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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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    1. Billy Wood on

      I have moved twice since backing this project and I haven't been able to get a confirmation that the OSSIC team has received my request for an address change... does anyone actually check on the messages from the backers?

    2. B Baraniuk on

      To be fair we may have been waiting 2 years but its only just coming up to a year from projected delivery, and in a world where setting up mass manufacturing isn't really as easy as bitching. Everything takes time. I just wish we had more information sharing especially for backers, and even more so now that they have started taking pre orders when the people who supported them to get here have been left feeling snubbed.

    3. Paul Mitchell Kim on

      If you have to wait 2 years for a product and they are still in developing stages’s a fraud, scam and the company should be investigated

    4. Sal

      Really looking forward to this and also hoping for more updates to get a clear idea of what to expect. Thanks!

    5. Piotr Zalewa on

      Waiting for this product is a pain. It also made me save some money. I constantly wait for this to finally ship so I refrain from buying any expensive headset. A little ironic, but I've been on a cheap headset for more than 2 years now. Please give us an update which will convince your backers that you can actually deliver early 2018 or not. I need new headset again. Should I wait?

    6. Mikhail Kornienko on

      Shipping dates beyond “early 2018”??? The hell is going on guys? It’s the end of 2017, so if you’re to really “target early 2018”, I would expect you having more specifics?
      Another year delay? Who’s running this shit show?.. Microphones array my ass. I didn’t fund THAT, at least not to a degree when it becomes another convenient reason to delay delivery.

    7. Snakeeyz99


      Anyone who can comment here is a Kickstarter backer, which means they backed the Kickstarter campaign BEFORE it ended in March 2016. Waitlisters and preorders cannot use this comment section.

      Everyone here's been waiting just as long as you have.

    8. Andrew Lee Joseph on

      @graham smith: how long have u been backing it from? i've been backing it for more than a year now and still waiting for my "greatest headphone on earth" to be sent to me, if u had just backed it, stfu

    9. Missing avatar

      graham smith on

      That is all :)

    10. Rohit Pathak on

      I give up ! All the best Ossic and hope the product is worth the wait. It must be hard to live knowing so many people already hate the company before even getting their hands on the product. I don't mind the waiting because while signing up I knew the implications but please give us updates regularly considering it's been a two year wait for some people.

    11. Snakeeyz99

      @Philip The microphone array was part of the initial campaign, not a recent addition. This update is basically saying "Hey, we got this part working," which also implies that nothing else is fully working yet. I don't think Ossic can make a reasonable prediction for when they'll wrap up, which is why they pushed the date to "early 2018" rather than a specific month.

    12. Missing avatar

      Garrett on

      Thank you for at least giving some sort of update. At least I know something is happening.

    13. Missing avatar

      Philip Teo on

      Dear OSSIC, I backed a product for headphones which i had waited for more than a year. Now you are telling me you are adding a mic which I am not at all interested. When exactly are you shipping out my order? I do not need any other fancy accessories adding up to the delay in sending the product to me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Linton Hughes on

      This is turning into another Tiko -- they'll never be done tweaking and tuning and then the money runs out --- I've pretty much given up on this project at this point..

    15. Maverick Yap on

      With all the waiting for this earphones, it better sound like Jesus Christ has resurrected and is personally whispering into my ears once I actually get it

    16. spaghetti monster on

      ow yes that's all very nice but what we al like to know is why the delay.
      if you present a good reason the community would be much more supporting than it is now.

      Ossic has reached the point of losing the backers as supporters.
      I would sack the person responsible for this..

    17. Missing avatar

      will on

      OSSIC "@Tim: Our latest shipment update was posted October 31 on the backer update page. At this time we are targeting early 2018."

      "At this time" and "Targeting" are not reassuring at all and I can only hope this product becomes a reality.

    18. ralph de pagter on

      Great improvements! I love how this product is developing during it's complete design and testing phase.
      To all the backers who complain about the lead time: I work in the design industry myself for 17 years now, and am not surprised that the design and production time takes longer then some of you have expected. Just be patient, you backed a starters project, in which the designers are fully dedicated to deliver a state of the art product. It is a Kickstarter funding project, not an Amazon store so show some respect to the developers and support them instead with positive posts.

    19. Tim Wilcox on

      It's like never ending advertisements, teases and cool features added to a product that only exists in theory to the people who funded it. To us, it's merely a concept right now and nothing more. Something we've been dreaming about for almost 2 years since we put down the money for it. I love hearing all the cool things this headphone can do, but it's like hearing someone tell you about a cool video game or a car they drove. They might have tons of pictures and videos but it means very little until you actually get to experience it yourself. Please get these into our hands so we can experience it too! Stop teasing us!

    20. Missing avatar

      Hans-Peter Gasselseder on

      Great update! Love to see that you are making progress towards a strong product. Now, there is so much one could do for immersive audio with a mic array like this. And I'm sure that you are having similar ideas and may be working towards that in the future. Looking forward to the OSSIC X!

    21. Missing avatar

      shane robinson on

      No more updates except when u are in production and shipping
      How bout a date for a refund?
      Just wanted headphones
      Don’t care about microphone.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sean Rutledge on

      Love it can't wait, it would be very nice to know the equipment you are testing against "one of the best headphone microphones" id like to know a name so I can look up any data on them as well :P I believe there was another product a while back that also was tested against the Ossic X. just food for thought.

      Keep up the great work all, can't wait to come home to this in the mail <3

    23. Robert Dyet on

      Dear Ossic, forgive the way I put this across I hope you will understand my concerns.

      While I fully back this and I understand the need to get it right before despatch, whats niggling me is the time the world has had, in the time since announcing your shakeup to the world of sound, sound-enhancement and 360 degrees movement, your competitors are obviously wanting to beat you to the launch date, hearing all they have to date, but I get the feeling your design may look tired as your competitors tweak and tease the look you have shown the world and as yet not launched. I'm concerned the wow factor may be lost for what should be an epic and momentous product but may be tired and dated. I hope I'm wrong.

      I do hope I am blown away not only in sound but look and feel of the product when I get mine in 2018. I look forward to a great year for you's.

      Respectfully Robert

    24. Missing avatar

      graham smith on

      Oh and to all the idiots complaining about not getting the headphones at any point before backing did you not think that when you signed up to back OSSIC that they needed to design, test, redesign, test and so on ?
      If you expected them to rush this process you really are morons and should have just gone and bought some shitty Turtle Beach headphones.

    25. Missing avatar

      graham smith on

      Love the time and effort you guys are putting in to make these perfect �
      Every time I get an update I get more and more excited.

    26. Jonas Vestergård on

      Cool update, was fun to read.
      Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

    27. Tjuhl on

      I’m glad that the headphones are progressing well from a quality assurance and overall technological standpoint.

      What’s the current status of (mass) unit retail production? Can you give us a timeline on that matter?

    28. Faviann Di Tullio

      Measurement are impressive. A big thanks for the update. Don't take all the negativity too hard, please remind yourselves that a lot of us enjoy your updates and appreciate the communication. Delays happen and some of us understand the amount of stress you guys are on.

      Please continue keeping us updated, many of us backed to share the ups and downs with you guys.


    29. Greg Peden on

      Wow you guys just figured the mic out?

    30. Jonathan R. on

      This just shows how far behind they actually are.

    31. Missing avatar

      Rod Smith on

      Just echoing the sentiments already expressed so eloquently below. WHEN?

    32. Jon Cage on

      Will. We. Ever. Get. Our. Headphones?

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian Daul on

      I just realize I have simply invested in a company who´s products are fancy updates and not headphones, which I believed. Damn!

    34. Kenny Roy on

      I am sort of suprised that the last update said they were just having shipping issues, and now we seemed to have gone backwards with more tests.

    35. Missing avatar

      Rick Wathen on

      Another push back.... early 2018..... nice.

    36. sander buijs on

      They will be bankrupt before shipping or we internationally backers can pay an additional shipping fee.. mark my words.

    37. Snakeeyz99

      Of course, that's based on my limited understanding based on various design projects from college, but that's the best of my understanding.

    38. Snakeeyz99

      @Reiner In these graphs the decibel value indicates losses of captured noise at different relative locations compared to a normal value. In short, you can track how much noise is lost compared to the position of that noise around your head when it is captured. Based on Ossic's description they wanted to reduce noise in every direction besides directly forward, where your mouth would be. The ideal waveform for this would be a kind of rounded cone where the base kind of tightens around the center (high negative dB levels) and peaks in the 0 degree range like a compass pointing North. They would be outperforming the comparison microphone in any case where the black circle is further towards 0 compared to the red one and further towards the center when in any other direction, which they seem to do in most cases.

      @Ossic I'm actually pretty surprised at the figures for the microphone quality, since it overall seems to outperform the comparison headset (except for 180 degrees normalized to voice, but that's no dealbreaker) and that was by no means the main focus of this project. Is it alright to know what headset microphone you were comparing your results to?

    39. Missing avatar

      Eric Badaroux on

      @SMG @Simon @Ossic My apologies. I did not remember the mic being an original item.

    40. Missing avatar

      Robert Abercrombie on

      So I get it, software needs refinement. Previously though you were very close to shipping and yet keeping us in the dark. The website now lists that 'details will be provided closer to production'. This implies the hardware production has not yet kicked off for the retail version; is this correct?

    41. Jim Dandy on

      Do not talk about a microphone until we have the headphones in our possession.

    42. Ryan Robinson on

      Wow more fucking empty promises.... by the time you get us the damn things they will probably have been copied 10 times over and obsolete.

    43. Sean Gray on

      @Eric Badaroux - This is one of the reasons why i bought this unit. This is not a new feature.

    44. Missing avatar

      Hoan Le on

      NOW THIS IS GREAT UPDATE! I lurv it.

    45. Reiner on

      Maybe it’s me but I can not understand the graphs. Could you try to explain what the graphs show exactly. Thanks.

    46. Night1505

      @OSSIC - Can you please, PLEASE define "early". Month 1? Quarter 1? Semester 1? Something? I'm sure we'd all like some idea of whether we are 2 months away, or 7.

      And please, no more lying to us. Telling people who wrote to you asking about shipping in Early October that you were still on schedule to ship at end-of-month is just so rude. Who did you have answering those people?

      We just want you to tell us the truth. Please.


    47. Simon Everett on

      Eric: Many people (myself included) would of bought this because it has a microphone built in as well. This was a feature that was advertised as going in from day 1, it is not a new feature they have just decided on.

    48. Missing avatar

      Eric Badaroux on

      How many new features to you plan to keep adding? This is a horrible case of overdesign. How many people do you think commited to this without the need for a mic? A mic is nice and all, but add that in the next model.

      Early 2018 is a BS answer. Between Thanksgiving, and upcoming holidays, you will by no means resolve the issues found during your tests. By Janurary 2018 this will be pushed back until June 2018. I really am looking forward to getting these, but you need to set a hard deadline and aim for it - and if you have to push it back - give a detailed explanation. I understand - if my clients can make up their minds and let me design forever, we probably could, but at some point you have to build it rather than burn through cash.