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Acheson Creations presents 14 new items into our existing American Frontier product line.
Acheson Creations presents 14 new items into our existing American Frontier product line.
58 backers pledged $6,715 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Acheson Creations launched our first Primaeval Designs Kickstarter on 2/1/17 and it's over 50% funded in the first 24 hours. This project features 28mm (1:56) dinosaurs, prehistoric and modern animals. Please check it out and spread the word -

      Thanks, Bryan & Craig

    2. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Hey guys & gals... my Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter ends in 2 hours. Now is the time to jump in and get your yellow Gelatinous Cubes or other Smackdown mini figures! - Bryan

    3. David O'Connell on

      Fort and longhouse received. Very nice job.

    4. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      I got my Hawk level pledge today and I am very pleased. Great detail and authenticity and quite a bit sturdier than other resin buildings. Thank you and great luck for the future.

    5. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Glad to hear your order arrived and that you're happy with it. Thanks for the support.

    6. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      I received my shipment from your website today. Very nice buildings, I'll wait for the weekend to paint, I want to do them justice. Makes me antici...pate my pledge here! Thank you so much, you are bringing a new dimension to my games!

    7. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Thank you James! Thank you everyone!

    8. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      I wish I could dump some more cash in this but with my other KSs and the $80+ order from your website I'm tapped out. Good luck with your entire product line!

    9. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Thanks for the confidence and bump Ehren!

    10. Ehren37 on

      Added for a Small Iroquois Ganosote Longhouse and an English longhouse, which I have faith wil be funded. Nice to see a bump at the end :)

    11. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      Ah, the washing...yes, on Saturday at Bucheit Farm Store I find & buy for $7.99 a pack of 24 little plastic hay bales, largish for 25 mm minis but about right for the new sized Heroic 28 mm figs. Take 'em home and wash 'em, as per, and them dry overnite. I prime them the next morning, wait, and only during painting in the evening do I discover they all have tiny openings from the blown-injection molding, and every danged one of them has water still inside, a'comin' out!

    12. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @James - you're doing it right. The main thing to remember is to wash the resin pieces thoroughly with a good dish soap (like Dawn) that gets the mould release off the plastic. Then let it dry completely before priming. I use auto primer and/or Krylon primer for plastics or whatever I have on hand. :) And I use craft paints. Sometimes I use a wood stain for the "dipping" technique but I rub or brush it on... mostly for our our Kaiju Kaos and Primaeval lines. And I use Testors Dull Coat.

    13. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      @ Bryan What do you suggest for painting your models? When I've painted resin pieces before I primed them with Krylon and painted with craft acrylics - base, dark wash, drybrush light and highlights, then matte clear sealer. What do you use on the structures from your website? I want to do them justice.

    14. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      Well, that's the first time the Deuce dropped ME! ;-)>

    15. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      Well there are at least 2 of us that have outhouse streetcred. A series of well used privies and log cabins have been part of my southern heritage all of my life complete with Sears catalog and on rare occasions corn cobs. Indeed just last week.... ;-)



    16. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      I wish I had ordered the outhouse too...I bet I'm the only backer who has actually used one, repeatedly, at my cousin Lena's house back in the late 1950s...(porta- potties do NOT count)

    17. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      That's quite a haul! Thanks for the support and the additional order. I think you'll be pleased with everything in your order as they're all quite popular and sell quickly when i take them to trade shows.

    18. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      Cuezcomatl Grainery, also promoting you on Dungeonstone, Dwarven Forge, Bones KSs.

    19. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      Zulu Hut #2, Inca Storage Tower, Roman Leather Legionnaire Tent, Bedouin Tent, Pict Stone House w/ Weighted Roof, Cuezcomatl, Mongol Ger, Aztec Noble House. Lovely sculpts, I can't wait to paint them and use them in my Swiss Dark Ages Pathfinder game!

    20. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @James - Nice! Thanks. What did you order?

    21. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      I just ordered 8 buildings from your website, a lotta great stuff there. If the quality is as good as it looks, I'll be ordering a lot more!

    22. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Thanks Deuce!
      - Stratos

    23. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @Karl - Yes, I apologize for the missing comments field. As I was setting up this project, features changed behind the scenes that I was unaware of. I will be keeping tabs of all orders and will contact every supporter when it's all said and done to verify orders first for production and second for shipping purposes. Thanks for your support! - Bryan / Stratos

    24. Missing avatar

      Karl Sears on

      I'm looking in the pledge manager for a comment area to include my list of add-ons, but am not finding it.

    25. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Thanks for the nice comments on the wigwams. I'll work on getting some size comparison images with a 28mm figure and post those soon. As for more painted displays, that's not likely to happen any time soon since the point of this project is to get the funding to manufacture this items. The Bark covered wigwam was an exception because it is something we were going to release regardless of this project by it might still take time if we don't get fully funded.

    26. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      That painted wigwam rocks. Great update! Look forward to the pictures of the fort.

    27. Ehren37 on

      Any chance we could get some size comparison shots w a 28mm mini in there? The painted wigwam looks great... I think a few more painted pieces would help this catch on more.

    28. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @ Deuce - the only difference in the two tee pees is the size. They're not 100% replicas of one another but they're very similar. Thanks, Bryan / Stratos

    29. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      I will add a few tipis to my pledge. I see the big vs little tipi picture - is their a difference other than size?

    30. Missing avatar

      stlstrapper on

      Thanks for this @Acheson! I have already upped my pledge to what some may consider to a be a ridiculous amount...

      My Indians better appreciate their fancy new lodgings come August :)

    31. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      Hey guys, thanks for the comments. Sorry for my delay in response. I just sent out Update #1 that addresses adding on additional items to existing pledges and I will be updating the Add-Ons section of the project description as well. In short, "Yes!" you can add additional items to your pledge... just please be sure to include the sku/product codes. Thanks, Bryan

    32. Missing avatar

      stlstrapper on

      Hey Acheson- excited to see this Kickstarter!
      But I would like to second what Jimmy said - I'd love to order a dozen Indian/Native buildings but this is not an option. Is there any way to make specific pieces available at a specific price and I could just add that to my pledge?
      Thanks so much!

    33. Lostpict Lord High Undertaker of Valoria on

      Awesome. I played in a great game recently that featured your fort (be used by the Rohan to fend off Wargs). In person the stuff is just awesome.

      If you wanted to ordered three or four teepees, etc. in addition to our pledge items do we just over-pledge and wait to the KS is done to tell you the specifics?

      I am interested in stuff for my Commanches, my woodland Indians, my Skraelings, and my my fantasy tribes.