quem der mais.

      É a maior sacada do mundo digital, pego grana de muitas pessoas, descentralizo as responsabilidades e torro tudo com meu devaneio de ser o próximo Steve Jobs... depois é só fechar as portas e dividir o butim.

      Vou fazer um financiamento coletivo e montar a campanha #kickstarternuncamais. Quem sabe recupero minha grana? Desculpe mendazes responsáveis do Kickstarter, mas não deu para "be respectful and considerate" depois de tanta frustração e raiva.

    12. Simon Thompson on

      Bunch of thieves...aided and abetted by the platform used to to get funds...JR should have used "personal savings" to refund backers. ...his name is mud in the tech world now.

    13. Jose Marcelino on

      @phants I certainly didn't back the project only to fly the OSSIC team to parties and events all over the world. CES and others events are not cheap. What we saw here was total misrepresentation of the actual state of the project along the way.

      if you enjoy being scammed and screwed over by OSSIC and other then feel free to continue but please don't come here acting all superior for being a fool.

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      Tyler Andress on

      Complete bullshit. You raise that much money to build a product and you can’t deliver. Horrible money management. Absolutely pathetic and will be forever wishing ill upon this company.

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      Brian Miller on

      I appreciate the update on this. It is sad to think that once again, Kickstarter has allowed another fraud company to set up a false storefront, promise the moon and then conveniently realize at the "5-yard line" that it takes several million dollars to do what they set out, despite this campaign raising far more than the initial amount asked.

      Beating this dead horse is not nearly as tantalizing a thought as taking pure justice into one's one hands, but the real issue is the way forward for us past the class action lawsuit that everyone is clamoring for: boycott ALL crowdfunding until there is abetter system in place for accountability. I realize the basis is that there is no accountability since crowdfunding, at its nature, is to raise money and make enough promises to appease those people that thought their money would go somewhere other than lining the pockets of those that dreamt up the scam in the first place. This is the big problem.

      The crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, take a portion of the fees raised. They profit off of deception. They don't attempt to refund the money that was lost. Nobody does. We paid these fuckers over 2 million dollars just to be laughed at.

      To all at those that say we don't have a right to be angry when our money is stolen, I have to wonder how someone can be so cavalier about losing money.

    16. Victoria on

      What a scam! Ossic, you never even produced the final product as you have been continously lying. Transparency would be to tell us how many headphones you claim to have completed! Financials should be checked in order to discover how the money was embezzled!

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      Dario D'Aversa on

      @phants some projects do fail, yes. But when you raise TWO MILLION dollars, and claim that you raised as much with angels, and show videos of a near-finished product only to tell your backers two years later that you burned all your money --an proclaimed FOUR MILLION F****ING DOLLARS on R&D -- this isn't your average failure. It's complete BS.

    18. Michael


    19. Missing avatar

      Isaac Folts on

      Uhhh no actually this isn’t goodbye. You don’t get off that easily I’m afraid. You will hear from us - very soon.

    20. Peter Nyrell on

      While waiting for your product I made my own headphones. They have no sound but sits comfortably on my forehead. SAD SAD news - but when darkness falls I can now mount my headphones on my forehead. In time I will possess more electronics and grow as a person.

    21. Greig on

      Jason Riggs should never be permitted to lead a company again that has public backers. He has been absent, silent and showed no leadership to his backers. I feel if you are serious about delivering a final product you have to have a realistic business plan, Kickstarter gets you the customers and if your plan is even half decent then something comes back in return to their investment. For so many millions to go down the plug hole the leadership are incompetent and have failed in their planning and execution. Accept I loose my money, but giving this apology from Ossic, is bullshit, let it come from the leadership.

    22. Tyler Poelstra on

      This was an extremely ambitious project. I’m sorely disappointed to be out so much backer money. It was the largest project I’ve ever backed, and the last one I back that takes so much to do so. If there is some basic refund available for shipping charges that were never used, that would be great.

      I’m very sad to see such a great technology not make it to mass market. I knew funds were likely tightening up with the updates getting few and far between, and was hoping and expecting some sort of larger company like Logitech to have come along and buy OSSIC, like Facebook bought Oculus.

      I hope there’s some way to soften the blow from all this for so many people who are now left with nothing but a bitter feeling of loss. $250 is nothing to sneeze at.

    23. Abhishek Gami on

      I applied to join the FB group as well. Fully aware the project could fail, but I agree that the company expanded the scope of the project well beyond what was represented at the time of my purchase in ways that were irrelevant to the initial advertised mission. The opportunity to obtain a refund once the scope changed was never presented. Updates misled us to believe that ongoing R&D was aligned with the original mission though we have now learned that the money was being spent on irrelevant activities.

    24. Miha Pavlič on

      I know, that backing a project is a risk and all, but feedback would have softened the blow here significantly,
      Like others have said, all the updates told us about was, how you were visiting tech conventions "showing off" the product, the timeline said it was mostly 6months out and all the updates were made to give us hope of seeing the project come to fruition.

      The latest update comes out of nowhere, doesn't adequately explain how the money was spent, I personally feel, since I've seen no updates, that you did not work as hard as you could have on finishing the project.

      You will need to release any and all documents you've had on how the money was spent, what stage the product is at, show us proof that you actually started working on physical units and either do everything in your power to bring the project to completion or refund the money as stated in the kickstarter guidelines, the money was given to you in good faith considering these guidelines as a rule.

      I will be joining the group for the lawsuit in case it actually comes to fruition, but I implore you to work on your presentation to us, what actually did happen, and why you kept it from us for so long.

    25. phants

      Unlike most of the commenters here, I know how Kickstarter works. I knew that when I placed my pledge and I don't magically stop knowing that when a project fails. Our money was at risk from the start and it was up to us to decide if we wanted to take that risk. We made that decision when we chose to back the project.

      Some projects fail. This is one of those projects. It sucks and I'm out of pocket for a set of headphones myself. But that's just how it works. Dumping vitriol on people who, as far as I can tell, genuinely gave it their all to deliver an innovative product reveals your own ignorance while also hurting other people.

    26. Missing avatar

      David Moore on

      For those wondering about the promissory notes written to Riggs, Gilford and Lyons, please see pages 5 and 6 of their now withdrawn SEC filing:

      Reality is, there is. I money to pay for refunds or class action suits. If there is anything left, initial backers are not top of that food chain unfortunately.

    27. Missing avatar

      Shamerin White on

      Are you fucking with me?!

    28. Christoph Mueller on

      this was my first kickstarter and I was so amazed by your introduction video and really looking forward to the product! now I'm sad, angry, disappointed, all together, not because I won't be refunded my money back but because you failed to deliver what you promised to do! I guess, I'm lucky that I did receive some other earplugs I kickstartered (even though kickstarter kicked them off because of an intellectual property dispute, and even though customs kicked in when I received those and paid more than I actually wanted to). there's two things I learned from those two kickstarters: first, I probably won't ever kickstarter technical stuff again, except if it is fully developed and ready to produce, and second, I'll always look out for EU friendly shipment! don't know what else to say.. better buy technical stuff in retail! :(

    29. Rich Langsford on

      Would someone be so kind as to put together and display here a list of names of all the principals involved in creating this travesty? In exchange I will pledge to not do business with any firm who hires them in the future, or who develops products based on their research unless we the investors are compensated for same. Thanks!

      As for class action lawsuits, I have been a party to a few of these, and found they are generally run by ambulance chasing lawyer types who take half the proceeds off the top, then take what remains after court and filing costs and payment processing fees, and divides it among thousands of class members. You might get a check for a few dollars in a couple years...not worth the time to fill out the forms.

      The anonymous author of the goodbye letter is either fraudulently stating that the first production units were sent out, meaning "in production," or fraudulently stating that they "engaged with many larger companies who had interest in our technology, but ultimately none of them had both the appetite and ability to make the required investment to bring the product to market. Have they delivered to the market or not? There may be criminal liability here. Is Ossic an American company? If so, the Attorney General of their home state, at minimum, should be notified so they can investigate and examine company books. How much have the Ossic owners been paying themselves over the past couple years?

    30. Joseph Brent Grooms

      Where is my refund? Refund! Refund! Piss poor.

    31. Fabian Kopp on

      I would've doubled my pledge if you only said once that money was a problem. It's a joke that you put all the money into developement instead of trying to fullfill your contract. It wouldhave been no problem if the headphones weren't mobile compactible.
      I'm joining this group in hope of getting my money back:

    32. Frank Ch. Seckler on

      You promised the delivery over and over again. Several times you tried to teach us, we'll have to wait. Many times you said: "Wait for that final Ossic - it will be huge!"

      And all those phrases were just a f****** piece of shit?

      And now? A huge desaster. A very sad situation - for all of us. Especially for those (including me), who believed in you, who trusted you - and gave their money. I've lost hundreds of bucks. Some guys lost thousands...

      But you know... karma strikes back, bitches!

    33. Missing avatar

      Brittany Garcia on

      Where is my refund?

    34. Ronald van Dijk on

      Hete also an early backer from Holland .. i think getting our money back is just as hopefull as the ossic coming out..
      IT has been 2 years of hope and frustration.. and in the end we are all F*****
      I dont think iT is worth the energy..
      My first kickstarter was also my last.

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Dimas on

      I really should learn from my mistakes. Second time i got scammed on headphones. Next time i will just wait for retail.

    36. Moran Yaheli Zelikovich on

      I was supposed to get the product on Jan 2017. I want the money back 289$ + shipping cost of 40$ to the Netherlands. Or the product. If not I’ll sue with the others we are joining forces. We already checked and you didn’t seem to stand in the requirements. It’s either my money back or the promised product - otherwise, you will abviously be facing a serious law suit against you. I would rather just ship them and get it over with.

    37. Reiner on

      As some of you know, I saw this coming since a long time. As one the 1000 Dollar investors I did receive a partial refund approx 1 year ago. Still lost my 250 plus.
      I hope this arrogant ex-CEO will go to jail for this.
      Happy to join the class action.

    38. Missing avatar

      Rick Wathen on

      I pledged $1 so I could watch this product implode and read comments. I almost went full tilt but have been burned before for far less money.

    39. Missing avatar

      Justin Ball

      Would love to join the class action but not a great user of Facebook. Is there any other way to get involved?

    40. Michael David Segalo on

      I had a very bad feeling when they kept posting all the trade shows they were going to instead of making some headphones.

      How about you just make some decent noise cancelling cans and at least give us something!

    41. Rich Kohler on

      Don’t get mad get even. Everyone should file a complaint through their state’s attorney general’s office. Additionally, file a complaint with the FTC.

      Don’t forget Kickstarter. They absolutely need to be more involved and provide built in safe guards.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kieren Malone on

      Join the Facebook group OSSIC CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. This cannot go without reprisals. Have your name logged.

    43. Missing avatar

      George on

      This would've been fine if we weren't lied to about progress going well consistently from the start. A big fat middle finger of an apology after 4 months of silence. Nah.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kieren Malone on

      Join the Facebook group OSSIC CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. This cannot go without reprisals. Have your name logged.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jose on

      The fact that you guys went on to say Feburary/March ago that they will definantly be released come this June/July only to than come back and say mid May saying you havent even done ANY production?? And now you shutting down?? And have pretty much been broke since initial R&D but continued to string us along like everything was ok. This is infuriating. I fully understand that KS is not Amazon and a product is guaranteed. But to act like the product is going real well up until the very last moment on to reveal behind the curtain it was nothing but a shit show. Even when they made it so you can buy stocks from the comoany they reported that it was doing well and just wanted to open the cimoany to more investments and create a way for their supporters to make more of a return from them. This company is a lying scam. 2 years of my time wasted on the thought of these headphones that were not even real. Im joing the facebook page and i en ourage everyone else to do so too.