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Highly-detailed 28mm dungeon tile terrain cast in durable urethane plastic. Perfect for tabletop miniatures & role-playing games.
138 backers pledged $21,224 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. David Maciaszek

      3 barrels per 1 chest.

    2. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @Shawn Cosgrove - The Female Adventurers w/ Mule are still a $19K Stretch Goal and come before the Barrels & Chests.

    3. Alarian DarkWind

      I would vote for the barrels. I have both, but there is more use for lots of barrels vs lots of treasure chests.

    4. Ryan Oshiro

      Combo, like others have said though a 1 time special type terrain would be nice like either entrance way or even rough stone with open or closed door. But I don't mind whatever it is.

    5. Robh on

      @Acheson: l know there are entranceways in the add-ons, l already have some in my pledge amount. My comment was related to offering them as a stretch goal instead of the metal chests/barrels. As widely commented pretty much anyone who plays dungeon games in 3d will have a box full of stuff like that anyway. Offering an entranceway to work with the stretch goal walls instead would likely be more of an incentive at this late stage.

    6. Missing avatar


      I would have to agree with evermore414 as far as chests and barrels. Barrels are easy to come by, You can get them from craft stores (pickel barrels) in sets of 8 or you can get molds, or precast pieces. Chests while not as common are still obtainable from molds or precast, got some from another kickstarter comin but also ordered some last night before getting this new update. I would like to see something like oozes made from same material as the Gelatinous cubes. Oozes are not very common, at least that I've seen. Are the female adventures with the mule still going to be a stretch goal?

    7. HRH Mo on

      I'm in the I've-got-plenty-of-those camp.

      Clear resin Fire for the barbie-pit please!

    8. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @evermore414 & Robh - We do offer gates/entrances/openings already as Add-Ons and as part of the $200/$400 pledge levels...
      2x4 inch Cavern Entrance (DW11) = $10.00
      2x4 inch Dragon Entrance (DW12) = $12.00
      2x2 inch Open Doorway on Rough Stone Tile (DW26) = $5.00
      2x2 inch Closed Doorway on Rough Stone Tile (DW27) = $5.00
      2 inch Straight Dungeon Wall with Open Door (DW33) = $4.00

    9. Missing avatar

      Shane Brasher on

      Neither. Every terrain or tile company or kickstarter does chests and barrels. I have way more of both of these than I'll ever use. If anyone needs these they can be had extremely cheaply from any number of places. I also don't want any metal pieces. I try to stay away from metal terrain and the big allure of your other pieces is that they are done in plastic. I agree with Robh, the best stretch goal would be an entrance or gateway piece to go along with the tiles and wall stretch goals.

    10. Robh on

      My preference for stretch goal would actually be one of the entranceway pieces or the doorway pieces. From the chests and barrels, l think the barrels will be far more useful.

    11. Larry Cavanagh on

      Final Stretch goal vote: A write in- 4x6 inch Large Stone Paved Room with two entrances (DW13)

    12. Becky Glenn


    13. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @Larry Cavanagh - unfortunately these two items are too small for us to meticulously cast in plastic. Sorry.

    14. Larry Cavanagh on

      Please, not pewter. The nice thing about your terrain is that it is made of "durable urethane plastic". The pewter gets banged up when transporting to and from sessions.

    15. KK

      Mix of both