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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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Developer Unit Assembly Complete!

Posted by OSSIC (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Today we have some exciting news.

After months of preparation, we’ve completed the manufacturing build for the limited number of OSSIC X Developer Edition Units and we are now making preparations for shipment!

Over the past couple of weeks our operations team was onsite at the manufacturer for the final production of the units, ensuring that every component was assembled correctly as well as performing final sound checks and firmware tests before the units were boxed and wrapped. We’ve now successfully completed the assembly of over 200 OSSIC X units to date, marking a significant milestone in the production timeline of a product with this level of complexity.

We could not be more excited for our early innovator/developer backers to get their hands on the first units to enter the public, as they will play a crucial role in providing us with insights and feedback as we continue to shape the OSSIC X for the next phase — mass production.

On that note, developer backers will be receiving specific instructions prior to shipment, and we’ll continue to keep all backers updated as we enter the new year and progress toward our targeted Spring 2018 shipment date for all units. All applicants to the creators program will also receive separate communication following the holidays.

We want to thank everyone for all of your support over the past year, and we’re looking forward to creating the future of audio together with you very soon. Have a great holiday!




Developer Units ready for packing
Developer Units ready for packing



Assembled Developer Units
Assembled Developer Units


Soundproof testing chamber
Soundproof testing chamber


Firmware Testing
Firmware Testing



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    1. Rose Ann Adamson on

      I have yet to receive my order that was placed so long ago that it is a NOT SO FUNNY JOKE.
      WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS. HELP please give me my order or my money, not the first time I have asked this of you !!,!

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Secrest on

      Keep up the great work team OSSIC! Looking forward to my developer unit! Address has not changed. Thank you OSSIC!

    3. Ami Rigor on

      I'm not a developer, so I guess mine won't be shipping thus far.....when will us regular backers get our headphones? I'm patient, as long as I will eventually get mine. Just curious is all. Thank you. I can't wait to receive them.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Downie on

      Another great milestone! This is a complex piece of equipment; however, IMO, the greatest potential for the company as a whole lies in the underlying software. This will be a game changer. I’m not a developer - but my patience runs deep. Looking forward to developer comments

    5. Tony Nguyen on

      Not gonna lie. I was excited to hear of the progress, up until I saw a Spring announcement. Another delay?!

    6. Gazi Ibn-La'Ahad on

      Loving the progress. Respect the work. Do not heed comments to those that spew hate. Keep up the good work guys

    7. Eric Grimaldi on

      Good news! Happy for the Ossic Team too... Might need to change the delivery address again though... Best wishes for this end of year and 2018!!!..

    8. Missing avatar


      Great News!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nathanuel Kemp on

      I was seeing how do i go about changing address I've moved

    10. Sordel on

      I see that some of us couldn't resist the temptation to snark, but I'd be pretty thrilled with this if I were subscribed to that tier and it's nice that they get the 'Developer' printing on their boxes. Feedback from developers a.s.a.p. please!

    11. @MajorTom617 on

      I gave up hope as well, expected them 6 months ago. I guess the changes made to the circuitry (because of the stretch goal of smartphone compatibility) required not just hardware hurdles, but legal hurdles and non-disclosure agreements. Might be another 6 months, but I'm hopeful again.

    12. Missing avatar

      Cassidy Smith on

      Hooray! This is great news! Really nice seeing them all there, and I'm looking forward to whenever my set ships next year. Thanks for the update, and happy holidays to everyone at Ossic and all my fellow backers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ili Metuki on

      If I understand this correctly you are saying that in 2018 May 31 23:59 you will give us an update that there is a unfortunate delay?

    14. Jessey on

      Kudos guys. Keep up the good work

      Can't wait to see this take flight.

      Cheers team OSSIC!

    15. Jordi Vissers on

      That sure is exciting news! And just in time for the holidays, I did not expect an update like this as an early Christmas present.
      Congratulations Ossic, on this milestone! Can't wait to get my headphones next year. Keep up the good work!

    16. Missing avatar

      Nimrod Yanai on

      I already lost hope, but you guys might actually end up delivering after all!

      Looks good.

    17. ralph de pagter on

      Yes! Can’t wait�� Brilliant Christmas message, I will prepare my gear here at home for the tests! Plug it in, baby!

    18. Nathan Treweek on

      Wooooooo! It’s something! So that’s the $1000 pledges going out? So I’m theory we can expect ours like March... giving a month for theirs and 2 months for manufacturing.... should be gooood!

    19. Erwin || Redlum

      @stuart: update say spring (2018)

    20. Steve Lane on

      It seems that I have been waiting forever.
      I hope I get mine soon!

    21. Stuart Stanworth on

      Ooohhh an update! This is all it took to restore a little bit of faith that I had lost!
      Any rough estimate of when shipping of general product would be?