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A film about revered troubadour Guy Clark—The Dean of Texas Songwriters—The Dylan Thomas of American Music—Pancho to Van Zandt's Lefty.
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      Annette Bailey on

      I've thought of Guy and you and everyone who loved him every single day since he died. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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      Bridget on

      found some live cuts of guy on the net... already a gift from guy from above

    3. STEVEN RASKA on

      Guys music is the soundtrack of a pretty sizeable slice of my life. I will savor it always, maybe even more so now that he has passed. My deepest condolences to his family and friends, and an extra special salute to you Tamara: You have been living with his story for what would seem to be forever, and now with Guys passing, so much of the context must have changed. I am sure you are playing out your grief on many different levels. Please accept a big virtual hug from the folks who are following your / our project, and Rest in Peace, Guy Clark.

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      Alice Wells on

      With a phrase he gave voice to all our unsaid yearnings. He spun tales that revealed our best and worst inclinations. His songs never let us go without a laugh or a tear or a shake of the head. What we have is the last from him. I wish it wasn't so.

    5. Justin L. Williams on

      I cried for lesser things, women, whiskey and beauty.
      His dignity and what he meant to me deserved a better tear and I am not quiet ready.
      I feel the pain of new found lost, sharp, and deep and empty,
      I hope and pray he is at peace, free of pain and able to share his songs again with those he loved most dearly,
      When the lord called Guy Clark home we mourned our loss and knew we would never find another,
      A man, so true to who he was whose blue shirt may never fit snugly, on the shoulders of anyone who can turn a phrase or sing a song with simple honesty, hope, and beauty
      But then again, Guy Clark died today why is the world still turning?
      You might think he's in a better place and Lord I hope you're right
      But for now my world has lost a piece of what I felt important, what was right,
      He scattered his ashes out to sea and among the roses found a tear for his Father's life and all that he stood for,
      I wonder will I find that peace as only time will tell,
      For now I wish I was in Austin at the chili parlor bar
      Drinking mad dog margaritas and not caring where you are.
      I doubt many days go by that I would wish that true,
      I just hope I can find a means to honor what he meant,
      And thank you Tamara for what you've done and the part that you have played,
      Your role was so important in keeping Guy alive, of taking his story to the rest of us and keeping the love we felt alive somewhere inside.

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      Betty Jean Franklin on

      P.S. I am sure he, Susanna, Townes, and Mickey Newbury are sitting around picking and grinning and swapping tales.

    7. Missing avatar

      Betty Jean Franklin on

      I am so very sorry to hear of his passing. He is such an icon to me and this makes me even more grateful that I helped back your project. I cannot wait for it to come out now. Condolences to you, Tamara, because I know you've been close to him.

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      ROGER WHITE on

      Down here in New Zealand I was very saddened to read your letter telling of Guys death. Your documentary now takes on even greater importance for me. His passing was covered by our biggest newspapers as well,…

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      Paul& Annette Robinson on

      Even though I knew Guy was very sick it still saddens me deeply to lose him. His music is so much of many people's lives he will be sorely missed for years. As we get older and see our legends pass before us, we need to remember to live our own lives to the fullest for this day will come to all. I love Guy Clark music forever and I have and will share this poets legend as much as I can. God Bless you Guy. Go be with Susanna and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Thank you for all your gifts

    10. moses gunesch on

      Thanks for putting this nice bio together Tamara, very sorry for this great loss. I guess 2016 has been pretty tragic for the music world. Wish I'd had the chance to see him perform live but he'll always be part of my family's memories. Thanks again for the wonderful package, it meant a lot!

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Farrell on

      Tamara, those of us who care about music, and culture, and true artistry and class, owe you a debt for your work putting the project together. Your devotion to Guy and his music is truly inspirational. Me, I've cried 3 times in 20 years for my Mom and Dad when they passed and for Guy this morning. Now I'll have to get out a guitar and play"Desperadoes Waiting For a Train." I do that when I feel the emptiness of loss, often when there's not rational cause. But, music and love and eternity aren't particularly rational, and I may have learned to hate that goddamned song because of the feelings, but it's also about as human a thing as I can do to handle grief and sadness with dignity. I think I learned that from Guy's music.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Clark on

      Thank you for this beautifully eloquent obituary, Tamara. We lost our Pathfinder today. God rest you, old champ. We'll see you on the other side of the river, directly. Peace of God to all.

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      Frank Rooney on

      Sad, sad news.

    14. Missing avatar

      Javier Rincon Vazquez on

      Thanks Tamara. I'm devastated.. Guy's music accompanied me for the last 20 years, and I just want to cry.. When I notice the mail at my inbox, I was scared to open it, because I knew what's was in there. My condolences to his family and friends. Descanse en paz.

    15. Missing avatar

      Levi Henriksen on

      Guy Clark was the best American singersongwriter of my time period! I was lucky enough to see him in concert in Norway, the first request he did was Randall knife, and I cried. Guy Clark should have his face carved into Mount Rushmore

    16. Missing avatar

      Mark Levitan on

      In a word, Heartbroke

    17. Missing avatar

      John McCloskey on

      Such sad news, but so glad you started your project when you did - at least Guy knew his work was valued before he left. This book and movie will be even more precious now that he has gone. He'll be writing with Townes tonight. RIP Guy, and enjoy your rest - you've earned it.

    18. Greg Liverman on

      Very well written, Tamara. Thank you. Vaya con Dios, Guy.

    19. Missing avatar

      Valerie Lane-Starck on

      it is a sad day. While driving home from Arizona to California this past Sunday listening to my favorite Guy Clark songs I had this weird feeling that he wasn't doing well and it made my drive a sad one, and here it is only a day and a half later and he's gone...a sad day indeed. I started listening to him in the '70's when LA Freeway came out. Well Guy I'm sorry to say I haven't escaped that LA Freeway yet so pray for me up there please. Sob, Valerie

    20. Missing avatar

      Dennis Robertson on

      A sad day, we have lost a great one. His legacy will live on in all of us he influenced & inspired.

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      Morgan Wertman on

      Been listening to Guy Clark radio on Pandora for a couple months while remodeling the house in preparation of selling and moving to Texas. It will sound different tonight. So long, Guy.

    22. Bob S. on

      With all his amazing songs, Guy will Live Forever... the true mark of an artist. RIP

    23. John McCutcheon on

      If you can't take it with you, where did It go? RIP, old dog.

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      Daviid VArgo on

      So sad to hear to hear this morning.

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Herron on

      Hugs to you, Tamara ... Condolences to everyone Guy touched with his music, words, and humor ... I guess he and Townes are driving Susanna up the wall again ...

    26. Chris Joyce on

      So sorry to hear Tamara.....

    27. Missing avatar

      Alex Lieban on

      A sad day for all of us who have followed Guy throughout the years.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kurt Kurtzhals on

      Many legends lost this year, but this one hurts the most. RIP Guy.

    29. Missing avatar

      Emma pettit on

      Devastated . Thoughts and love going to family and friends xx

    30. Missing avatar

      Stacy & Haley on

      sorry, tamara. thanks for everything. blue day. xo