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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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First Kickstarter Units, Shipped!

Posted by OSSIC (Creator)
OSSIC X Developer Units In Boxes Before Shipment
OSSIC X Developer Units In Boxes Before Shipment


Greetings audio pioneers.

Today we’re excited to announce we’ve hit a major milestone — the shipment of the initial Kickstarter units. All of the Developer/Innovator backers ($999 tier) will be receiving their Developer Units soon, if they haven’t already. The feedback from this backer tier will be crucial to improving the final production product over the next few months.

At OSSIC, our goal is to deliver revolutionary, groundbreaking 3D audio. This means that we have a high bar for performance and quality that we have held ourselves to, and that you deserve. Where technology doesn’t exist, we create it. Where business barriers exist, we knock them down. We are singularly focused, and we appreciate your continued support and patience throughout this process.

Additionally, we believe that as a supporter your feedback is critical to making the OSSIC X. That’s why the success of Kickstarter campaign not only proved to us there was a community ready for 3D audio, but it also taught us a tremendous amount about what you wanted in a product and we’ve been working to make many of those things happen — some of which has never been implemented on a headphone before.

What have we been working on? 

To meet the expectations of the OSSIC X campaign we’ve gone through 5 official factory builds, refined the design and manufacturing process, and sought out the best suppliers in the time since the campaign. While this has taken slightly longer than expected, it has yielded amazing results:

Premium component implementation: 

The OSSIC X is a custom product built with premium aluminum materials that require precision manufacturing to maintain tight tolerances. The number of drivers, microphones, and sensors is now 8x more than a traditional headphone, requiring multi-layered circuit boards more in-line with cell-phone production than audio products, and additional custom internal cabling to manage the sensor communication. Our initial head-tracker component was upgraded mid-development to further reduce latency. These improvements have increased the headphone cost, raising MSRP value from $399 during the campaign, to $499 today — giving early supporters a much larger discount for a much better product.

Mobile Multi-Channel Support:

Mobile support necessitated a fundamental architecture change for the OSSIC X, requiring some additional development time, but ultimately making it a better product. Since the Kickstarter we have been working to implement the necessary elements to unlock highly-accurate multi-channel 5.1 or 7.1 audio on headphones for any compatible device, anywhere, so that you can experience amazing 5.1 or 7.1 surround from streaming a Netflix movie, your favorite track on iTunes, or from the latest game from any laptop, phone, or mobile device. We expect this feature to be fully completed by mass production.

Upgradeable Firmware and Improved Processing:

The audio processor inside the OSSIC X is a 32-core behemoth never before used in a headphone, effectively turning the OSSIC X into a computer on your ears that’s ready for more. With this processing ability we can provide in-field firmware upgrades to continually improve the product experience while also taking advantage of future technology trends and connectivity opportunities.

Growing the 3D audio community:

We’re committed to fostering the growth of the immersive audio ecosystem as a whole. Since the campaign we have performed over 4,000 one-on-one demos to solicit early feedback on performance while developing relationships with some incredible partners.

We may be crazy to take on such a large project and we admit there have been challenges along the way, but the future isn’t easy to build. That is why we are so proud to have had your support and finally be able to ship the first units into the world.

What is yet to come? 

With our technology foundation built and the initial OSSIC X units shipped, we’ve made significant progress towards our goals, and with your continued support we’re positive we can rise to meet them. Below are our key initiatives for 2018:

Developer Feedback Phase:

The headphones that shipped to the Innovator/Developer tier of backers will be used to test performance across different systems. At launch, the OSSIC X will support Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS in addition to standalone analog mode. With such a wide range of computing platforms and connectivity, we need to understand how our algorithms perform across systems and media. Additionally, because 3D audio and head tracking is a new experience, we want to understand how people respond to the experience and user interface. The insights and nuggets of feedback we receive over the next few months may challenge our existing ideas, but will make for a better product experience for everyone. The good news is that the headphone is field-upgradeable, so we can test different features and algorithms tweaks in the run-up to mass production.

Final Unit Shipment:

We are laser-focused on delivering the best product possible this year. Following the developer phase and feedback implementation, mass production for the remaining units is currently targeted for late Spring 2018, with shipments continuing throughout the summer depending on your order date.

Looking Forward 

While the development has taken a bit longer than expected, we haven’t stopped pushing forward toward our goal — delivering a revolutionary, groundbreaking 3D audio product to your hands. We’re as excited as you are for the OSSIC X to truly change the way we hear sound — and we are grateful for your support throughout this journey.

Jason Riggs 


Additional Development Images below:

Developer Unit going through testing before being boxed up
Developer Unit going through testing before being boxed up


Developer Unit rigged for testing
Developer Unit rigged for testing


OSSIC X Developer Units
OSSIC X Developer Units



Boxing up the Developer Units
Boxing up the Developer Units



Developer Units in final packing before shipment
Developer Units in final packing before shipment


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    1. Tor Tortor on

      Have not got your head phone yet

    2. Missing avatar

      Luc Martinez on

      You claim that you are the first company to calibrate each headphone individually. This was possible in 2016, when we ordered an Ossic Headphone from you, because we trust you.
      “Nura“ didn't exist at this time. Now they're on the market, I tested their Headphones last week and they are amazing... !
      Where is the Ossic headphone I paid for ? Does your company still exist ? What did you do with our money ? Do we need to start a collective action ?

    3. Michael


    4. Antoine Catteau on

      I think we need to teach kick starter a lesson. This was the last project I backed.
      @kickstarter you don't respect your customers. Your business is soon doomed

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric De La Fuente on

      Is there nothing we can do to get our money back?

    6. Missing avatar

      Willem on

      I think we have to accept that the headphone is not coming at all. Its a lost case. Money gone, all gone. Period.

    7. Timothy M. Domanski Jr. on

      Heads up people, you're not getting yours. OSSIC is out of money.

      They filled to withdraw their public offering with the SEC... Some users on head-fi have noted that Jason Riggs has moved back to Las Vegas and the company has already dumped the vast majority of their staff. It's a damn shame really that they had been mismanaged at their executive level and utterly failed in their public relations. I was excited about the tech... Stayed optimistic even through the delays. Which of course the announcements were heavily delayed on their own. They really should have produced the idea that we paid for instead of trying to deliver bigger than they originally envisioned.

      But no failure here is bigger than the fact that there has been zero communication since January...

      The Company withdrew their offering as per the SEC on April 24th 2018…

    8. Missing avatar

      Jose Maldonado on

      Any updates? It's been 3+ months. I realize this is all new and shiny, so there will be delays... But a friendly update here and there would be nice to help soothe us over in the mean time. Let us know you're still working on something or at least give us a better look into an updated timeline. Thanks!

    9. Jacob Nielsen on

      Hey guys. WHERE ARE THESE HEADPHONES? This is getting ridiculous. Feels like you’re hoping backers just forget and move on.

    10. ellisa cameron on

      Like many others, I am awaiting a delivery or at least an update as to when I can expect this?

    11. Michael Banks on

      so these units have been out in the field now for many months... SO what's the feedback like ? Ossic mention that once they were sent Ks backers would follow a couple of months latter... it's a couple of months now.

    12. Missing avatar

      Elly on

      It's been two years since I pledged, and I have received little to no response from Ossic when requesting updates on delivery (or refunds at this point). Can anyone provide an update? Or have a contact at Ossic who can?

    13. Jose Luis Campuzano on

      Are you guys still alive? Planning to give us any form of update? Very disappointed with how you are managing backers/customers.

    14. Ami Rigor on

      I seen some comment on instagram account that they would be shipping later this year... Like the end of this year. But why can't they update us on here as usual. Hope to get mine soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Steven Michels on

      Oh - yes... I realize that there are some multi core 32 bit machines out there, but the only ones I am aware of approaching 32 cores would be Cuda “like” processors, perhaps developed for audio only. Please, let me know if I am wrong.

    16. Missing avatar

      Steven Michels on

      It doesn’t sound like the product will ever be obsolete if we ever get it... but “slightly longer” was a bit of an understatement! :) Yes, a fresh update about now would be wonderful, and I sure hope they have not “gone broke.” I would be EXTREMELY disappointed, after so much talk of this fantastic technology. 32 bit processor... or 32 core processor?!? Core seems a bit out there. Please, give me a manufacturer and base part number for this behemoth.

    17. Christoph Mueller on

      looks like the company went broke, no answers here or on facebook, ridiculous! :((( really sad, those Ossic were too good to be true, it seems..

    18. Missing avatar

      Christopher Passarella on

      I would like an update too!

    19. Frank Ch. Seckler on

      Any new updates?
      It shows kind of respect keeping in touch which those who gave u lot of money...

    20. Henson Tan on

      Taking a while. I hope I get mine soon. By the time I get this the technology may be obsolete.

    21. Ghydeon Stuart on

      New update coming soon? While I realise updating once a month is a dreadful obstacle course littered combersomely with updates containing new and old info, re affirming info, or just keeping in touch, but it'd be nice to know you guys are still alive at least.

    22. Christoph Mueller on

      last update two months ago and 11 days after my question not even the slightest answer.. :( ridiculous!

    23. Missing avatar

      Micah Alexander on

      How do I change my shipping address? I've moved since ordering...2yrs ago.

    24. Christoph Mueller on

      last update Jan. 17th, what about a new one? over one and a half months gone since then.. when will we get our hands on those Ossic X?

    25. Frederic BEITZ on

      "Mieux vaut tard que jamais" (Better late than never)...

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Perhaps a slightly macabre thought, but I wonder how many backers of this kickstarter are now dead.

    27. Christoph Mueller on

      estimated delivery when backed (in April 2016): Jan. 2017! now we have Feb. 2018, and it seems I won't get my Ossic X until summer or autumn.. not too thrilled about that fact, but looking forward to finally getting my hands on them!

    28. Snakeeyz99

      Just a small bit of feedback, the title of this update probably could have been worded better. I think a number of international backers took it at face value and assumed that normal backers were going to be getting their units soon.

      Otherwise, good job! Glad we've hit this milestone.

    29. Kai Chinn on

      Fisrt off, Thank you for the update and love to see the progress and you guys and gals are doing great and looking forward to finalizing the last of the tweaks, testing and final productions.
      Perfection takes time just like a very good song, a fine dinner, a beautiful painting or anything else that requires skill, the right tools, people and time.
      Keep up the good work and here's to your success!!!

      To all the impatient people posting below this i say this~

      It is sad that there are so many commenting here that do not understand the process of Designing/creating a product like this...
      Come on people, this is "NOT" a storefront that has already created the product by going through design-creating tooling-testing-fixing tooling-finding reputable source company for parts/Creating parts from scratch-assembly-etc-etc-etc...

      If you were not going to be patient and understand the process of starting something from scratch then you "REALLY" should not be here in "Kickstarter" because this is a place for mostly starting new products and every designer has to go through all the processes just like everyone else.

      Be mindful of what your getting into or don't get into it, Kickstarter is a place for ideas to come to reality and a lot of those ideas are coming here for help and have never done this before so be patient and learn with them, encourage them and be supportive along the way because it may very well be you one day doing this.

    30. Sander Epema on

      USB-C connectivity please, this is the new standard

    31. Ingo Di Bella on

      ridiculous, just ridiculous... don't believe in it anymore.

    32. Missing avatar

      Giuseppe Monno on

      Hi, Im contributor num. 5.457
      When am I supposed to receive my product?

    33. Richard Leckie on

      How long before the rest of us receive ours do you estimate?

    34. Missing avatar

      Thien Huynh on

      If any developers are reading this that has received the head phones, what is your experience? Is it really worth the wait? Better question... does it suck?

    35. Timothy Probett on

      Loving all this News, great progress guys, keep it up!
      On a side note, is it still too late to keep asking for USB-C connectivity? I'd really rather not having to keep an adapter in the headphones at all time, so the Micro-USB doesn't wear out! :)
      Hopes and Wishes, but thanks all the same!

    36. Esmond on

      When I backed it, my daughter was not born. Now she is 18 month years old. Hahaha !!!!!!

    37. Reiner on

      16 months is not “slightly longer”!

    38. Sheng Jin on

      Awesome update! Been waiting for this update for a long time! Anything great takes time! Can't wait for the unit to test out!

    39. Missing avatar


      636 days...

    40. Brian Chisholm on

      Good update. The delay is understandable, but still pretty significant. I hope the necessary adaptations to follow the changes in technology since this was kicked off are available (like shipping with type-C adapters, etc...).

    41. Jessey on

      Awesome news Team OSSIC! I'm honestly proud of you guys getting to this milestone.

    42. Missing avatar

      Louis Markoya on

      Its been so long I think my address changed 2x, how do I update my address with you?

    43. Jacky Cheung on

      I almost forgotten I purchased it.....

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher Klassen on

      Yay! I'm also looking forward to a review of the developer units!

    45. TessellatedGuy on

      Finally! Are people allowed to review the developer units? I wanna know how they are in their current condition.

    46. Francisco Arrieta on

      Hey guys, I was wondering how to change my address for the shipping address?

    47. Captain Bosh on

      Great news. Good to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.