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Brooklyn's Akoya is poised to make a brand new vinyl (and digital) album of heavy, full sized Afrobeat.
Brooklyn's Akoya is poised to make a brand new vinyl (and digital) album of heavy, full sized Afrobeat.
236 backers pledged $9,663 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Jason Mockler on May 12, 2015

      Any news on this album... or am I pretty much writing this one off?

    2. Creator Jarmo Lundgren on January 28, 2015

      Wozzup? No news for ages. What happened to the vinyls? Were are my rewards?

    3. Creator Jeremy Johnson on December 30, 2014

      Hey guys, any updates?

    4. Creator Allen on April 23, 2014

      what's the expected date of completion now?

    5. Creator Akoya Afrobeat on April 12, 2014

      Hey everyone-- still at it, still committed to making a classic album. It has taken a long time, so we are now certain it will be better to make sure the end result is timeless rather than to rush. We promise it will be worth the wait, and thank you for your patience and support!

    6. Creator Akoya Afrobeat on September 17, 2013

      Hi everybody. Please accept our apologies for the lack of communication. We finally finished the mix and are ready to master the album. You can see our latest update for more info. Thanks to all of you and special thanks to Angel for taking the trouble to communicate with everyone when we were checked out!

    7. Creator Angel on August 2, 2013

      I just touched base with Kaleta via their FB band page to ask for an update, and the word is that they are finished mixing the album but still in post-production. Hopefully they'll touch base here more often as it wraps up!

    8. Creator Robert Thomas on July 24, 2013

      How about an update guys? It's been almost 7 months since the last.

    9. Creator Jeremy Johnson on July 14, 2013

      Hi guys... any updates on when you'll be finished with the production? Looking forward to hearing the tunes!

    10. Creator Charlie Gibson on October 29, 2012

      any word on the project?

    11. Creator Christiana Drapkin on June 30, 2012

      Congratulations everyone! You ran a successful campaign. Here's to all your fun music and energy and lots of success with the band!

    12. Creator Yoshinori Tanaka on June 30, 2012

      Congratulations, Akoya! Looking very much forward to receiving your new music!! I personally have been hoping for you guys to come out to play in Vancouver someday in the near future.

    13. Creator maria christina on June 29, 2012


    14. Creator Charlie Gibson on June 28, 2012

      Congrats guys!

    15. Creator K Larson on June 27, 2012

      Good luck, Akoya - looking forward to hearing the album. And hi to Felix - hope you are well & playing lots of music. Are you the beloved band member who's moved to Cali? Hope to see you again soon! Karen Lee

    16. Creator Akoya Afrobeat on June 21, 2012

      Jessica, that's a great idea... stay posted, we'll get it going for sure!

    17. Creator Jessica Hammer on June 21, 2012

      Hey, any chance of a "full digital discography" reward? I would love digital copies of your previous albums.

    18. Creator Jarmo Lundgren on June 13, 2012

      Hey fellow backers, spread the word! We're not even halfway yet. I really hope Akoya can record the album. We need more backers!

    19. Creator Akoya Afrobeat on June 7, 2012

      Much appreciated David!

    20. Creator David Stuart on June 6, 2012

      I honestly just heard about you ladies and gentlemen today, but I hope this gets off the ground! Wish I could give more than $10, but i wish you the best of luck! I'm gonna have to check out your other albums too. You guys sound great!