Barnyard Race, a thrilling race at the farm!
Reach the finish line on the racetrack, by rolling as many of the same animal on the dice as you can. End de race with the rooster sprint. 

On your turn, roll the dice by putting them into the dice silo. You may roll them up to three times, trying to obtain as many of the same animal as you can. 
The rooster on the dice is special; it acts as wild, helping you to improve your roll. 

Example: On the first roll, the player gets 2 rabbits, 1 rooster, 1 sheep, and 1 cow. He keeps the two rabbits and the rooster, which is 3 of a kind. He then rolls the remaining dice twice or more to try to get either rabbits or roosters. If in all the player gets 3 rabbits and 2 roosters, this is 5 of a kind, in other words 5 rabbits.

It's not always necessary to roll the dice three times, the player can stop after once or twice, if the maximum amount of 5 animals has been obtained. 

If a player gets 5 of a kind, as in example above, where he has obtained 5 rabbits, he moves his rabbit token 5 spaces along the racetrack.
It's a relay race, players must use a different animal token for each turn. On their next turn, the race continue where their last animal token left off. 

Only after all 5 animal tokens have been played, players take one or more additional turns by using their special rooster token. Each player rolls the 5 dice once only, trying to get as many roosters to move their token toward the finish line. The first player to reach the finish line, wins the Barnyard Race! 


- 1 dice cup
- 5 dice
- 20 animal tokens
- 4 special rooster tokens
- 1 illustrated racetrack
- 1 sheet with 30 self-adhesive labels
- Instructions

 All components are language-free! 

Main values are in US dollars.

Premium dice cup
Premium dice cup
Deluxe silo dice tower
Deluxe silo dice tower

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Risks and challenges

Designers, illustrators and entrepreneurs with years of experience, Pascal Martel and Bernard Dumont are partners in game design since 2015. Dumont games creative process aims to design accessible games to generate thrilling moments with friends and family.

We have experience with local and overseas supplier partners which are able to offer premium quality board game and deliver on time. We hope to deliver the Deluxe edition to offer the game best experience at a reasonable price. We have full faith that your games will be delivered to you safe and in a timely fashion.

We promise to keep you in the loop every step of the way. If you have any questions, send us a message, email us, or simply comment on the campaign. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Special thanks to Mrs. Nancy Stewart, author of the charming and fun "Rooster song" we used in our video.

Thank you and let the race begin!

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