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Highly-detailed 28mm dungeon tile terrain cast in durable urethane plastic. Perfect for tabletop miniatures & role-playing games.
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Revised Fifty for $50 Pledge Level

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)

Welcome to Update #13! We're just days away from the finish line and we've still got awesome Stretch Goals to Unlock and a few more to reveal but while we're waiting on that I want to clarify, update, revise the Fifty for $50.00 Pledge Level and Add-On option.

As stated in Update #10...

Backers at the Fifty for $50 level can receive either:

  • the package as originally offered (DW1 x46), or
  • a random assortment of the unlocked designs (no specific quantity requests will be accepted), or
  • choose any one unlocked design to replace the original DW1. IE: if you'd prefer 46 of DW1B to have the 1-inch grid style, you can now choose that by sending me a message.

And the above is also included in the $100 Basic and $200 Advanced Dungeon pledge levels.

You may now choose from the following:

  • 46 of DW1
  • 46 of DW1b (Stretch Goal #9)
  • 46 of DW1c (Stretch Goal #10 - if it stays Unlocked by the time we close)
  • 46 of DW1d (Stretch Goal #12 - if it funds and Unlocks)
  • 46 random mix of any of the above DW1 options
  • 46 of DW16 (2x2 inch Paved Stone Tiles)
  • 46 of DW58 (2x2 inch Wooden Plank Floor Tiles)

and you still get one of each of the 4 specialty tiles (DW2, DW3, DW7 & DW10).

Furthermore, since there has been discussion on the pros & cons of the specialty tiles, if you are one of Backers who is pledging additional money for the Fifty for $50, we will gladly remove those tiles from your order and just send you 50 tiles from the following list.

  • 50 of DW1
  • 50 of DW1b (Stretch Goal #9)
  • 50 of DW1c (Stretch Goal #10 - if it stays Unlocked by the time we close)
  • 50 of DW1d (Stretch Goal #12 - if it funds and Unlocks)
  • 50 random mix of any of the above DW1 options
  • 50 of DW16 (2x2 inch Paved Stone Tiles)
  • 50 of DW58 (2x2 inch Wooden Plank Floor Tiles)

Additionally... and I wish I could go back and edit past Updates... if you have pledged $100.00 or more (awarding you with one of each of the Stretch Goals) and would like to swap out a specific tile for a different style, you now can!

Example: If you are receiving Paved Stone Tiles in your Fifty for $50 pledge and don't want DW1b as a Stretch Goal, you can now request us to send you 10 of DW16 instead.

Note: we are only able to make changes to Stretch Goals #9 (DW1b), #10 (DW1c) & #12 (DW1d). We cannot exchange miniatures for additional tiles, etc.

Hope this all makes sense. We're trying to make this as customizable as possible!

- Bryan

ps: I will be away all-day Saturday at HMGS: Battle at the Crossroads in Cambridge, OH. I will try to check in but won't be able to field comments or post updates until Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Coralline Algae on

      @Acheson - Thank you for the info.

    2. Acheson Creations 12-time creator on

      @Coralline - each piece is a solid gray color. We hand dye them so thy are slightly inconsistent between batches but there is nothing in the "mortar" area of this piece. That's just a lighting effect.

    3. Coralline Algae on

      Nice. I'm not sure that I saw a picture of the DW16 Paved Stone tiles. They're really nice. The only thing I'm not sure about is the material in between the stones. It looks to be a different color from the stones themselves. Was that added after it was cast? Will our paved stone tiles have mortar in between the stones like the picture shows?