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Acheson Creations is excited to offer new and original 28mm fantasy terrain & elements to your existing miniature tabletop experience.
62 backers pledged $5,296 to help bring this project to life.

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Kongo-Afrika Kickstarter

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)
Acheson Creations has launched their latest Kickstarter... Kongo-Afrika!  

Lots of new terrain, animals, and humans!

Behind the scenes: Designing a Medieval Church, Part 1

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)
Hello everyone! As part of our Viking: Great Hall Burning Kickstarter promotion, we wanted to share how we make one of our buildings from start to finish. For this example, Craig has chosen the Half Timbered Church (MED43) which is a Stretch Goal item that will be free for every $100+ pledge if it gets unlocked.

Check out Part 1 - Making the master sculpt and follow the Pledge Today button at the bottom to take you directly to our Vikings: Great Hall Burning campaign page.

- Bryan

Dungeon Worlds Part 3 is now on Kickstarter!

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)

 Acheson Creations is pleased to announce the launch of the latest expansion to our popular Dungeon Worlds terrain. In Dungeon Worlds Part 3, we revisit the Saurian Frontier with an expansion set that includes new buildings and Saurians mounted on dinosaurs! We also return to Edd's Pub with two variations of an alcove that will allow players to add either a window or a side door to their existing pub. Players can also get creative with the pieces and build a free standing building. Just beware of what may lay beneath the trap door! The main focus of Dungeon Worlds Part 3 is the all-new Dwarven Mine. We are offering two different configurations at different price points.

As always, you can pledge at a specific level or you can choose our popular Add-Ons Only option and pick and choose the pieces you want for your dungeon.

For Part 3, we teamed up once again with Evil Bob's Miniature Painting to provide spectacular painted images of our products. Also returning is Two Hour Wargames and Kaiju Kaos with new items and Dungeon Worlds-specific features. And new to the party is award-winning sci-fi/dark fantasy/horror author VJ WAKS with a new Acheson Creations-exclusive publishing plus offerings of some of her previous titles.

Dungeon Worlds Part 3 will run Wednesday, November 30 at 9:00am to Friday, December 16 at 6:00pm EST. Pledge today - we're already 50% funded!!

Dungeon Worlds Part 3 is coming!

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)




Heavy Metal launches on July 27th!

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)