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MAG-LEV Audio is The First Levitating Turntable that brings the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.
MAG-LEV Audio is The First Levitating Turntable that brings the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.
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Your wish is our command - this is how it sounds

Posted by MAG-LEV Audio (Creator)


You wanted to hear how it sounds. We've made an uncut video of the turntable connected to a regular stereo sound system.

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    1. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Jan,
      We will be doing such a review when we have a final product in hand. Doing do with the prototype, would reap a fair assessment. We understand that sound is the most important thing. For now we are trying our best to present it with our updates and through video. Thanks for your comment. We appreciate your suggestion.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      Will yuo be able to succesfully have an independant High End Audio reviewer compare your turntable with well known high end turntables that have already established themselves in the market?

      Although the priciple of your turntable is nice at the end only one things matters and that can only be the SOUND!

    3. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks for the compliments. We have a layer of material in place in the platter itself that blocks any magnetic field influences on the cartridge. We tried to show the sound in this video the best way we could. We wanted to use basic stereo equipment to demonstrate how it would sound in any living room. We haven't done video comparisons with traditional turntables, but the sound is similar to other turntables in the same price range. We understand sound quality is important to you, as it is to us and there will be no compromises on sound from our end.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Sylvester on


      Your turntable is a thing of beauty however...

      Please quantify what effect any magnetic energy in the platters drive system would potentially have in the coils of the cartridge.
      Would the noise floor increase or is sound quality and frequency response likely to be affected. Your demonstration doesn't really reflect where the turntable will sit when compared with traditional turntables.
      Sound quality is important to me.

    5. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Luca,
      Thank you for letting us know about the article. We're glad our neighboring country is following our campaign.

    6. Missing avatar

      Luca on

      fantastic !!! today came out an article on your turntable, the most famous Italian newspaper ... "La Stampa" have made the center .... !!!!! I recommend when will you ship the package must be proof of "bomb" !!!!

    7. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Felix,
      You are correct. The turntable automatically stops when the arm is put back into resting position. You use our turntable as you would any other, the technology does the rest.

    8. Felix on

      Looks very cool!
      How did you control the turntable in the end? Does it automatically stop when the arm is put back to the resting position?
      All the best!

    9. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Michael,
      Thanks for the compliments :)

    10. Michael Trautmann on

      This is so unbelieveable cool.... and by the way... the song was a very good choice! :-)

    11. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Lubos,
      The vertical tracking angle is set for the cartridge we have set up. If you are asking us, what happens when you change the cartridge, you will be able to adjust the height of the tonearm. Hope this answers your question.

    12. MAG-LEV Audio Creator on

      Hi Sylvia,
      We will be filming the video for legs tomorrow and will put it in the campaign when they are done.

    13. Lubos Achill on

      I wish the best !!! I love this system! I look forward to! And the VTA?? How to solve?
      BR Lubos

    14. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Niemojewska on

      Looks aces - can you show how the legs extend and retract?