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Highly-detailed 28mm dungeon tile terrain cast in durable urethane plastic. Perfect for tabletop miniatures & role-playing games.
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Stretch Goal #3 - The Gelatinous Cube

Posted by Acheson Creations (Creator)

Thank you for helping Unlock Stretch Goal #1 (Adventurers 4-Pack #1) and Stretch Goal #2 (Halflings 5-Pack). For Stretch Goal #3, we're offering up your choice of either the Blue or Green Gelatinous Cubes. These dungeon denizens are already available as Add-Ons but we want to offer then up as free items to everyone who pledges $100.00 or more toward our Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter.

Each cube is hollow and open from the bottom so you can place it over smaller miniatures to give them appearance of being absorbed in the ooze.

Photographed with one of our 28mm Aztec Warriors for scale.

As with all Stretch Goals, if you pledge $100 or more, you will receive one of each Stretch Goal items. For the Gelatinous Cubes, please be sure to message me with your preference in color (blue or green).

Gelatinous Cubes will remain on the Add-Ons list for those wishing to purchase additional cubes.

Thanks for getting us this far. We've heard your pleas and Stretch Goal #4 will be a new terrain piece for your dungeons!

- Bryan

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