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Highly-detailed 28mm dungeon tile terrain cast in durable urethane plastic. Perfect for tabletop miniatures & role-playing games.
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Add-Ons: Stairs

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)

Here is a closer look at the three different stair pieces offered in Part 1.

Each of these items can be added on to any $100 Basic Dungeon or $200 Advanced Dungeon pledge level for no additional shipping charge. Each are included in the $400 Extreme Dungeon level. They can also be purchased at either Add-Ons Only pledge level.

There was an error in the list of Add-Ons that has been corrected however it is still in the pledge level description for the $400 Extreme Dungeon. The error showed DW36 as 2x6 inch when it is actual 4x4 inch. Thank you Alarian for pointing out this error. I corrected the Add-Ons list but cannot correct the pledge buttons because they have already been used.

All painted displays by Evil Bob's Miniature Painting.


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