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$4,664 pledged of $8,881 goal
By Jennifer Baross
$4,664 pledged of $8,881 goal

Recent updates

Film Update #4 - we're back in production!

Hello Parducci Friends! 

I wanted to give you an update on the film's progress: 

Many of you have sent words of encouragement telling us how important this film is to you and we have been still working hard on this project. Since January of this year, Director Jack P. Johnson and I have been busy filming various locations such as Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, the Sander's Candy Factory in Highland Park and the Collections Resource Center where Corrado's molds and tools are stored. We have also been busy interviewing authors, curators, architectural historians, and friends who knew him. Here is a short work-in-progress film of what we've worked on thus far. 

We are fundraising again through June 22. We choose another crowdsourcing platform, Indiegogo, which allows us to retain the funds we raise regardless if we meet our goal of $10,000. I ask you to please consider contributing again to the film project and share with your friends, family and colleagues. Contributions can be made at:

The funding will allow us to use historical images, papers, footage and to travel to interview Parducci’s sole remaining family member, who is 87 years old. Petrol adds up quickly, as does airfare - we need to travel not only to Los Angeles, but also New York where Parducci grew up and to film Parducci’s commissions in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor – even Marquette, Michigan. Scanning the images at the historical associations costs $50 per scan – those add up quickly, too. We need some help!

Stay in touch with us on social media! 

Thank you so very much for your continued interest and support of our project. 


An afternoon of filming...

For those of you in Detroit, you know that today's weather was just plain FANTASTIC! (These 100 degree days are starting to get to me!) 

So what better way to spend the day, but to film some Parducci footage for you. Our first stop was Fordson High School in Dearborn. It's a beautiful Neo-Tudor building which sits on the northwest corner of Schaefer and Ford Roads. It's massive footprint is pretty impressive. 

The next stop we headed downtown and found ourselves at the David Stott Building on Griswold. Parducci's contribution here are the beautiful details above the entry in bronze and rainbow granite. 

Here's an image of the Wilson Theatre, now known as Music Hall. It was built by William Kapp for Matilda Dodge Wilson. Parducci designed the large comedy and tragedy faces in Terra Cotta near the top of the building. Kapp worked on many commissions with Parducci. (More locations to come!) 

Our last stop was on Belle Isle - the flagpole near the soccer field. This has an interesting story that the Detroit Rotary had wanted to have a flagpole and they wanted to award Sam Cashwan the commission. Albert Kahn wanted Parducci to do it, so Sam ended up doing the figure and Parducci designed the rest. 

Thanks again for your contributions. We're getting down to the last seven days, and we still have quite a bit of money to raise. I've been in touch with more and more of Parducci's family members, and I'm getting very excited about the film! Please consider spreading the word to those who might be interested. 

Best, Jennifer

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A Letter from the Director


I'm Jack P. Johnson the director of "Corrado Parducci: the man who made Detroit Beautiful" and I'd like to thank everyone who has donated to our project. During his career Corrado Parducci created ornamentation which that adorned businesses, schools and churches in the Detroit area. As Detroit has changed many of these buildings have taken on a second life under new ownership unfortunately though many buildings have been abandoned or torn down. My background is in architectural photography and I have always been fascinated by the details of our buildings; this reflects our history and the prosperity that Detroit once enjoyed. 

If you live in the Detroit area you may be aware of a recent fire at the old Sanders Candy Headquarters in Highland Park. The architectural decorations on the building were created by Corrado Parducci and although still standing news reports have stated that the building will probably burn for a week due to the risk presented to firefighters if they enter the structure. This underscores one of the many reasons we have taken on this project namely to document the work of Corrado Parducci before it is lost. Attached is a short video showing the building before and during the fire.

Once again thank you for your support and if you know of others who may be interested in funding our project please send them link. 

 Sincerly Jack P. Johnson

Parducci Update No. 1

Friends, I cannot thank you enough for your contributions to the Kickstarter fundraiser. My heart is singing at the thought of this project for several reasons. First and most importantly, it will allow for Parducci to get the recognition he deserves. Secondly, it provides a much needed resource for those wanting more information.

I’ve received many emails over the course of the past week from those who send their congratulations to those who have information or artifacts which they wish to share and every day this project grows more exciting!