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£91.00 pledged of £10,000 goal
By Darren Miller
£91.00 pledged of £10,000 goal

About this project

The Android platform is currently the most popular operating system used on mobile devices and tablets with over 500 million active devices, and an average of 1.3 million devices added each day. Android has had 20billion apps downloaded. Guest what else? Out of all those millions of people buying and activating daily.... only 608 apps are being added daily! Worldwide-that’s it, and Android developers have plenty of opportunity!

The Kindle self publishing Ebook platform is currently outselling physical books and growing month by month (Check it here      &  )

My App Stats

But why limit it to ONE mobile book app?

The beauty is, you can make hundreds of other mobile book apps and Kindle books without programming experience, without spending a ton of money and without putting in a TON of work...

Plus it’s totally fun...

Digital Publishing Formula is a brand new step-by-step educational training course combined with a cool software web based and desk top tool to ramp up a sustainable mobile app-making and Kindle app book business, while having fun and making money in the process. Oh yeah! You get a one on one direct chat with us...

when you sponsor a certain level!

You’ll get our step-by-step training on how to build mobile book apps on Kindle and Android FAST Even IF YOU Cannot Write using what we call “turnkey formula

We’ll teach you how to use the “turnkey formula” that does not require programming and we’ll also hand over templates to you to take out ALL the guess work!

We will give you access to a brand new TRUE app and kindle creation system: simply point, click, and fill in.. Add text for your kindle book, ePub, games, quizzes, push notices, and then our software will BUILD it for YOU.

In fact, if you know how to use the internet and a computer, you can build your own app using our builder.

What if you already have a Kindle book or app book? What if you have a book or book app that isn’t making any money? Well, we can fix that problem with our training too.

(X) Not by you buying yet another program

(X) Not by you buying an Ebook or an info-product

(Check) But through THIS “crowd funding” campaign, which means you will be partnering with us.

With your support here on this page, we will support your endeavor into the Kindle and Android app industry. We’re not only going to teach you REAL life Kindle, Android app building and marketing strategies, but we’ll also teach you how to build a business with that information!

Why are we doing this? Because, there is never a better time....

After the success of Kindle Profit booster and the hundreds of students who came to learn how to become a Kindle publisher, we’ve seen the marketplace change. A LOT.

We’ve seen a lot of things happen that makes it harder to publish Kindle and Android book apps. That’s when we thought of a GREAT idea and figured why not go out and “raise money” to bring on an elite squad of techies, teachers and marketers to teach you STEP BY STEP how we build book apps, and make profit from them using the awesome “turnkey formula.”

And lucky for you...

This crowd-funded campaign was set up for you...

So you can change your business and possibly your life...


When you make a sponsorship, we want you to realize that we have the right team to help you get where you want to be and we promise to support you throughout the whole process.

So, for a limited time only... you can now access Digital Publishing Formula at 60% of its actual price. Only through the KickStarter campaign!

If you see this opportunity and the value we’re providing and you are serious about your future, we’d love to have you join us! Imagine being able to create your own future, right here, right now, while taking advantage of big savings.

HERE’S THE CATCH: Because we want to work ONLY with people who are serious and want to BE IN THE GAME... we want this program launched so you’re ready to create your mobile book app and in the New Year, with a new start. This means that this crowd funding campaign is live only for 2 weeks.

Before we get into the details, let’s cover a few facts.

[Fact #1: Anyone Can Make a Book App]

Seriously, with the frameworks and click and drag platform we use, you don’t need any programming experience whatsoever. It’s so simple, even a 2nd grader could do it. And no... We’re not just saying that! The truth is that you can build for FREE and GREAT quality book apps and Kindle Ebooks using the templates we provide.

[Fact #2: Anyone Can Become a Kindle App Author]

Become a bestseller in only a few short hours, get your app published on Kindle in as little as 7 days.With our battle plan and training, you can publish fast even if you cannot code. Seriously, it’s so simple to transform your passion into app books and income.

[Fact #3: Using Our App/Kindle Book Builder.... You Can Crank Out These Fast]

You may have heard that it costs thousands of dollars to build an app, even more so if it’s an app book. Well, that’s not so true!

In fact, you could have hundreds of apps built and published in your first 30 days!

Our Digital Publishing Formula builder will undergo some updates and upgrades to accommodate the Kindle Fire, Android updates and other future platforms.... And this new builder version is going to kick ass!

Want details?

  • Social Page integration –Facebook, Email, Twitter, Youtube
  • Book Page type – ePub, PDF Reader
  • Push Notification
  • RSS Feeds
  • Insert Graphics
  • AND Much MORE!!

Game Changer App Builder in the MAKING :-)

Want to know the really FUN part?

With the support of this campaign, we will be adding a “live” Kindle simulator, which means you can actually play with your app book in real-time before they are created.

Help us make this vision come alive by building the best course, Kindle and app maker.

[Fact #4: We Offer the Best-In-Class Education]

Let’s face it, publishing app books on Kindle is just the beginning. As we mentioned earlier, we want you to have the ability to become a major player in the publishing app industry. We teach you how to create your app books, how to distribute and market them on multiple platforms, and how to build an extensive network where all your apps interact with each other.

Sound difficult?

It’s NOT!

We cover research, how to write your app book, SEO & Keywords, finding apps ideas, design, cross promotion, app book series, ad revenue, full page ads, testing book apps, testing headlines, free VS paid book apps and tons more. We’ve got you covered. We will even help you come up with an idea that no one else is doing!

Our system teaches you how to start small and then ramp up. Not the one book app shot-gun approach.

There are two methods to become successful at app marketing... One method allows you to creating Kindle app books for the low price of FREE to drive more customers. The second method allows you to build apps and re-market to customers using our templates and book app builder without programming.

THAT’S what we teach you.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this letter, this is a crowd funding campaign. That means you’re partnering with us!

Simply Put: Where will the KickStarter money go?

We need $14,952k, which includes upfront costs for building a website integrated with a forum, live support, built in community area, video editing software, developing/upgrading the app book/ kindle web based marker with live previewer, as well as bandwidth, hosting videos, fees from KickStarter and business tax fees. The rest of the KickStarter pledge will go toward the development of the course. 

- App builder for Android updates, Kindle, iPhone, iPad - $ 5,994

- New tech team and support - plus forum and website built - 5,000

- Web video Hosting, bandwidth and forum server hosting - $600

- Business tax of 30%

- KickStarter fee - 9%

"To be abundantly clear, this is only money that the developer earns as profit AFTER the project ships and AFTER they have paid their expenses. This is NOT a suggestion to invest money they received from people who invested into their project via Kickstarter."

Things like:

- Bringing on new, highly qualified trainers with a passion for helping people like you become a rockstar

- Lots of training videos designed to enhance our teachings

- Marketing your app or Kindle book on New worthy sites

- The all-new app builder

- The all-new online community

- Building new and improved easy-to-use templates for YOU to build your apps/Kindle app books easier than ever.

- Refining the course based on feedback

- Improving the development of the app builder to keep up with the changes

- End of year tax fees

And most importantly

- Customer support. We’re here to support you because we are people just like you, people who are making digital books and app books, walking the walk.

What we will do with extra fund:

- If we hit $40, 000 

Build our Developer training program for Google play Android we will also create training videos and PDFs to help you along.

Screenshot of preforming app

- If we hit $60,000, -

We build a Kindle KDP self publishing training platform. This will teach you how to become a book Author, write a book within 7 days or less and become a Amazon bestseller. Most importantly we will teach you how to run a real self publishing business without having to obtain a publishing contract.

- If we hit $80,000-

All of the above plus create an additional Marketing plan which includes Youtube to drive more customers to your Kindle books and apps. Plus we will build our developer program for IOS and itunes store which will also include videos.

- If we hit $100,000-

All of the above plus we will build a fully customisable website theme for you to promote your apps and books on to build more brand awareness. We will include training videos too.

- If we hit $120,000

All $60 pledges (and higher) get access to Digital Publishing Formula – Kindle and App book course. (Which is worth $300.) This gives the chance for everyone to use all the methods. 

- If we hit $140,000 -

All the above and everyone gets 1 year app builder (worth $39 a month) and Lifetime access to Kindle eBook creator.

So, just to recap, here’s THE simple PROCESS:

[1. LEARN (Digital Publishing Formula Methods)

Begin with our engaging and valuable teaching lessons. We teach you each step of the process. We have taught hundreds of people just like you exactly how to create Kindle books and book apps without knowing how to code!

[2. CREATE Your Mobile Book App]

Like we said before, no coding experience is necessary. Start experimenting by creating a book app using our online builder program. The hardest part will be titling your idea. – Don’t worry... We’ll show you exactly how to do this. The next step is to expand things is to create games, quizzes, puzzles, and so much more – again with NO programming!

[3. LAUNCH Your New App or Book App]

Test the book app in the live Android Emulator or on an actual device. Play with your app book. Have FUN with it. Then LAUNCH it to the world. We will teach and show you everything we can about marketing your book apps, from marketing tricks, CB inside offers, 1 for 1 ads, and much more.

NEXT... Produce More, Continue Learning and Have Fun

Don’t stop at just one! Keep creating and publishing! It’s all part of the game. We will continue to support you through the process, and don’t forget about the community around you. You can share your books and app in our forum, which allows the community to download them and give you feedback. When you give back to others, you will soon realise the power of community.

So.... are you ready?

The time to act is now.

The digital and Mobile App industry is growing faster than any other industry in the world, and it’s time for you to be a part of it.

Thank you for your SUPPORT :-)

Darren Miller

Risks and challenges

The risk is fairly low, I have been building apps and publishing digital books for two years intensively, I have built a business around my module. I have built similar courses and membership sites sticking to tight deadline, plus including future updates. I have 30% of the app builder developed so everything is in place to complete.

My team can build 500 apps in a month on the Android platform no problem, this is why I have given at least 1 month to fulfill your perks.

The only delay will be the app build as we require your eyes and testing to improve the functionality. The worse case scenario is that I fall behind schedule and deliver the course late. However, rest assured that late or not, you will have an Android and Kindle app course when this project is complete.

What unique challenges might you face after your project is successfully funded? We will be adding each customer manually to our members area app builder, so this is the only time saver we will accrue.

And if setbacks do arise (we hope they don’t, but it happens!), how will you tackle them? The most important thing is communication and updates to the community, I can assure you will get this.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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