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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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      After more than 2 years of delay, this is the result?! It just shows mismanagement and irresponsibility the way you communicate to us backers.

    2. Phang Kian Wai on

      Since the project is shutting down, can all of us atleast have a chance to own the Intellectual Prop .. next time if someone will like to buy the technology, atleast we can get some money back ?

    3. Dale Myers on

      What an absolute crock of shit . We better be getting our money back you bunch of thieves. Just as bad as the morons behind skully

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      Tim on

      For anyone interested, below is an email exchange with Ossic requesting a refund in 2016. Let that sink in. TWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN. REFUND REQUESTED... re-reading this has made my blood boil.


      Hey guys, I must say I am extremely disappointed with the way the Ossic X was deceptively marketed. I have been an Ossic X backer from the beginning which was many months ago now. I have since then bought a HTC Vive to use with it.
      The reason I am so dissatisfied is that the way the original campaign was presented in the video, it made it seem like these units were already invented, and the funding was for improvements and distribution. Every time I receive an update email, I am severely infuriated to see only extremely minor updates, and to see that there are still many uncertainties in the design. The main nail in the coffin was the last update sent on Dec 17, in which it was made clear that production of the units had NOT EVEN BEGUN. I was absolutely disgusted to read that there have been ADDITIONAL delays which will further stall the production until JULY NEXT YEAR. This is completely and utterly unacceptable.
      I have held off on buying other headsets even though my current ones are broken, and enough is enough. I can't wait another six months for this incomplete product when there are options in the market right now. I feel deceived that the product was advertised so early when it was clearly nowhere near ready, and materials not sourced or tested.
      I would like to be refunded for this product on the grounds that the expected time delay to wait, which was not advertised, is extremely unreasonable.


      Joshua James (OSSIC)
      Dec 23, 3:39 PM PST

      Hello Tim, thanks for reaching out. Your concerns are completely valid and I want to address each point.

      It's important to remember that the concept presented on kickstarter had all reward tiers mention 'Estimated Delivery'. This is to highlight the fact that is not an existing consumer product, but with the support of backers can become one. We required the kickstarter funding to start the production stage, and when the demand rose to 10,000 units we quickly realized that all of our production plans had to scale up exponentially. The materials you mentioned not being sourced or tested is due to the fact that they simply did not exist. Most of the internals of the headphone are completely custom and had to be designed and manufactured specifically for the X.

      The messaging of progress on the headphones is an attempt at transparency. To see the highs and lows of the production cycles gives backers a glimpse how these products are developed. If from those updates you are feeling infuriated by the lack of perceived progress, I can personally work to better that messaging because I write them all. It's feedback like this that helps promote the community to be the best it can be and without this kind of communication it's hard for us to gauge the backer sentiment.

      Your disappointment and concerns are valid based on the time it has taken for the headphones to hit your hands. You expected a certain date range and we have exceeded that range. However due to the fact that the estimated delivery was adjusted with full disclosure to the backers, and the reasons why that delay was initiated explained in full, we cannot offer a refund as the window for backers has been closed since two weeks after the end of the campaign. You can read the full language on that policy here :

      I know you will have concerns and more questions based on this, I'm happy to help answer any that I can !


      After not accepting this answer, I replied again demanding a refund. This email, and all subsequent emails from me were ignored for the next 2 years, to this very day:


      Dec 25, 2:00 AM PST

      Hey Joshua,
      Thanks for the reply. You have made some good points.

      However, the video gives demonstrations of people using the headphones, and reviewing their experience. It also lists the material used in the product, the aluminium headband for example. Both the kickstarter description, AND the video use present tense language instead of future tense, which implies that the headphones actually exist right now, not over an entire year away from being developed.
      It simply does not make sense that the product shown ready and functional in the video, with it's features being listed and demonstrated, could be over 14 months from being completed. Don't get me wrong, the headphones look great and I do like them, but the timeline was severely misrepresented.

      The terms you have linked me to are not even from kickstarter, but to your own Ossic website, which I have never seen, let alone agreed to. They are completely irrelevant. What I did agree to was to help fund the headphones to be received before an agreed date, which has now been exceeded, and further delayed by months beyond.
      This is a breach which has ended my interest in this product. As it stands, on top of expecting me to wait an additional 6 months, you have been holding onto my money for over 8 months already. The item has still not even been developed, let alone shipped out to me. Due to this fact, I am, by law, entitled to a refund. Refusing to refund me for an incomplete product that has still not been shipped is not only extremely unprofessional, deceptive, and unacceptable, it is by definition, also illegal.

      If the delivery schedule complied with what was actually listed on the kickstarter campaign, I would have no problems. As you can see below the estimated delivery is January, which is reasonable. Over half a year being added to this is not. It is utterly ridiculous to expect your customers not to mind.

      * Pledged: $289.00Collected
      * Reward:

      You’ll receive one OSSIC X headphone. You’re one of the first onboard the audio revolution!

      * Pledged on: Apr 12 2016
      * Funded: Apr 21 2016
      * Estimated delivery Jan 2017
      * Shipping to: Australia ($40)

      If you do not agree to refund me, I will be forced to contact consumer affairs and/or take legal action to retrieve my money.


    5. Anthony D Jones on

      Add me to this the class action suit. I waited over 2 years patiently to get a big sorry. I don't think so.

    6. Anthony D Jones on

      Add me the class action suit. I waited over 2 years patiently to get a big sorry. I don't think so.

    7. Karen

      This was incredibly disappointing.

    8. Timmy Nguyen on

      Complete waste of time and money. Never backing another project unless it has reached production stage.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Robert Dyet on

      I am backer 346 so while not an early early backer I am one of 10k backers.

      If people paid thru visa or mastercard do they have grounds to make a claim?

    11. Ian manson on

      I agree with many others here - the lack of communication about this has been really poor. If you are broke, then you owe it to your investors to demonstrate where the money was spent. Why are you broke? Are you declaring bankruptcy? Will a liquidator be appointed to ensure investors are given appropriate recompense? If you aren't going bankrupt then why aren't we getting the product or a refund?
      You can't just not deliver a product and not provide this sort of information.
      Very unhappy

    12. Robert Dyet on

      I am backer 346 so while not an early early backer I am one of 10k backers.

      If people paid thru visa or mastercard do they have grounds to make a claim?

    13. Imran Shamsul on

      "Be respectful and considerate." Ossic you can do that by issuing refunds.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tsai, Yu-Chen on

      I’ve joined the Ossic lawsuit Facebook group. Very unhappy about this scam.

    15. Gerald on

      Joined. Trusted and never complained about delays. However, what has happened is that we have been wrongfully misled. No indication of financial issues prior.

    16. Missing avatar

      Derrick Buckley on

      Thanks for the update. I presume you will be issuing refunds to all the backers?

    17. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      So half of us could have chipped in another $200 and we get our headphones? Do we at least get the intellectual property since the company is shutting down so we as a community have the opportunity to build it ourselves, or at least open source the IP? As communications go, this post is quite suspect as you gave 0 indication of any financial issues for the last 6 months even though people werent getting paid? And the original ask in Kickstarter I believe was $100k?

    18. Robert Dyet on

      I am very disappointed to read this, you really had us hooked with the hype that you were in with Abbey Road Studios, and flying all over selling the brand and to what end? Locking the doors, shredding the paper name OSSIC an desolving in the mist with no consequences. You made a fool out of us all, yes kickstarters is risky ventures and its not a garuntee everything pledged will happen. How many completed units are stacked but not shipped? I'm sure creditors will get their blood from you's but the real pledges are shafted yet again. You ruined the hopes of many to finally bridge that gap we all wanted from sound. Sad day.

    19. Missing avatar

      Drew Johnson on

      You write this as if you're JUST unable to deliver a product. But nothing about the possibility of us getting our money back. That's all we care about at this point and it's the one thing you completely ignore. $250 is not pocket change to someone like me. I will never buy or crowd fund a product from Ossic again, and they shouldn't even try to come out with anything else at this point. Join

    20. Kenny Roy on

      Can someone who received a developer kit please let us know you received it? Just one will do. There is a clear case of fraud here, which would be even more open-and-shut if we show that even these late-stage comments are false.

    21. Evan Raynor on

      "Oh yeah sorry, we're taking your couple of hundred dollars, bye bye, promise we're sorry. Really."

      Yeahhhhnah. I'll be seeing that money again thanks.

    22. Rachael Hosein on

      I'm super disappointed that this isn't shipping out. I backed the Sphericam that had similar issues with fulfilling their kickstarter units and they handled things much more gracefully by foreseeing the issues and offering a refund to all backers.

      Unfortunately, I've also joined

    23. Missing avatar

      Tate Steve Pryor on

      The lack of communication is appalling. Investments are one thing, but investers outside of kickstarter would receive more warning than this guarenteed. Join the FB group here:

    24. Missing avatar

      xdrfiredogx on

      Jan: Life is good! We shipped dev units!
      Feb: Life is good! We are updating software!
      March: ...
      April: ...
      May: Naw, we just kidding... We are broke and shutting down. Sorry you lost money...peace!

      Yeah, life doesn't work quite that way. Those of us that invested will never get that money back. Making life hard on you for wasting it and never even letting us know there were issues? That's something we can all agree needs to happen.

    25. Lauren Pollock on

      This is ridiculous, i've also joined the class action lawsuit, i am shocked and disgusted by the most recent email

    26. Missing avatar

      William McQueen on

      Total fucking bullshit!!
      We’ve all been scammed!! If these were portrayed to work so amazingly awesome at CES and other electronics shows then why the fuck weren’t they in production!
      If there’s a class action, I’m in!!
      Pissed away $300 and for what? I’m sorry just doesn’t cut it. I thought I was helping a viable company make a cutting edge product and got screwed over.
      If you’re not pissed then send me my reimbursement. Fuck all these scammers!!!!

    27. Michael

      Jason you could not be more wrong.....this is NOT goodbye.....this is only the beginning. You refund me my $239 keep the interest or send me my headphones. Or everyone will sue you for this disaster.

    28. Juan Francisco Aguayo

      I want to see how you spend all the money. And if you still have some, think how you will send us back. Even a dollar could be better than a sorry and a goodbye. Also joined on Facebook

    29. Missing avatar


      many month super news, all over. “the world will is waiting us....” . I am selfemployer, without kickstarter ... without money from others, just with own money... in china.... as german, from germany. Starting without nothing 17 years ago, working hard, promise and delivered, and if i mad a mistake we kept the costs and covered my industrial clients.... now after these time I can be proud, my clients like to increase the volume and I can see that less talking and more doing are the seeds for success. I was wondering about your storiries in the past, but are interstested in whats going.... I am not surprisesed how its end.... If your way works, million on hard working companies doing something wrong. Your Management Teams are dreamers. Sure many GM are employees and can sell just one , themself.... in the end they will loose, no matter how often they can get a contract. so long they will not understand than the business are a relationship between client and product idea. I met many of these GMs and there teams,....i feel boring and dont like to waste my time in these people....
      These Kickstarter project are the last i like to support, because kickstarter are also just intersted in earning money by reducing there risk. They are never intersted in that the newbees are successful.

    30. Sam Charette on

      Man this sucks. And I almost dropped 10k on the startengine offering because I thought this was a good idea and had a future. I’m glad I trusted my gut and didn’t move on it. This sucks. Never did they mention in any update until now that they were having financial problems. 😡

    31. Missing avatar

      Jeff Owens on

      What a waste of time. I mean YEARS! YEARS! I don't see how it could be anything but mismanagement. Go here to try to get something back,

    32. Missing avatar

      Aaron Baggio on

      What about how hard we worked to get that money we gave OSSIC???? this is so bad. You have wronged us.

    33. Tedy Lim on

      WHAT. The reason is unacceptable! This is a clear fraud case,

    34. Daniel Fischpan on

      This is a failure of management. The CEO Jason Riggs failed. Had you simply delivered on the specs of the original campaign everyone would most likely have their headphones. I just hope who ever buys Ossic for pennies on the dollar will honor all of those who have backed Ossic. Ossic's management gets zero sympathy from any backer because you lead us on for YEARS and then pulled the rug right under us instead of being transparent from the beginning.

    35. Missing avatar

      Cameron White on

      Joined the Facebook page as well for the lawsuit. Totally unacceptable to be lead on for so long and denied with weak excuses. Money back or jail time for him!

    36. Rajiv Smith-Mahabir on

      You spent a lot of time writing excuses and nonsense, but nothing about where our fucking money is.

    37. Mubasher Ali on

      “Hello Mubasher, unfortunately we only allowed for refunds up to two weeks after the end of the campaign.” Couldn’t get refunds last year.

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Leong on

      Q. How many $ did the founders draw down in 'expenses', 'petty cash', 'allowances'?
      Q. How was this anything other than a good ol fashioned shakedown - when they originally stated they could fulfil pledges if they raised just $100k.....yet they 'failed' despite raising more than 25 times their target?

    39. Jim Diffin on

      I’ve joined the Ossic lawsuit Facebook group. Very unhappy about this scam.

    40. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Shanidh on

      Are you fuckin serious. Fraud to such an extent of fooling people. And not even talking about where the money has gone. Not stats nothing. We will come for you. From all parts of the world. We will track you down. Just wait.

    41. David Scholtz on

      This was obviously a scam and my gut told me so - should have listened to it! False promises, fake updates and total BS.

    42. Giovanni Fino

      Joined the Facebook page about class action. This is a clear fraud case. I accept no silly excusations. I just want my money back.

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul Anthony Stead on

      So not a word of getting any goods or a refund. I’ve joined OSSIC X Class Action Lawsuit.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ryne Carroll on

      Joined the facebook page.