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New Herring Press is a micropress publishing chapbooks of fiction, nonfiction, and neither/both.

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It was June 2010, and the first new herring of the season were just arriving stateside.  For months, years, Jess Arndt, Sara Jaffe, Sara Marcus, and Jason Daniel Schwartz had been lighting up each other’s brains with conversations about writing and books.  It was time to do something about it.  We decided to form a chapbook press whose goal would be to bring worthy, exciting, short-form prose—fictional, nonfictional, and neither/both—into the world.  The chapbooks would be attractive. We would publish some authors you may have already heard of, and some that you probably haven’t.  It would be the kind of writing we loved: writing that told us something we didn’t know about language, or character, or the world; or the writing would tell us something we knew but didn’t know we knew.


We decided that we would annually release a set of four chapbooks, which we would be sell both as a set and individually.  We approached four authors we loved, and were stoked as sturgeon when they agreed to submit their work.  By January 2011, we had four terrific manuscripts in hand:

Doing Laps Without a Pool, an essay by Lynne Tillman

Let Me Not Seem to Have Lived, a short story by Joseph Cardinale

List, a collection of very short fictions by Deb Olin Unferth

and Girona, a novel-excerpt by Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi.

We asked the artist/architect Gregorio Santamaria if he would help us imagine the look of the books, and he hand-drew us some gorgeous herringbone patterns to put on the covers and endpages (including the image on this page).  Diana Simard drew us a dignified herring for our logo, and Lauryn Siegel made the slammin video you see here.

We compiled, edited, raised glasses.


Now, we’ve selected an amazing designer (Carl Williamson) and a radical letterpress/printing collective (Flying Object) to bring these books to material, herringfied life.  We are happy to be paying these talented members of our literary/artistic community for their services, and we need your help to do it.  We held an aquavit-soaked fundraiser at New York’s Dixon Place in April, and that gave us a good start, but we still have a ways to go.  Please support New Herring Press by making a donation of any amount to help us reach our goal of $2000 to cover design and printing costs.  We have a whole slew of excellent rewards with which to thank you.

We can’t wait to get these beautiful, inspiring, brain-sparking books out into the world.


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    One-inch circular button/pin/badge featuring the super cool NHP logo.

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    Copy of NHP editor Sara Jaffe's solo CD from Cherchez La Femme Records.

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    Mix CD from an NHP editor! Themes include 90s hardcore 7"s, best of Riot Grrrl, and more scratchy guitars than you can shake a stick at.

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    Set of New Herring Press Series One Chapbooks: Cardinale, Oloomi, Tillman, Unferth.

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    SIGNED set of New Herring Press Series One Chapbooks: Cardinale, Oloomi, Tillman, Unferth.

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    A NHP editor will read and give you feedback on your short story, grant application, grad school essay, etc.

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    NHP editor and bartender extraordinaire Jess Arndt will offer an in-person consultation to come up with your perfect, personalized cocktail.

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    NHP editor and erstwhile rocker Sara Jaffe will offer an hour-long SJ-style guitar lesson.

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    NHP editor and secret naturalist Jason Daniel Schwartz will give you a guided nature walk at a prime nature spot in the Tri-State Area.

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    NHP editor and marvelous chanteuse Sara Marcus will hold one of her famed "Piano Bar" parties for you and your friends.

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    New Herring feast featuring food and drink (herring, aquavit, & more) with the NHP editors for you and three of your friends.

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