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In my Percussive Artsuit,THE ARTDUDE,I will be traveling across Costa Rica making percussive music and painting canvas murals with kids
In my Percussive Artsuit,THE ARTDUDE,I will be traveling across Costa Rica making percussive music and painting canvas murals with kids
63 backers pledged $4,114 to help bring this project to life.

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Yo Backercru!

I just uploaded ALL of the photos from the journey and wrote out stories of all the mythological adventures from the tour. There are more beautiful people who have been affected by the Costaricartolution than  can be measured. And they are still being affected right now, and everyday that the murals continue to live.

Please check out all the new photos at .

If you are getting a print or a shirt, I am hand printing them now. Please continue to email me your addresses at I need your addresses to know where to send the well earned pieces. And thank you for those of the Backercru who have emailed me; yours are on the way. 

I hope these images bring you as many smiles and enlightenment as the people in the photos. Happy bewilderment!


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The Ghanartolution Completion!


I have just returned from my journeying artventure across Costa Rica. It has been an incredible experience that has changed my life and the lives of thousands of people in eight different communities and cultures across all of Costa Rica. 

The Final mural was painted on the front steps of El Museo de Los Ninos, The National Children's Museum and National Gallery.  

Now comes the time when all of you get to be directly involved in the project. It's reward time!

For those of you who purchased the album, that is being mixed from over 5 hours of recordings and will be up online as soon as possible. 

For those of you who Applied for a shirt. I need you to email me your address, size of t-shirt, and name of mural you wish to be printed. If you want an image of all of the murals, that is also available. I am hand printing these, so when you email me i will print and ship them out to you.  My email is

Those of you who ordered the prints, the same applies. Please send me your address and either which mural you wish to have printed, or a collage of all of them is possible as well. I will hand make these prints as i get the emails. Again, my email is 

I am stoked to hear from the BACKERCRU. When you send me the information, i would love some responses to the project, I am super curious as to what you think about the final pieces. 

You can see all of the Murals and photos at I think you will love them. 

May the beauty of your life make you want to heal the world by bringing smiles to all who you meet!


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The Costaricartolution


I have just completed the fifth Mural on this wild ride of an artventure. 5/8ths of the way complete.

There is too much life sqeezed into this tiny chunk of time to describe to you, so just take a look for yourself.

Check out If you want to see the whole adventure, click on the Costaricartolution link ot see all of the photos from the journey thus far.

You beautiful sixty four humans who supported this project have already effected hundreds of indigenous and smiling Ticos, the local slang for Costa Ricans.

Smile to yourself if you can when you look at the photos. I can hardly help myslf from a giggle or two.

Wait to watch the final evolotion, I know i'm stoked out of my face. 

Please send me emails. I would love to hear what you think about this beauty you created.

Happy smiling, bewilderment and love for the children you know.

Much love and inpirationosity!

ARTDUDE/ Max Levi Frieder

Costaricanartolution begins!

Yo Backercru!

The first community mural of eight has been completed!

Check it out at . 

Internet weather permitting, i will post all of the photos of all the murals every week on my website.  I would love for you to continue to watch the evolution of these incredible living beings and follow the stories that ensue. 

Because life is so communal here in CR, entire communities are painting the murals together. From old to young, everyone is contributing. Simply remarkable. 

Please feel free to email me responses, comments and musings at

And know that your support for this project has brought happiness, thought and conversation to people of all kinds. 

 May the universality of art creation bring you joy everyday! 


Artdude aka Max

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Thank you so much for making this project possible! I am now in Costa Rica making all the final arrangements to make this mural tour a reality. The communities I will be working with have been solidified, and they are better than I ever could have expected.

I will be going to 4 different Indigineous communities, the Bribri tribe, the Cabecas tribe, the Maleku trube and the Guaymi tribe. I will also be going to a carrabean rastafarian community, a Jewish community and a final exhibition at the National Childrens mueum, El Museo de Ninos. There I will setting up a mural where childrfen from the San Jose area will be invited to come collaborate on a canvas mural set up outside the Muesum.

I have already contacted the Costa Rican Government who are very interested, as well as a telivision station who is also interested in doing a story about the project. If any member of the BACKERCRU knows of any US publicity medium; telivision, newspaper, radio or publication, any of those would a wonderful addition to the project.

This is going to be a wonderful expirience, I am super stoked to start working with the kids. I cant wait for you all to see the evolution of this project on my website, Hopefully I will be able to have internet service throughout the trip to be abloe to update the site. I will be in some extremly remote areas, thus internet may be questionable for most of the trip.

I look forward to hearing all of your responses, and watching all of the murals and sound paintings come to life.

May the curiousity of creativity bring you inspired fulfillment everyday.

With excitement,