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A film about revered troubadour Guy Clark—The Dean of Texas Songwriters—The Dylan Thomas of American Music—Pancho to Van Zandt's Lefty.
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    1. Tamara Saviano Creator on

      @ Susan Pojanowski: thank you!

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      Susan Pojanowski on

      So many beautiful lyrics in Guys songs but one I have to mention. The Cape. "Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape". My sister pasted away a few years ago battling breast cancer. She kept this on her screen saver. Now, in her rememberence a small group of us wear bracelets with four stones - on that back it says "Always Trust Your Cape". I am so honored to ba a backer for this project. Thank you for doing it.

    3. Tamara Saviano Creator on

      Jim Clark, because Guy does not own any of his publishing someone would have to license all those songs/lyrics to publish in a book. That's a whole different thing than the licensing for the film and likely 10s of thousands of dollars just to print the lyrics.

    4. Jim Clark on

      Thank you for the updates.

      I wish there was a source of Guys music arranged for guitar players to learn. At least I wish there was s catalog of all of his song lyrics.

      I think many of his songs are timeless and those products could be added to your kickstarted campaign as a supplemental offering?

    5. Jim Clark on

      Thank you for the updates.

      I wish there was a source of Guys music arranged for guitar players to learn. At least I wish there was s catalog of all of his song lyrics.

      I think many of his songs are timeless and those products could be added to your kickstarted campaign as a supplemental offering?

    6. Tom McGinness on

      Hi Tamara - the updates are great. I'd rather you focused on the film and not be too concerned about keeping us happy - we just want to see it made and it is great to get progress reports. I am so glad you are doing it - you are doing us a great favor so keep on keeping on.

    7. Marc Osmond on

      Hi Tamara,
      I think you're doing an amazing job, so for the most part, keep the same types of communications coming. It certainly makes me feel part of "the club" of backers. No doubt we all want to see this documentary do Guy the justice he deserves, no one more than you. I'm happy to catch up with you in Austin early June when we meet to see if there is any other way we can help. Looking forward to it and will have my 17 year old aspiring filmaker little buddy with me also - thanks for all the updates they are very cool. Pictures tell a thousand words, but thousands of words are good too. :-) Regards Marc

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      b on

      tamara -
      you have an excellent feel for what is and isn't necessary stay with that and don't feel you have to post news every day - sometimes just saying nothing says it all - and i do agree with you leave us plenty of surprises for the book and then the film -

      and relax and enjoy yourself - you mentioned this project it seems years ago to me and i am just happy to see it come to fruition -
      trust your feel it is excellent and will tell you what is needed -
      less is often more (i sound like my father there)

      thank you for all that you are doing -

      bob gottlieb

    9. Carrie Leigh Whitaker on

      My favorite part of this update... No matter what, this film will be made. ~Tamara

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      Bridget on

      on the subject of songs... I Don't Love You Much, Do I? is awwwwwwesome :)

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      Kathy Reps on

      I'm with everyone else. You are doing a great job keeping us informed. You have really taken on a monumental task yet you are handling it with grace. I would like to have "The Cape" included along with the story of Guy's inspiration for it. My 11 year old grandson thinks the song was written about him, our son and my husband:)

    12. Bill & Julianne Brackin on

      I agree with comments below; just a few words from you when you have the time are wonderful. Frankly, your updates are so far exceeding expectations, both in quality and quantity, I don't know how you do it...but you certainly do make everyone feel a part of the project! I also agree the music was key to "The Wrecking Crew"; it is a great film. Most of the critiques I've read center on the need for MORE music; "The Wrecking Crew" tended to play a few profoundly recognizable bars (bringing smiles to everyone in the audience), then quickly fade to dialog. Especially in the case of Guy's amazing poetry, I think - to the extent possible - the entire song should be included. By the way, the songs you have picked are EXCELLENT. Anyone who hears those songs can't help but appreciate Guy's genius.

    13. Tamara Saviano Creator on

      Chris, there is a good story about "The Dark" and it is on my "B" list if we have enough cash...

    14. Chris Joyce on

      It's all good, any update works for me. One song I would want to hear in the movie is "The Dark".

      Keep it coming!

    15. Maurice Forrester

      I really enjoy the updates. Keep sharing your thoughts on the documentary, on Guy, and whatever else comes to mind. It's nice to feel so connected to the project.

    16. Tamara Saviano Creator on

      Hi Stan! So happy to have you hear on Kickstarter. Here are the Guy songs I'd like to use (so far): LA Freeway, Desperados, Texas 1947, South Coast of Texas, Capt Flint and Laverne, Randall Knife, Step Inside This House, A Nickel for the Fiddler, New Cut Road, Let Him Roll, Old Friends, Boats to Build, Dublin Blues, Out in the Parking Lot, Cold Dog Soup, My Favorite Picture of You and at least one song each from Workbench Songs and Somedays the Song Writes You albums...of course there are more, plus songs that are not Guy's but that illustrate what was happening in his life or what inspired him.

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      Stan Okeefe on

      You could tell us what songs your going to use or are thinking about using

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      Mark Clark on

      I agree with the folks who've already commented. You're doing a stellar job. Don't change a thing!

    19. Kevin Jordan on

      Tamara, these updates are great! I never expected that you would even do this. I say don't over worry about it -just a few photos and whats going every now and then. Thanks for asking!

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      Ken McMeans on

      I love your posts Tamara! Don't change a thing. Thanks for making us all feel like we're part of this journey with you. : )

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      Mike Scammon on

      The updates are excellent and very much appreciated, whether they're a short "check-in" or longer detailed update.

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      Marie Pence on

      I enjoy the updates and appreciate your thoughtfulness to share your ideas with us, whatever strikes your fancy. I've also seen the Wrecking Crew and followed its progress to finally become a reality. You might want to reach out to the filmmaker and see what he had to do to get the film released. Lots of the money he raised was for the music and, as you said, the music makes the film. Hopefully you will have fewer problems and the money raised here will certainly help.

    23. Michael Maddox on

      I love the updates. I'm a written word kind of guy, but it would be cool to include some photos every now and then. Don't feel like you have to post something every day. Leave yourself plenty of time to work on the project and give us a peek at the progress occasionally. Thanks.

    24. Diana McMahon Hendricks on

      Don't go changing to try and please me
      You never let me down before

      Billy Joel - Just The Way You Are

    25. Missing avatar

      Stacy & Haley on

      xoxox i love your writing and appreciate every update. thanks! we should be asking what we can do to cheer you on & keep your spirits up. i have certainly flooded my facebook, etc. with links to this page, but i don't know that many people.