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In my Percussive Artsuit,THE ARTDUDE,I will be traveling across Costa Rica making percussive music and painting canvas murals with kids
63 backers pledged $4,114 to help bring this project to life.


Yo Backercru!

I just uploaded ALL of the photos from the journey and wrote out stories of all the mythological adventures from the tour. There are more beautiful people who have been affected by the Costaricartolution than  can be measured. And they are still being affected right now, and everyday that the murals continue to live.

Please check out all the new photos at .

If you are getting a print or a shirt, I am hand printing them now. Please continue to email me your addresses at I need your addresses to know where to send the well earned pieces. And thank you for those of the Backercru who have emailed me; yours are on the way. 

I hope these images bring you as many smiles and enlightenment as the people in the photos. Happy bewilderment!


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