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OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
OSSIC X is the world's first headphone that instantly calibrates to your anatomy for the most accurate and immersive 3D audio.
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Backer Update: August 25, 2017

Posted by OSSIC (Creator)

Hi Backers,

We have an exciting update for you this week!

OSSIC X Development Update

Over the last several weeks the team continued to focus on the OSSIC X software and achieved a major development milestone: the OSSIC X is now fully functional in standalone operation mode for multi-device compatibility, and that includes mobile devices. This means that the signal processing running on the headphone DSP is fully functional – including individualization, spatialization, head-tracking, and playback.

All you need to do is plug and play.

To better give you an idea of this experience, here’s a quick video overview:


As you can see in the video this created quite a bit of excitement around the office. Everyone was walking around listening to music and switching between 3D and non-3D modes and checking out the head-tracking by moving in different directions. We even took a spin on the street, something we have not done until now. In the image below you we've illustrated how the headphones can now spatialize audio sources wherever you are:


The spatialized stereo listening experience via 3.5 AUX.
The spatialized stereo listening experience via 3.5 AUX.


Here are some additional updates from the past several weeks:
  • As a follow up from the last backer update, the team is continuing to optimize the latest integration of our USB audio drivers into the Windows control application. 
  • Finishing preparation of core support and product documentation and online support portal needed for PB1 units.

From the Blog: 

Simon Ashby is the co-founder of Audiokinetic, creators of Wwise. We heard his thoughts on the development of 3D audio technology and the future of the industry in this video:




We’ve fielded some questions around some of the fundamental differences between stereo, surround sound, and 3D audio headphones. This is a great question so we decided put together a short blog post to help answer: You can read it here >>>

That’s all for this week! As always let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend.

- Team OSSIC

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    1. Dave on

      Any of the kids in the $1000 club get a shipment?

    2. Missing avatar

      roberto on

      Any idea about product shipping time?

    3. Kevin M. Brown on

      "@Artisinal what battery life are you referring to? Ossic X are not Bluetooth headphones."

      Headphones need battery power if you are only plugged in through the audio cable, I had Turtle Beaches that needed battery power to run Virtual 7.1, unless you had them plugged through USB charge. If these are standalone, I would assume some form of battery power so you can run the 3D stuff while just using the audio cable.

    4. Ataraxia420 on

      NOT a happy backer, where is the product I and many others have PAID FOR!

    5. Missing avatar

      Trent on

      For those of you asking about development and shipping updates, Ossic relayed this info via an email back at the start of August. For those too busy to check said email, here's the exact link I received:…

      Not to mention the same info being available on However, I agree with the superbackers at the apparent lack of communication about the prototype units and the promised development assistance they paid to be part of.

      Sadly, I think all of us here part of their kickstarter campaign need to realize kickstarter isn't a store and we are not guaranteed the products we invested in, just like any investment, it's a gamble. With that being said, if this is "normal" for kickstarter campaigns, I can assuredly state that I will not be backing anything via Kickstarter in the future.

      To anybody that has backed a successful campaign in the past, on previous updates it was stated a shipping window, and to allow for 90 days for Kickstarter to do their part in distribution. Is that additional time, suggesting an additional three months of shipping on top of the October delivery time?

    6. Dave on

      They can't be "open" about the progress or the people pre ordering right now will get scared off. I'm sure they need the cash.

    7. Christian D. Pareja on

      When am I going to receive my head phones? I agree with Jon Cage.

    8. Jon Cage on

      I'd just like my headphones. I'm tired of seeing updates like this. By the time they ship there will likely be competitors on the market with cheaper offerings.

    9. Adam McGready on

      @Artisinal what battery life are you referring to? Ossic X are not Bluetooth headphones.

    10. Artisinal on

      To me this is better update that those previous annoying spam emails.

      It does however just prove how delayed they are. This is the first time they achieved stand alone model and I'm afraid how inefficient the battery life will be at this point.

      So I'd rather they take their time and be open about it and piss off backers than keep on pretending they are near. On the other hand they do need constant backer funding by getting more pre-orders or the development can stall.

      I just hope they have good grounding on available funds left to achieve final development and production.

    11. Missing avatar

      christian feghali on

      Awesome. And I'd rather wait a bit longer and have a great headphone than getting one which will be surpassed by a next release a few months later.
      Question: when wearing I often miss announcement made on speaker e.g. In trains. Is there a way to have a system that filters announcement in a headphone?

    12. Jose Marcelino on

      No need to be stressed out, it's almost impossible that these ship this year - there's clearly a lot that still needs doing - so if you're a backer keep that in mind.

      Ossic will never admit delays because that would impact their continuing flow of pre-orders - which they are working hard to get by going around and promoting the hell out of these. They need to keep that illusion that their headphones are just around the corner so better get in now.

      Fair enough and they probably need the cash flow from those orders as well.

    13. Jonas Vestergård on

      @Ossic once again you completely miss what kind of information kickstarter backers are looking for.

      To me personally this is great news, and I think it can be fun to read these 'behind the scenes' updates. But you have to at least mention shipping. This is what most, if not all, backers care about.

      Are you on track? Write that! Are we looking at another delay? Write that! Get it out there before the deadline is long gone. It's much better to be up front about it.

    14. Sordel on

      Of course this was always an essential step for spatialised stereo because I don't think anyone envisaged using additional software to run that mode. Can you talk at all about the division of workload between the 'phones and a host device for multichannel? Are you at the point that a PC or Mac would recognise the X as a multichannel soundcard and offload all the processing to it?

    15. Missing avatar

      Sabrina Wicker on

      They have a portion of their site dedicated to showing their shipping estimates. I think it was in a previous update. Furthermore, OSSIC can promote their product AND develop it at the same time, you know! Two different teams. They're not losing development time by participating in promotional events.

      Great job on the development OSSIC!

    16. Missing avatar

      Derrek Mitchell on

      Sigh, another month without getting to experience my headphones. Wish Ossic's department heads had any formal production training

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter Tan

      Very nice but when are you shipping our units? You have been busy going around showcasing your product! But no one seems to be focus on ensuring we get our shares as soon as possible.

    18. Kevin M. Brown on

      I get the frustration but I would have found external programs for casual listening about as disappointing, I think this was a highly necessary achievement, especially before the product is shipped and they can't tinker with it anymore.

    19. Michael Hsu

      We all needed these.. about a year ago...

    20. Kevin M. Brown on

      So no external software is needed, that's amazing and awesomely convenient! Fully, independently portable 3d audio.
      I need these!

    21. Dave on

      Another update with no timing. No mention of Dev units.