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A film about revered troubadour Guy Clark—The Dean of Texas Songwriters—The Dylan Thomas of American Music—Pancho to Van Zandt's Lefty.
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    1. Tamara Saviano Creator on

      John McGrady, you'll be happy to know the company is called Slow Uvalde Films! Thanks for the idea!

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      ROGER WHITE on

      Hi Tamara
      I live in New Zealand (South Pacific). Thank you for making this movie.

      About 10 years ago I discovered CDs by Guy Clark in the library and have often thought he would have fitted into the South Island community-slightly lawless, rugged but observant of lifes ups and downs...
      As to updates I love them but every few months would be fine. For some reason I feel like "your" film has become "our" baby!

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      Mary Ann Conway on

      What you are doing seems to be working just fine, Tamara.. and I love being part of this community of folks you've brought together, and hearing about it all ..all the little and big Guy things ... brings me a smile everyday!

    4. Rick Hodges on

      A wink, a slap on the back and a good ole Atta Girl ta U!

    5. STEVEN RASKA on

      I always say "That if a person can buy love, I'm still in the game" Meaning if a donation to this noble cause can get you into is love fest....I'm all in. I have all the same stories about Guy Clark music as everyone has here. It is very heart warming to see all the positive responses to this project. Once in a while something comes along that a person can really hook into, and this project is the one that many, and most likely all of us, can do just that. Thank you for helping our daily load to feel a little bit lighter. Peace.

    6. Bill & Julianne Brackin on

      Tamara, your updates are wonderful. In addition to sharing information, you have made us all feel connected and a part of this truly important work. I suspect, as the project continues to gain momentum, your time is going to become increasingly scarce. Perhaps monthly updates would be good, with any "special news" updates in between, as exciting things happen. Again, you are doing noble work and it is very much appreciated!! You've "got boats to build"!

    7. Carrie Leigh Whitaker on

      I think you are doing a magnificent job on keeping me updated. I am so excited about it all. Good for Guy and Townes on getting inducted into Austin City Limits Hall of Fame; it's about damn time! Xx

    8. Julie Christensen on

      Hearty congrats, Tamara! I'll be down in Austin during that last week of May, so I hope we can have tea. xo

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      Steve & Rose Annis on

      Should have called the LLC "trust your Cape" lol. Thank you for everything

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      Doug Rotz on

      I think the connections are just simply being human, not restricted by location or culture or age etc.

      Kept up the good work!

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      Lucinda Greenway on

      From another classic introvert - I completely understand! I love the updates, but you have a huge job ahead of you and I will understand if they become smaller or less often. It's OK, don't fret. I'm just appreciative of the chance to be involved.

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      Ed Koehler on

      Impossible to send too much information.....Thanks so much Tamara!!!

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      Jeff Wagner on

      Tamara, I discovered Guy and Townes from the music of Jerry Jeff, way back in the late 60's-early 70's. Got to see both Guy and Townes perform 1/2 dozen times over the years.My career has been as a teacher, but I have played music since those early 70's, and Guy's and Townes writing has been the touchstone that has lead me, healed me (at times), and influenced my own writing and playing. I cannot imagine performing a set, or just jamming with friends that doesn't include a few of their songs. Thank you for what you are trying to create!
      Jeff Wagner

    14. Monroe Smith on

      Very excited to be part of this. All the info you want to send is good. I'd be glad to organize catering for the New York City Premier as a community Potluck. I've even got the hall. Ask the attorneys whether "Nickel for the Tambourine" Productions, LLC is available. That one takes me back to a very special afternoon in a rural Texas park long, long ago. Through forty-plus years, bitter reversals and unbelievable success the music of Guy, Townes, Willis Alan, and Uncle Walt is my soundtrack. Thanks for taking this on.

    15. Tamara Saviano Creator on

      John, that's a great idea! I'll see what I can do about getting that footage!

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      John McCrady on

      I know what you mean about followers coming from many different walks of life! I was wondering .... What does it look like when one dances a "Slow Uvalde?" Could you actually film an accurate version of that for us? Slow Uvalde films would be a pretty great name if the others are already taken.