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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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Backer Update: Sept 10, 2017

Posted by OSSIC (Creator)

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone had a great weekend (and a short week last week).

Development Update

In addition to stand-alone capabilities which we previewed in the last update, the control apps for Mac and PC are also coming along nicely.

On PC and Mac the OSSIC X requires a software bundle download, which includes the OSSIC drivers as well as a control app for the OSSIC X. This control app allows for firmware updates to the headphone as well as various settings and controls to be adjusted, but is not required for OSSIC X general use. The OSSIC X can also operate in stand-alone mode and functions can be accessed with the physical control buttons.

Other notes regarding the control app: 

  • App controls mirror the button functions on the headphone (you can use either one when operating the OSSIC X). 
  • App is not required for OSSIC X use with PC/Mac. 
  • App is required for firmware upgrades to headphone. 
  • App is not a media player - your media can be played from your favorite program (spotify, VLC, Netflix, game, etc).

In the video below, we show you the current development progress of this control app so you can have an idea of what to expect. Bear in mind this is very much an early version of this control app experience — additional functions will be added before the final product shipment.


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That’s all for this week!

Feel free to send us any messages to, Facebook, or Kickstarter.


- Team OSSIC

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    1. Esmond on

      For two years ago of electronic product, the design is already out of the market. How come I have to wait for more than two years old design?

    2. Esmond on

      Can I refund my order?

    3. Thomas Sowell on

      I agree with Willem that long over due projects cast doubt on other Kickstarter programs and I as well have stopped contributing due to this disturbing trend of promising dates that are not met. Your credibility has a bloody nose and while I'm still looking forward to the headset, my enthusiasm has waned.

    4. Roger Bentley on

      will these have dolby atmos support so i can take advantage of xbox 1x

    5. Missing avatar

      Willem on

      I think that the delay in delivery damages other tech-campagnes. Ossic is about a year over time now. At this moment I am holding back on new tech investments, because I cannot seem to trust the delivery information. Kickstarter should intervene by now to prevent damage to their own business as well.

    6. Matt Groves on

      So... Should be shipping in the next week at the latest... Any confirmation or updates please?

    7. Missing avatar

      Dale Lang on

      Anymore news on the shipment date yet?

      This is beyond a joke

    8. Gus Bilotta on

      Would love to see a video of you guys actually shipping something!

    9. Missing avatar

      Angus Ho on

      Err so it's almost mid-October and your status page says shipping in Oct, what's the latest status seriously?

    10. spaghetti monster on

      maybe late but hopefully not to late or already noticed.
      it looks like the control app has no keyboard short cuts making it very hard to control settings wile in VR.
      software like voice-command needs to be able to assign keys to operate.
      this also has the advantage the control app is usable for disabled.

    11. Missing avatar

      seba on

      Hi guys, any news for the shipping date ?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ingrid Liekens on

      Is there any feedback on the shipping dates please?

    13. Luis Mok on

      Any new updates for this month?

    14. Missing avatar

      Trent on

      WhY dIdN't YoU uPdAtE uS oN sHiPpInG iNfO wHeN tHaT's AlL wE cArE aBoUt...despite sending all backers an email exclusively containing info about shipping...

      And including this link in almost every update's comments since then.

    15. mark on

      Will there be a video of the app for Apple and Android phones soon.
      I am on android .also if shipping in October will be early mid or late October?

    16. Reiner on

      I am with Esmond.
      Why not tell us the shipment updates in the update? That is the most relevant information we are waiting for.
      Also what is with the hardware? Are you in production?

    17. Nathan Petralia on

      Nice update, I would design wise opt for keeping it more simple and clean by leaving those high pixel advertisement photos out and work with solid colors instead, but that is my own opinion. Glad to see things are coming along fine. Looking forward to getting my Ossic X :)

    18. Esmond on

      Why you didn't tell us the shipping schedule?

    19. OSSIC Creator on

      Hi everyone, thank you for the comments. We're excited for all of the progress made in the past month. We've created a page which shows current shipment status and dates, as well as all development-related posts. You can view that here:

    20. Yogi Mikes J Panther on

      I agree. When is the ETA on shipping.

    21. Nathan Treweek on

      Well it's gotten better and so far no more delays, but obviously everything's kinda finished so why not ship out earlier...? It's not like it hasn't already been a year, if they're rolling out, get them shipped!

    22. Michael Krueger on

      Whats the current estimated timeframe for shipment?